Two of Swords as Feelings in Love & Relationships

The card representing tough decisions, feeling caught in the middle, deadlocks, and denial is the Two of Swords. A blindfolded lady is clutching two crossed swords on this card. The swords represent the two options she is choosing between. She can’t decide and is having a hard time making a decision. Given her blindfold, she may not see things properly and be fully informed.

The Two of Swords is a gentle reminder that tough choices are inevitable in life. They also play a role in romance. We are the ones who sometimes have to make difficult decisions. Other times, we are impatiently awaiting another person to make a choice that will impact us. The Two of Swords is a gentle reminder to always go with our gut feelings.

Upright Two of Swords Meaning

A deadlock is present when the Two of Swords appears in a reading. There seems to be no end as two equal and opposing troops engage in combat. You didn’t intend to end yourself here by coincidence, and now you are in the thick of a conflict. This might go on forever if something or someone doesn’t step in. When faced with a decision, we have two options: to support one side of the argument or the other. Both appear equally unappealing, which makes a choice much more difficult. But there won’t be more advancement until we break through this impasse.

Balance and collaboration are often associated with the Two of Swords. It represents the need to maintain harmony in your relationships. Whether in love, friendship, or commercial connection, you can find yourself stuck in the center and unable to sustain the existing situation. You can be in limbo right now with your job and awaiting another party’s decision. Remain patient and abstain from forcing others into making hasty decisions.

The significance of the Two of Swords might represent a cautionary tale. You could be keeping the blindfold on, like the lady in the card, hoping that the issue would disappear. Avoid whatever troubles you have because doing so won’t make them go away.

Upright Two of Swords as Feelings: for Relationships

The Two Swords as feelings in a relationship already established suggests that the other person is unsure where to take things. They believe there are two possible directions, but they aren’t sure which one they want to pursue. They lack clarity and feel bewildered. They lack direction and can even be lying to themselves. If they want their relationship to succeed, they must be clear about this issue.

Upright Two of Swords as Feelings: for Singles

The Two of Swords as feelings for singles indicates that the individual is undecided if they want to advance in the relationship for singles and those starting new partnerships. They might be choosing between you and someone else at this very moment. They are unsure of what to do next and feel uncertain about it. You can wait things out, but you also have the right to look for someone who will decide for you.

Upright Two of Swords as Feelings: for Ex

The Two of Swords as feelings for ex denotes that you are still on someone’s mind if you are inquiring about how an ex or former love feels about you. They are unable to let go yet also are unable to turn around. They lack direction and are vague about how they intend to go forward. If you’re wondering if reconciliation is conceivable, the answer is yes, but only if they decide to go with you.

Upright Two of Swords: Do They Like Me?

If you have been getting along, they like you. They find similarities between you and them. However, if you haven’t been getting along lately, this individual doesn’t like you.


Reversed Two of Swords Meaning

The scene depicted in the reversed Two of Swords is a fabled stalemate in which two opposing troops are engaged in combat. You are compelled to act as the judge in this conflict, which may reflect either internal or exterior conflict. You could get perplexed, feel under too much pressure, and be unable to choose since neither partner appears to be very pleasant to deal with.

When you finally decide, you must choose between two undesirable results. Do not be concerned; choosing is essential in this situation; any subsequent effects may be dealt with.

Reversed Two of Swords as Feelings: for Relationships

The Two of Swords as feelings for relationship in reversed is a warning to avoid making a significant choice in a committed relationship. They are bewildered and overpowered. They experience pressure from both you and other outside sources. They don’t want to deal with it as much as others would want them to. They feel they are bearing a heavy load, yet they are unsure what to do.

Reversed Two of Swords as Feelings: for Singles

The Two of Swords as feelings for singles in reversed indicates feeling avoidant for single people and those in new partnerships. They feel you are forcing them to choose between you and the other person in their thoughts. They don’t want to eliminate one of their possibilities and want it both ways. They are experiencing extreme anxiety and praying that everything will go shortly. However, you have the right to be more to someone than simply an option.

Reversed Two of Swords as Feelings: for Ex

The Two of Swords as feelings for ex in reversed, when asked how an ex feels about you, indicates that they are bewildered and overwhelmed by how the relationship ended. Their method of handling the split is not handling it. They are making every effort to forget about it. This is not a good indication if you are pondering if reconciliation or reunification is conceivable. This individual doesn’t want to be in charge of any decision-making. They won’t take any proactive measures at all.


The Two of Swords signifies having to choose between two challenging options regarding relationships and feelings. Sometimes it’s us making the decisions. Sometimes we are the ones waiting for a response. It’s a challenging position, but in the end, you have to decide what seems truest to you.