Eight of Swords: Yes or No? Meaning & Answers

Generally speaking, the Eight of Swords denotes a lack of understanding and inflexibility in one’s worldview. 

You may find yourself overthinking events and conversations in an attempt to decipher hidden meaning in order to shield yourself from imagined risks.

You need to be confident at all times, and in order to accomplish that, you play out many situations in your thoughts to ensure that you are ready for everything! 

The Eight of Swords is frequently apprehensive and has negative connotations, believing the person is in far greater danger than they genuinely are.

You find yourself torn between sensible and irrational thinking, frequently falling back on the cautious side and making decisions based on “what if” situations. 

Though this appears deliberate and analytical, it shows a lack of self-confidence.

Eight of Swords ‘Yes or No’ Meaning (Upright) 

The Eight of Swords is a card representing limitation. 

You are stuck in your thoughts and activities, unable to go forward. 

You fail to perceive the ways in which you have the opportunity to advance, instead opting for the security of an unhealthy comfort bubble. 

This card is a big ‘No’ when it comes to a Yes/No question. 

Because the Eight of Swords in upright position often depicts a sense of constraint and hesitancy, it suggests that now may not be the greatest time to make major decisions.

When you get the Eight of Swords during a tarot reading, it’s usually a sign of insecurity.

Love ‘ Yes or No’ Questions

The Eight of Swords is telling us that love gets caught in the mud every now and again. 

Life might take our attention away from our relationships when we grow preoccupied with other pursuits or issues. 

This might be you, your soulmate, or a combination of the two of you. 

Your relationship is still kept together by love, but it has been shaken by stagnation.

It doesn’t have to be this way, and a breakup is absolutely not necessary! 

Reaching a point at which you both feel heard can ensure a positive step forward in your relationship. 

That being said, getting to the bottom of the issue can help you establish the trust needed in order to maintain the relationship. 

Although it may appear unpleasant, the Eight of Swords is begging you to become unstuck. 

As a result, this is a ‘Maybe’ card in love, and the power is completely in your hands.

Will I get back with my ex partner? 

Relationships can become stuck at times, and we assume that they will eventually repair themselves. 

Your partner may have left because he was unhappy, or you may have left because you were unhappy. 

What matters most now is that you talk with each other about what went wrong and how you can both work together to make it right. 

It will happen if it is meant to be, so this is another ‘Maybe’. 

Does he like me? 

Your partner believes you do not give them enough space. 

While they may like you, the answer is no since you have turned them off.

Take a step back and learn that it’s essential for your relationship to let your partner breathe!

Will this be a long-term relationship? 

If you’re prepared to give up everything to please your mate, your relationship will last. 

Otherwise, your connection will not last.

However, it is important to mention that the Eight of Swords is also a warning message to you not to rush into relationships, as they might end up being toxic and uncomfortable. 

Eight of Swords Meaning in Business: Yes or No? 

If you are looking for a new job, the Eight of Swords is a mild reminder that you are now in a position of possible bad work opportunity (remember, Eight of Swords is all about panicking and worrying).  

You may have outgrown a position that does not enable you to flourish or provide you with creative outlets. 

It might also signify a desire to look for other chances that pay more.

You will most likely desire to expand your horizons with encouragement like the Eight of Swords. 

It’s an excellent card to pull if you need to make a shift, but it’s also a caution not to jump from one unsatisfactory employment to another.

There’s no use in going sideways when you can take a giant leap ahead. 

As a result, this card suggests a ‘Maybe’, with, again, you in control of what occurs next.

Eight of Swords Reversed Meaning 

This card in reverse might also indicate that you are being too harsh on yourself. 

Perhaps your inner critic is being too harsh, leaving you feeling helpless and insecure. 

This can also lead to self-consciousness. 

This reversed card invites you to break away from the grip of uneasiness, fears, and uncertainties. 

It’s time to put greater faith in yourself and your intuition. 

In reverse, this card might indicate your openness to new experiences and opportunities! 

Even if there are still some hurdles ahead, it shows that you have taken control of your life and are prepared to confront any hardships.

You feel strong, confident, and in command.

Eight of Swords Reversed: Yes or No

The Eight of Swords in reverse is a good tarot card to come across during a reading, as it is a true indication of self-assurance and empowerment.

It signifies that you’ve learnt to accept what you can’t control and are ready to embark on some new and interesting tasks.

You are prepared to confront your worries, which will result in a tremendous sensation of liberation and relief.

The difficulties you’ve faced in the past have shaped you into the strong and powerful person you are now.

Just like many other cards that indicate a ‘No’ in the upright hand, this one also implies a strong ‘Yes’ in the reversed position. 

Eight of Swords in Love: Yes or No? (Reversed)

Sharing the ways in which you have felt confined might provide various solutions to difficulties that may emerge in the future.

It might also imply breaking apart from a relationship that has become harmful or poisonous to you. 

Perhaps it has been dormant for some years, and you have now gained the self-esteem to walk out and away from what no longer serves you. 

Your difficulties will soon be past, and a much more positive and likely ‘yes’ is on the way.

Should I get back with my Ex? (Reversed) 

The Eight of Swords in the reversed position imply a strong chance of you getting back together, so the short answer is Yes! 

Get in contact with your ex, as they are also eager to sit down and resolve the issues you’ve faced together before. 

Eight of Swords Reversed: Business Venture (Yes or No) 

When pulled in the reversed position, the Eight of Swords card strongly advises you to take a leap and finally leave the job you always hated! 

Break the chain of unpleasant situations at your job and go follow your dreams. 

If you have been pondering about a new job opportunity, now is the perfect time to do it!