2 Crows Spiritual Meaning And Symbolism

Have you seen two crows sitting together lately?

When you see two crows, it’s a surefire way of knowing that the universe is trying to communicate a crucial message to you. But what is the wisdom hidden behind these birds? 

Read on to discover 2 crows’ spiritual meaning and symbolism. 

Good Luck 

Across various belief systems and cultures, two crows are a sign of having good fortune. Your hard work, when paired with pure intentions and belief, has caused the universe to align with you. You are very close to attaining the expected outcomes of the situations in your life. 

Make no compromise on your efforts. While you might face some difficult days ahead, make sure to remain consistent and committed to your goals. You’ll soon get a breakthrough. 

Receiving Good News 

Given their interpretation as a messenger between the two realms, seeing two crows could signify receiving good news soon! 

Based on dedication, the universe has chosen these birds to deliver the much-needed wisdom your way. The spiritual guidance from these birds will help you attain clarity, allowing you to focus solely on the issues in your surroundings. 

Alternatively, seeing two crows could also be a sign that your Guardian Angel has diverted negative energies from your horizon. With these energies warded off, your life remains intact, allowing you to prosper and live a happy life. Hence, be sure to pray and thank the almighty for the blessings! 


In some cultures across Europe, two crows are associated with the Pagan God of fertility and harvest. With these gifts, the people felt blessed and continued to thrive. 

While it may not symbolize harvest in your life, the two crows suggest finding financial abundance soon. Like crows, you have the wit and skills needed to leverage your efforts and maximize your earning potential. 

Seeing two birds could also be a sign of getting a promotion at work or finding better-paying opportunities. 


In another interpretation, the two crows intensify the need for transformation. Like a crow adapts to survive in different environments, you must also work on changing your life according to the circumstances. 

Like a crow, you must resort to wisdom and resourcefulness to find a way through the period of transition. Nevertheless, you must look within and connect with your higher self to identify where you must make the changes. 

Being connected with your higher self will allow you to change your life according to your goals, allowing you to climb a staircase leading to success and prosperity. 


Do you remember that childhood tale in which the crow used the rocks to increase the water level in the jug? While it may seem like a fun story for kids, this story entails the message of utilizing creativity in the spiritual world. 

Apart from creativity, the two crows also intensify the message of unity. Crows take turns to eat and rest, while the other one keeps a watch out for predators. Similarly, working with the people you trust can help you unlock new feats. 

Working together will also lower the weight on your shoulders and allow you to strengthen the bond you share with this trusted person. 

2 Crows symbolism 

Before studying the spiritual meanings of the two crows, let’s focus on their symbolism to interpret the spiritual meanings aptly. 

Although a common bird, crows have always carried a spiritual significance full of wisdom. Their wit and intelligence have also left a significant mark on humans, captivating their imagination with their instincts. 

Death and Afterlife 

Across many cultures, these birds are perceived as divine messengers. Their wit is a gift from the almighty for parsing the wisdom bridge between the two realms. Some cultures also connect these birds with the afterlife and death. 


Given their observational skills and intelligence, crows are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. Their wisdom allows them to thrive and survive the difficult conditions of their habitat, connecting them to perception and heightened awareness. 

The Opposites 

Seeing their connection with life and death, these birds represent opposites. Similarly, the two crows are also manifested as light and dark or good and evil. This duality hints towards the universe’s balance and represents the cyclical nature of life. 

Pinnacle of Wisdom 

Based on their intelligence, crows are, in some cultures, deemed as the guardians of knowledge and wisdom. If you’ve embarked on the journey to gain education, seeing these guardians of wisdom is a good sign and is a sign of making good progress. 

Need For Balance 

Lately, you’ve been focusing on your work too much. While being a workaholic can help you achieve respect and financial independence, it’s creating an imbalance in your life, causing you to feel overwhelmed. 

The two crows symbolize striking a balance between all endeavors of your life. Whether it be your emotional, physical, or spiritual needs, you must find a way to strike a balance between these realms. 

Seeing 2 Crows in Your Dream 

Just as two crows symbolize opposites, seeing two dreams in your crows could entail either a positive or a negative interpretation. 

For instance, if you saw both crows flying in harmony, it might indicate hearing good news soon. Alternatively, if you see two crows fighting in your dream, the universe is trying to warn you of the impending dangers. You’ll stumble upon some challenges soon. Be quick to put these challenges to rest since prolonging them can cause trouble and despair in your life. 

To further interpret these dreams explicitly, it’s vital to pay attention to the color of the birds. While seeing black crows is a bad omen, seeing white crows could be a good omen. Regardless of the color of the crows, a change on your horizon is imminent. The color, however, can help you identify if this change is positive or negative. 

Final Words 

While seeing 2 crows mainly symbolizes fresh starts, it could also carry various spiritual meanings, as discussed in this article. Going through these two crows’ interpretations will allow you to make the changes needed to turn your life around and achieve your goals. 

Seeing two crows is also the universe’s way of commending your problem-solving skills.

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