Eight of Wands as a Person: Upright & Reversed

Eight of Wands is a highly energetic and ambitious individual. He is driven by a desire to impact the world positively and is always looking for opportunities.

He is a great communicator and always seeks ways to collaborate with others to achieve success.

Eight of Wands as a Person

A person with a strong will and a determined personality is represented by the Eight of Wands in its upright position. They have a great degree of ambition and are resolute in their pursuit of turning their fantasies into reality.

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They have the perseverance to push through any challenges that come their way, which is why they are often successful in everything they set their minds to doing.

They are resourceful in finding solutions to problems and often have an innate ability to see the wider picture. They have a strong intuitive sense and can often see what the future has in store for them.

They do not have a problem taking chances and often engage in novel endeavors without considering them beforehand. They exude an infectious passion and natural charm, which endear them to others around them. They are often accompanied by friends and family members inspired by their bravery and unwavering persistence. 

The Eight of Wands is often seen as a leader when shown as a person standing upright. Others often look to them as a source of motivation and direction. They are very well organized and have a strategy for the foreseeable future. They often exude self-assurance and can plainly and successfully explain their thoughts to others. 

Eight of Wands as a Person: Reversed

When the Eight of Wands as a person appears in reverse, it indicates that the individual is likely to remain mired in a state of inactivity or mired in a rut. They are devoid of the energy and passion necessary to go forward, so they stay stuck in their current position. 

These people are likely preoccupied with their concerns or uncertainties to the point that they can’t go on. They could be stuck in the past and need to be urged to look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead. It’s possible that these people need a nudge in the right direction to get them moving and making the most of the possibilities that come their way.

They need to take a step back, get some perspective, and examine the situation from a broader standpoint while letting go of their worries and concerns. They can overcome any barrier that stands in their way and get back on the route that leads to advancement with only a little bit of bravery and persistence.


The Eight of Wands indicates a quick and efficient process. This card suggests that a goal is being met very efficiently, with a focus on speed and movement. It encourages us to be prepared and take action to achieve our desired outcomes. 

The reversed Eight of Wands can indicate a lack of direction or a delay in progress. It can also represent confusion and a lack of focus, ultimately slowing progress. Taking a step back and assessing the situation before making any hasty decisions is important. Once clarity is found, the journey can continue.