Two of Wands as Feelings in Love & Relationships

The Two of Wands represents preparation, choice, the forgoing of safety, and the taking of calculated risks. A guy is seen on the card as he stands atop a castle and gazes upon a little world below him. Even though he has all he wants at his disposal, this guy nevertheless longs for more. The globe represents opportunity and adventure in his grasp.

Upright Two of Wands Meaning 

The Two of Wands (upright)as feelings depicts carrying out the plans. The Two of Wands (upright) is an improved version of the Ace of Wands. When this card appears upright, the individual is prepared to go. This card represents moving forward with the plan and getting things going. Finding out new things or knowledge is another way to interpret the meaning of the two wands it represents. According to this card’s interpretation, the individual will leave their comfort zone and go out into the uncharted territory of the outside world.

Upright Two of Wands as Feelings: for Relationships

The Two of Wands represents feelings for relationship where the partners work together to achieve a common objective. It may also signify that you’re in a long-distance relationship and looking forward to meeting in person. In light of the potential for conflicting emotions, it’s important to set realistic goals and communicate them.

Upright Two of Wands: as Feelings: for Single

If you’re currently single, two of Wands as feelings represents someone interested in you but needs to figure out how they are feeling about committing. They may be waiting to see what happens with a third party or just being cautious

Upright Two of Wands as Feelings: for Ex

The Two of Wands as feelings suggests that the person you are enquiring about have feelings about you, whether they are an ex or an old romance. They still think there’s a promise for the two of you, but they need more time to consider what it means specifically for them. It is possible to find reconciliation, but you will need to have patience.

Two of Wands: Do They Like Me? 

The Two of Wands feelings indicate that, although you are liked by this individual, they may see you more as a friend than a possible lover.

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​Reversed Two of Wands Meaning

It’s time to take the plunge when the two wands are reversed since this signifies that you should go for it. It’s taking them too long to consider; they’ve been doing it for a while. It is now time to make strategies and long-term objectives. It is advised to begin by thinking about everything, including what you want to be, what you envision for the future, and what best fits your personality, by identifying and determining what is essential to you and setting objectives. Then go one step further by formulating the best course of action.

Reversed Two of Wands as feelings: for Relationships

When the two wands in feelings appear reversed, there are several possible readings about a relationship. First, if you are in a relationship, you may notice that your love for your spouse has changed from what it once was and that you are beginning to sense yourself drifting apart. You both sense that the romance has worn off and the connection has lost its edge. But since you are afraid of the future, you are still in the relationship. This minor arcana card also suggests that you are being held back by the relationship but are refusing to let go because you are afraid of being alone.

This Minor Arcana card also suggests travel, which indicates that you or your partner wants to go abroad while the other wants to remain. This could eventually result in a split. The presence of this card indicates that your spouse wants to reconnect with you, which is an alternate interpretation if you believe your relationship is becoming distant from you. 

Reversed Two of Wands as Feelings: for Singles

If you are single, you have two choices: one is to remain alone; the other is to reconcile with your ex. Two of wands reversed as feelings for singles indicates that, when it is upright, you will have two alternatives when selecting a partner and ultimately go with the safer choice.

Reversed Two of Wands as feelings: for Ex

The Two of Wands reversed in feelings indicates that the person you are enquiring about does not know what they want or how they feel about you. They may still be feeling something for you but are unsure what they want. They could be wary of commitment and the prospect of experiencing heartbreak again. They are not in a position to discuss reconciliation at the moment. You must exercise patience if your heart is set on them.


In conclusion, the Two of Wands upright indicates that both parties are eager to advance the partnership. It’s a sign that you’re open to making a good shift in your life.

As a reversed card, the Two of Wands suggests an inability to go ahead in feelings. It might be an expression of uncertainty or reluctance.