Why do I Keep Dreaming About the Same Person?

If you keep seeing the same face in your dreams, what is it trying to tell you?

Dreams sometimes do not add up. But dreams do not need to be logical to be explicable.

While dreaming, some parts of our brain responsible for logical thinking are shut down which is why sometimes it is difficult to make sense of the dream.

When logic is asleep our intuition takes over. The subconscious mind is where all our suppressed feelings and memories lie. 

Recurring dreams often point to unresolved issues. So, what could be the meaning behind dreaming of the same person time and time again? 

Before diving into the explanations, you should consider two things.

The first one is how you feel about the person in real life and the second thing is how you feel about the person in your dream.

When it comes to deciphering dreams, we should not focus on the visual elements. Our dreams are largely symbolic. 

Dreaming about A person from your present

Dreaming about a real person, an acquaintance, or a friend could mean that you simply miss them or you have been thinking about them.

However, if you have been having a recurring dream, then the dream is almost certainly not about that person. 

Your dream is about you. You are the person whose conscious and subconscious thoughts have created the scenario. 

For example, if you keep dreaming of your boss in a situation where they are firing you, you should not take that as a sign that you will be either fired or promoted.

It could mean that you feel trapped and are desperate to find an exit. 

Which part of yourself are you trying to talk to in your dream and what are you trying to tell it? Only you know the answers.


Dreaming about a person from your past

Constantly dreaming about a person from your past usually means that you have some unresolved issues. You could have regrets or trauma. 

At some point in your life, you felt lost, helpless, or hurt. Time has passed but the feeling never left you.

Your current situation is somehow triggering your old emotions and they have resurfaced as dreams.

Think about how and where you met that particular person you have been dreaming about. 

Try locating the exact period so you can remember the traumatic experience you had. 

You can always talk to your ‘past’ self. Write down everything that you always wanted to hear from someone else. Be the friend you wished you had.

It might sound like the easiest thing to just overlook the warning signs and pretend that everything is OK, but it is not. 

Luckily, your subconscious mind is persistent. It will not leave you alone until you figure this strife out.

Dreaming about a person you don’t know

Dreaming about a stranger is most definitely a reflection of your personality.

Since you have never met that person in real life, it means that it is your mind’s creation. The mind has found a way to talk to itself. 

Does the stranger in your dream die? Is the stranger trying to kill you?

If the stranger is hostile, the first thing to do is acknowledge your feelings. What part of you is it that you wish to destroy? 

Dig deep into the dream by accepting the stranger as yourself. The answers will soon start to appear.

Final thoughts

Recurring dreams can sometimes be unnerving. However, do not be afraid.

Even if you keep seeing the same person that does not mean that you are being haunted.

We should never confuse real people and places with the ones our mind decided to create.

All of the people in your dream are you. You exist in every corner of your mind in every shape and form imaginable.

The only thing to be careful about is the recurrence of the dream.

If you keep seeing the same images, pay attention to your mental health. 

Start taking care of yourself by becoming more introspective.

Your inner-self has spoken by sending and re-sending the message that you are stuck. 

Get out of the vicious circle of old feelings and regrets. 

When the person in your dream stops visiting you will know that you have successfully released an old burden.