What Does it Mean When You See a White Owl?

Do you know that you are one of the few lucky people to have ever spotted a white owl?

The white owl, also known as a snowy owl lives mostly in the Arctic circle. Therefore, seeing one, especially in an urban area is a pretty rare event.

This snow-white bird is one of the most fascinating nocturnal animals because the white color of its plumage is contrasted to its nightish surroundings. It is almost as if it represents the eternal battle between good and evil.

It is no coincidence why these white birds are portrayed in fantastic films as sources of magic and mystery. The white owl carries a greater spiritual meaning. 

So, if you have seen one, it can explain some things about your life.

A white owl flying at night

If you saw a white owl at night, you should know that they are active and hunting for food during nighttime.

Although it is not unusual to see an owl at night, it is unusual to see an owl in the first place. Therefore, this shows that you are very perceptive about your surroundings.

Your eye for detail is your greatest strength. Use it to your advantage to spot dishonest behavior. The spotting of the owl should be your sign to trust your intuition and your decisions.

It is also believed that this bird holds great wisdom. It has been the symbol of knowledge and wisdom since ancient times mostly because of its huge eyes.

Those big eyes can see the evil spirits roaming at night when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest. Therefore, having the owl flying around in your presence means that you are protected. 

The white owl is almost like a guardian angel placed on Earth to protect the ones wandering at night. 


A white owl flying outside your house

You might have heard that seeing an owl near your home brings bad luck. However, this is only true if you dislike change.

If you have stayed in your comfort zone for too long, it is clear that you might not feel very happy about leaving it. 

People are generally unwilling to jump into the unknown. We falsely believe that what we know cannot hurt us. 

Take the leap of faith. What lies ahead of you is a period of great transformation. 

Although a part of your world may cease to exist, never forget that when one thing comes to an end, another one begins.

Instead of worrying about the future, be excited for this new chapter in your life. You should always have in mind that a force greater than you watches over you and believes in you.

A white owl in your dreams

You have dreamt about a white owl. Ask yourself how did your dream make you feel? The most precise explanation lies in your interpretation.

If seeing this beautiful bird made you feel uneasy, you have been contacted by someone from the world beyond. 

Birds, especially white birds such as doves and snowy owls have always been regarded as messengers from the spiritual world.

The message might be unpleasant simply because it is telling you to change direction. 

We all want a pat on the back and someone to tell us that we are doing well, however, sometimes it is for the best to face the truth as painful as it may be.

Express your gratitude for this slight nudge and think about the decisions you have been making lately. Some of them might not be in your favor.

If on the other hand, you felt positive vibes about the owl, it symbolizes the rise of your intuition and wisdom. 

You have finally discovered the truth about something or someone by connecting the dots. You have also been spiritually awakened and started seeing things and people in their true light.

The upside to this is that you can live more authentically by being surrounded by real friends and enjoying the smallest things in life. 

The downside is that of course, ignorance is bliss. You now know things more than ever. You can never hide behind rose-colored glasses. Your eyes are wide open like the owls’.

Final thoughts

Regardless of whether you were asleep or awake while seeing the white owl, the symbolism of this bird is so strong that you should not overlook it.

The fact that you saw the white owl makes you a very rare and special person. 

This magnificent bird is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and intuition. It is a bridge between worlds passing on messages from the spirits.

You should feel grateful and deeply humbled to have been in the presence of this bird with radiant energy. Trust that it can only make your world more beautiful than it already is.