Eight Of Wands: Yes Or No? Tarot Card Meaning

The Eight of Wands suggest positive progress and outcome to the matters for which you seek advice.

It’s an indication that all the efforts you have plowed into succeeding in your plans will now bear fruit. Getting Eight of Wands is also a good time to take risks and grow closer to your ultimate goal in life. 

This is the time to explore what true happiness means and feels. The card brings a sense of freedom, allowing you to plan for the future fearlessly. 

In the tarot world, the Eight of Wands symbolize movement, which could mean it’s time to gain momentum over a new plan or a project to progress your life. It’s a sign that you soon achieve something meaningful in your life. 

So, during this time, it’s best to enjoy every experience that comes to you and make the most out of every opportunity presented to you.

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Is the Eight of Wands a ‘Yes or No’ Card? 

The Eight of Wands is generally a positive card and pertains to a “yes” answer in a “yes/no” tarot reading. 

The card indicates new opportunities on the horizon, exciting changes about to enter your life, and progress of the cause for which you have been making the efforts. It’s also a sign to begin any ideas you have been thinking about to life. 

The Eight of Wands is often associated with travel. So, if you have been planning a trip somewhere or thinking about moving to a new country, the card is a sign telling you to ditch your comfort zone and embark on new journeys. 

As a drawer, the card says that you are currently on the route to success and are keeping the momentum needed to make your plans successful and become a better version of yourself. 

Eight of Wands in ‘Yes/No’ Love Questions

Regarding love, getting an upright Eight of Wands is a positive card and should be considered a “yes” answer. 

Whether you have just started your relationship or have been together for a while now, this card indicates the love brewing between you both. Your relationship will blossom as passion and excitement rush within your relationship. This card indicates that your relationship will nurture and you will grow closer to each other. 

However, if you are single, getting an upright Eight of Wands indicates that you are about to meet the person of your dreams. While it may happen spontaneously, the card depicts a higher possibility of meeting that special person during a holiday or a travel experience. 

Getting this card can indicate the start of something special and a loving relationship you will nurture forever. 

Is He Going to Propose to Me? Eight of Wands ‘Yes or No’

Getting an Eight of Wands signifies a “Yes” answer when wondering if your partner is going to propose to you. 

This card represents a swift movement and forwards progress in a relationship. The reading suggests your relationship will experience a short burst of momentum and excitement. During this time, your relationship has immense potential for experiencing positive development. 

Since this card hints towards a positive development, it could signify a coming-up proposal. The reading suggests your partner feels that this is the right time to transition your relationship and might take a quick and decisive action. 

Is He Loyal to Me? Should I Trust him?

The Eight of Wands do not provide a clear answer and lean towards a “maybe” answer when contemplating your partner’s loyalty. 

The card suggests that your partner has a tendency to make quick and enthusiastic decisions based on their gut feelings. However, the Eight of Wands do not speak directly to your partner’s loyalty. 

Given that this card suggests swift moments and easy flow in a relationship, it might suggest that your partner is devoted to the bond you share and has immense respect for you. It also suggests that whenever a situation arises where you need their support, they will back you without any thought. 

So, eight of the wands suggest that your partner is trustable and loyal to you. 

Should We Get Back Together? Eight of Wands About Reconciliation

If you are looking to reconcile with your ex-partner, pulling an Eight of Wands signifies a “yes” answer. 

This card suggests that there is ample potential for you both to reconcile and renew the lost passion in your relationship. According to the card, your efforts of reconciling the relationship will bear fruit, and your relationship will catch a swift momentum and progress fiercely. 

The reading signifies that your efforts to reconcile will be quick and you are likely to find an enthusiastic solution to the rifts of the past. However, it’s necessary to learn the lessons from the past and avoid falling prey to the same patterns to ensure a successful revival of your relationship

Eight of Wands: Will My Life Get Easier Soon?

Getting Eight of Wands during your tarot reading should be considered a “yes” answer. Pulling an Eight of Wands during a reading taken for life guidance emits a light of hope. 

Although you may currently face difficult situations, you have the skills and potential to improve and turn things in your favor. The Eight of Wands indicate that it’s time for you to let go of the stale relationships and conditions. 

As you embark on a journey of self-discovery, it’s essential to analyze and cut off the relationships and conditions that create difficult situations and make you feel unfulfilling. It’s time for you to believe in your strength and capabilities. 

While the conditions may be difficult, you have a resilient should, meaning that you have the strength to take matters into your hand and to change your life for good. 

Eight of Wands in ‘Yes or No’: Should I Change my Career Path?

If the thoughts of career change surround you, pulling an Eight of Wands is the green light to explore better opportunities and signifies a “yes” answer. 

As you evolve, you realize it’s better to leave behind that no longer serves you, including your current employment situation. Alternatively, you should find something that helps you attain emotional fulfillment and genuine contentment. 

Getting this card is a sign that your higher self craves personal growth. Choosing a career that helps you push your limits and achieve greater fulfillment and satisfaction can help significantly. 

Reversed Eight of Wands in ‘Yes or No?’

A reversed Eight of Wands indicates a “no” answer and signifies a wall between you and your dreams. 

Nevertheless, the reversed card does not tell you to collect your woes and consider defeat. It suggests you pull yourself together and work out of the wrong places. This card suggests you take any further steps with caution. 

Instead of making decisions out of free will, it’s important to consider the consequences and the reasons for doing something before you take steps toward it. A reversed Eight of Wands could also suggest that any trips or plans you may have planned will likely get delayed or canceled. 

The trying times may create a desperate situation in life, making you feel like a lack of control. However, it’s where you should exhibit self-control the most. Avoid dwelling on negatory sentiments and think about every action leading you to the current position. 

Eight of Wands Reversed: Yes, or No Love Questions

Getting a reversed Eight of Wands during your tarot reading is not a good sign of love and indicates a “no” answer. 

The reversed Eight of Wands indicate that your relationship has lost everything special, and the passion between you both is fading. It indicates the never-ending thoughts of questioning why you both are together and that your relationship hasn’t felt special for quite some time. 

A reversed Eight of Wands signifies a lack of progress in your relationship. It suggests that either you or your partner are questioning the future of this bond or some unmet expectations that you or they crave. 

However, if you are single, getting a reversed Eight of Wands is a sign that you have been interested in someone and have the wish to end up with them. Getting this card reversed suggests it’s time to let go of them and move on. 

Final Words

Generally, Eight of Wands is a “yes” card and signifies the swift movement in any plans and actions you intend to take. It’s also a good omen for those in the relationship and those seeking a romantic interest. 

However, interpreting the Eight of Wands’ correct meaning is critical. The information in this guide can help you do that. 

We hope you find this guide helpful in comprehending your tarot reading involving Eight of Wands and wish you luck for the good that’s due on your horizons!