The Strenght as Feelings in Love & Relationships

Strength is compassion, influence, persuasion, and resolve. A lady strokes a tame lion. Strength illustrates what’s achievable with resilience and compassion. Inner Strength may influence a person or a relationship more than raw power.

Upright The Strength Meaning 

The upright Strength tarot card denotes Strength, bravery, persuasion, and patience, as its name suggests. It confirms your power and capacity to conquer every obstacle, just as the Chariot did. The Chariot indicates exterior drive and force, but the Strength tarot card pushes you to triumph through your inner Strength. Instead of employing force, you need to behave with class and diplomacy. The card also suggests that you can stay upbeat, composed, and rational even when your patience and Strength are being tried.

Upright The Strength as Feelings: for Relationships

If the Strength card comes up in feelings tarot reading for love. This card symbolizes a committed partnership prone to jealousy, resentment, or other intense emotional outbursts. This kind of relationship has benefits and drawbacks. Compassion, empathy, and inner strength are alternative ways to interpret the tarot love meaning of Strength; you may find that these traits will make it easier to find the partners you need or to improve your marriage to the person you already have. Understanding your partner’s desires and anxieties may be easier if you can empathize. It would be advisable to treat each other with compassion and patience rather than letting your anger take over if you ever find yourself in a heated debate or other predicaments.

Strength is the Major Arcana card that symbolizes the Leo star sign. Thus if this card occurs, a relationship with Leo is probable. 

Upright The Strength as Feelings: for Singles

The Strength card in feelings for singles suggests that if you are single, this is a great time to meet someone since your confidence will come over. It may also mean that you’re becoming close to someone with a wild side. Although this is a fascinating prospect, you may need to lower your hopes if the possible mate is too crazy. Instead of forcing your will on them to tame them, persuade them softly.

Upright The Strength as Feelings: for Ex

Strength suggests that if you are inquiring about an ex or former love feelings about you, they have a great deal of respect for you. Their connection with you improved their quality of life. Additionally, they believe that you will be OK with or without them. It’s uncertain if they would want to patch things up or get back together with you. Though it’s conceivable, you may have to wait as this isn’t an action-oriented card.

Strength: Do They Like Me?

Yes, this person likes you, but they prefer partnerships with a particular dynamic; they prefer that you look out for them.

Upright The Strength: How Someone Sees You

When someone uses the Strength card to express how they view you, it suggests they think you are powerful and lovely. You are seen as a unique, joyous human being who lacks inhibitions and fear. They feel inspired and uplifted by your company.

Reversed: The Strength Meaning 

Reversed Strength in feelings signifies a circumstance in which you have less control over behavior. The untamed, uncontrollable force that has been released will not be able to be subdued by any amount of leadership, role modeling, or persuasion. Little things are missed, and incentives formerly used to encourage orders could even be made fun of. You may need to be quiet, defend yourself best, and wait for this upside-down phase to end.

Reversed The Strength as Feelings: for Relationships

In a love tarot reading, the reversed Strength as feelings for relationship card might point to some codependency in your relationship. Due to certain sorts of insecurity, you and your spouse may find it challenging to be more autonomous and engage in your hobbies. Having full lives and being whole enhances your relationship rather than detracts from it. Make sure that trust is the cornerstone upon which your relationship is established. Reversed Strength in a tarot love reading may also mean that your partnership is starting to show signs of power and Strength. Instead of being compassionate and understanding, one partner may start to become more and more dominating. Ensuring one partner’s needs aren’t neglected in favor of the other may be vital.

Reversed The Strength as Feelings: for Single

The Strength Tarot appears in a reversed love and feelings. If you’re single, a tarot reading can indicate that you lack self-control or have unresolved self-esteem problems because you’re selecting unsuitable partners. Your self-esteem suffers when you are in bad relationships, which may create a vicious cycle. You need to resolve these issues, tap into your inner fortitude and certainty, and acknowledge that you deserve more. Strength reversed might mean that, despite the Strength of your relationship, you are struggling with poor self-esteem and feel unworthy of the attention you are getting.

Reversed The Strength as Feelings for: Ex

Strength reversed in feelings for ex indicates insecurity over how your relationship ended if your ex enquires about how you feel about her/him. Whether you disclose it to the public or not, it has had a significant impact on their mental health. They are completely disturbed, and they are unsure about what to do next. Before there can be reconciliation, they must discover who they are and become strong in their own inner power.

Reversed The Strength: How Someone Sees You

Reversed, Strength as feelings is seen as either being unpleasant and aggressive or lacking willpower and drive. The card might mean that others think you’re stupid, insensitive, or weak.


Strength provides feelings into a connection’s emotional and psychological underpinnings regarding bonds of all kinds. A person’s sense of safety is shown. It teaches us how to attract that feelings of safety and confidence into our lives by drawing on our reserves of Strength, compassion, and empathy. Letting Strength’s energy into your life will strengthen and lengthen your bonds with others. Glow from inside your self-assurance.