Wheel of Fortune as Feelings in Love & Relationships

There is a connection between the Wheel of Fortune and the laws of chance, karma, and reincarnation. An enormous wheel spins to symbolize the cyclical nature of existence. Whatever rises must fall, and anything in decline will eventually rise again. Each of the four fixed signs of the Zodiac is represented by one of the winged creatures at the four corners of the Wheel of Fortune: Aquarius as the angel, Scorpio as the eagle, Leo as the lion, and Taurus as the bull. Despite the ebb and flow of life, steadiness and understanding are ever-present.

Upright Wheel of Fortune Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune card pulled upright as feelings is a sign that changes are set to come your way, and most of the time, we’re talking about good ones. Your life might be completely transformed by these modifications from the chaotic situation you whine about to one you adore. It would help if you kept in mind, however, that not all adjustments are simple and may need you to make a sacrifice. Additionally, even if some of the sacrifices you make first seem unjust, in the long term, they will benefit you more.

Upright Wheel of Fortune as Feelings: for Relationships

The Wheel of Fortune card as feelings in the upright position is a sign that things will go in your favor, and you may, without a doubt, take the next step in your relationship, whether you are seeing someone or want to propose to someone soon. The Wheel of Fortune card is a message that you may want to give a relationship one more go if you are unhappy with it or want to move on. The card indicates that positive things will happen in your love life, whether or not your present partner is involved (as it is a part of the change). It does not prevent you from quitting a relationship if you so choose (since it is a part of the change).

Upright Wheel of Fortune as Feelings: for Singles

The Wheel of Fortune having feelings is a favorable sign for singles. This individual has a favorable opinion of you. They could sense a karmic link between you and them. They are intrigued to see where this may go after you completely disrupted their universe. It’s crucial to understand that their sentiments are still malleable and shifting since your connection is fresh. Even if they have a very great first impression of you, they are still getting to know you. Consistent interactions throughout time lead to the development of strong partnerships. Don’t be reluctant to establish confidence slowly.

Upright Wheel of Fortune: as Feelings for Ex

The Wheel of Fortune as feelings predicts that if you are inquiring about how an ex or former love feels about you, they do sometimes feel good about you. They may be certain that you were destined to be together for a little while before losing that conviction. While a reconciliation is undoubtedly in the cards for you two, they must first sort out their conflicting emotions before they are prepared to reconnect. And that’s true regardless of how incredible your connection is.

Wheel of Fortune: Do They Like Me?

Absolutely, particularly if you want them to, this individual likes you and have feelings for you.

Upright Wheel of Fortune as Feelings: How Someone Sees You

The Wheel of Fortune card is upright, and you conducted the reading just for the person who views you as their fortunate charm. They see you as a person who will make a difference in their lives.

Reversed: Wheel of Fortune Meaning

Even in its reversed aspect, the Wheel of Fortune tarot card represents change, albeit it may be something other than the one you want to embrace wholeheartedly. The reversed Wheel of Fortune card signifies that you will face challenging changes soon. If you don’t make plans to deal with them, things might become complicated since you will find it difficult to adapt.

We often feel as if our lives have suddenly started to fall apart, and this card reinforces that feeling. You may feel helpless and as if you can no longer control your life or emotions due to unexpected changes. However, Tarot readers assert that these unwanted changes are more a function of one’s choices than of any hostile outside forces.

Reversed Wheel of Fortune as Feelings: for Relationships

Regarding romantic relationships, getting the Wheel of Fortune tarot card in reversed as feelings portends trouble ahead for your union. Scary? It is, but it doesn’t mean you should immediately cancel plans and refrain from trying to ask your childhood sweetheart out on a date. Instead, the card represents how every relationship has its ups and downs and that you need to work through your down period right now. Many individuals have glitches while transitioning from one phase of the relationship to another, which may be a little unsettling. Whatever the cause of the fallout, try to consider it and come to a fair judgment in light of it. You can even consider taking a vacation from your relationship or giving your spouse more space during this time.

Reversed Wheel of Fortune as Feelings: for Singles

The Wheel of Fortune as feelings in reverse indicates a lack of karmic connection for singles. On paper, the two of you may seem ideal, but there is a psychological gap. No matter how hard you may try, there are occasions when you might not be right for someone. Whatever you choose to call it—”fate,” “karma,” “destiny”—it exists. Having said that, this is not a bad thing! A door shuts, and another one opens. You have the chance to meet someone who does resonate with your spirit via this. You should expect nothing less.

Reversed Wheel of Fortune as Feelings: for Ex

The Wheel of Fortune being reversed as feelings while you are pondering how your ex feels about you indicates that they believe your relationship has ended. Your relationship was often mired in the same emotional cycles and patterns while you were together. Even though you two are fine individuals, you were not intended to be together. Moving on is sometimes the best option. Right now, reconciliation is not likely.

Reversed Wheel of Fortune as Feelings: How Someone Sees You

The Wheel of Fortune card’s reversed as feelings indicates that the person or circumstance for whom you conducted the reading does not seem to be turning out well for you. There may be some disappointment or even an accident as a result of the scenario, which may be completely beyond your control.


The Wheel of Fortune as feelings illustrates the cyclical and karmic nature of love and life for relationships and sentiments. The adage “what goes around, comes around” serves as a reminder to treat others with compassion. By accepting the Wheel for what it is, we may learn to enjoy the good times while knowing that the terrible times will pass. Knowing this, you will be a more sympathetic and sensitive spouse, drawing good energy into your life.