Nine Of Wands: Yes Or No? Tarot Card Meaning

The Nine of Wands is seen as a sign of exhibiting action and perseverance.

While the card doesn’t give a definite answer, it encourages you to move forward carefully. 

The Nine of Wands emphasizes adhering to self-confidence and truly believing in your plans. When you believe in something fully, only then are you willing to pour in the efforts wholeheartedly and ensure its success. 

Whether it may be your job, your relationship, or any project, the card suggests believing in the plan and yourself and making consistent efforts, and success will soon follow. 

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Is the Nine of Wands a ‘Yes or No’ Card?

Unlike the other cards in the tarot deck, Nine of Wands is considered a “maybe” card and doesn’t signify a definite yes or no answer. 

A Nine of Wands card shows up when you are trying to go too fast through life matters and don’t consider some important aspect that casts a grave danger to your plans. It encourages you to step into the future with caution and take all necessary steps. 

This card shows up when the universe tests and prepares you to recognize your true potential and to no sadness when a few setbacks occur. A Nine of Wands showing up during your tarot reading is a sign that success is closing in, but some challenges are blocking the gateway to it. 

In short, Nine of Wands gives a true sense of determination and patience. It suggests that your troubles are nearing their end, and only a few more hurdles are standing in your way before your plans can succeed. During the trial, you should be adamant about staying consistent with your efforts and staying strong. 

Nine of Wands in ‘Yes/No’ Love Questions

A Nine of Wands during a love tarot reading suggests a “maybe” answer. 

Getting Nine of Wands affirms that your relationship has seen many ups and downs. But even after all the hurdles, you both have found a way to be together, leaving your bond in a more visible state than ever. 

If you get this card, it’s an indication to let bygones be bygones. The card suggests you let down your guard and forget about any rash experiences of the past. Refrain from blaming your partner for a past trauma given to you by someone else. 

If you don’t let go of the past experiences and the previous hurt, the beautiful moments will pass you by, causing you pain. 

Is He Going to Propose to Me? Nine of Wands ‘Yes or No’

In a “yes/no” tarot reading, getting Nine of Wands suggests a “no” answer. 

Nine of Wands suggests that your partner is not ready to propose and cave in for a long-term settlement. Right now, your partner has built boundaries around them. 

Since your relationship might be in its initial stages, your partner has not contemplated letting anyone come close in his life. Your partner might be choosing to remain wary and fear facing the negative consequences of trusting someone. 

Your partner’s insecurities may result from a traumatizing relationship from their past. As their partner, you should be there for them. Give them time to heal from past traumas and help them where needed, and you will have gained your partner’s trust! 

Is He Loyal to Me? Should I Trust him?

When you consent to nine of the wands about loyalty in your partner, it suggests a “no” answer. 

Getting Nine of Wands during a reading taken to determine your partner’s trust signifies that your partner is still living in their past. They haven’t forgotten the scars and harsh experiences from their previous relationships. 

Your partner lives with those memories, making it hard for them to move on or be a positive addition to your relationship. They have built certain boundaries around themselves, meaning they don’t trust people easily. 

So, at this time, it’s best not to trust them right now. They are looking out for themselves, and while protecting their interests, they may cause unintentional hurt. 

Should We Get Back Together? Nine of Wands About Reconciliation

If you’re considering reconciling with your ex-partner, drawing Nine of Wands pertains to a “no” answer. While you may have let go of the baggage of the past and recovered from the hurt in your previous relationship, your ex-partner is still stuck there.

Your ex-partner correlates their relationship with you with great agony and pain. Their eyes are set on what they lost in the relationship, negating them from thinking and recollecting any fond memory of their time together. 

Your ex-partner still feels the pain of the past. They fear that if you both decide to reconcile, there may be the same mistakes and same experiences again. Your ex-partner has now built boundaries around the wounds inflicted by the previous relationship, preventing him from fathoming thoughts about reconciliation. 

Nine of Wands: Will My Life Get Easier Soon? 

If you have been facing difficult times and take a “Yes/No” tarot reading to seek life guidance, count your blessings! Pulling a Nine of Wands during this reading signifies a “Yes” answer and suggests that your life will significantly become easier soon. 

Although the challenges and hard times surround you, you have exhibited perseverance to remain resilient and determined to work your way out. Luckily, your efforts haven’t been in vain and have nearly brought this difficult phase to its knees. 

It would be best to stay consistent with your efforts and patience. The sky is the darkest before sunrise. See the bigger picture, stay committed to your goals, and the happy times will roll soon! 

Nine of Wands in ‘Yes or No’: Should I Change my Career Path?

Nine of Wands suggest a “no” answer about changing your career path. 

The difficult situations may have tired you, making you contemplate a career switch. If so, the best thing to do is take a break and re-energize. As you return with renewed motivation, you can rapidly progress your career by utilizing your full potential. 

A Nine of Wands suggests that your organization considers you an esteemed part of the company for your experience. Your supervisors are in search of someone trustable and safe, and your image is popping up in their minds.

You have worked a long time and devoted a lot of hard work to get where you are. Right now, leaving and changing your career path is not the right thing to do. 

Reversed Nine of Wands in ‘Yes or No?’

A Reversed of Nine of Wands suggests a negatory answer and indicates your hesitation towards your goals. 

You might inhabit a strong sense of doubt and are second-guessing the strategies for reaching your ultimate goals. Your second-guessing results from your insecurities and certain levels of fear holding you back from realizing your full potential. 

It’s time for you to build the courage and move forth. If working on your plan makes you feel overwhelmed, consider breaking the plan into small steps. Breaking your plan into small pieces will help you attain a sense of self-confidence and restore your confidence. 

Remember, two steps forwards and one step backward are still progress. 

Nine of Wands Reversed: Yes, or No Love Questions

Nine of Wands in reversed positions signifies a “No” answer during a “Yes/No” tarot reading. 

A reversed Nine of Wands during a tarot reading for a relationship suggests that you have been disappointed in your relationship, despite your plans and preparations to nurture the bond. Any effort you make seems vain, and you are running in circles. 

Pulling this card could indicate unfulfilled decisions in your relationship and the unsatisfactory results of your efforts to prosper your relationship. Although your higher self acknowledges that your relationship is unhealthy, you persist in holding on. 

This card is a sign to work it out with your partner, and if they don’t agree to put in the effort, you should preserve and spend your energy to find someone worthy of your time and efforts. 

Final Words

Life is full of ups and downs. While tough times are not easy, the Nine of Wands suggests that tough times never last; only tough people do. 

Getting a Nine of Wands during your tarot reading is the universe telling you to toughen up and face your problems head-on. Remain cautious and carefully plan your moves to ensure this time passes easily. 

If you have been through rough patches, you should see pulling Nine of Wands as a symbol of hope.