Seven of Wands: Yes Or No

While getting a Seven of Wands does not mean you won’t come across challenges, it signifies that you have the strength to withstand and conquer any barriers standing in your way.

The card suggests that you are a motivated individual that isn’t led astray by others’ opinions of them or their journey. 

Your confidence will allow you to stand up, speak for yourself, and seize opportunities to succeed. You should see this card as an encouragement in the face of challenges circling and taking them head-on. 

This card guarantees that you are stronger than the challenges around you and have the strength and will to emerge victorious. 

Receiving Seven of Wands should make you feel perseverant, courageous, and confident about your plans and become successful.

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Is the Seven of Wands a ‘Yes or No’ Card?

A Seven of Wands is considered a “yes” card to answer your question. Think of it as approving any plans you have been thinking of, such as investing somewhere or buying a property. 

The Seven of Wands encourages confidence, self-protection, and personal strength. You 2have a survivor soul and the necessary skills to exhibit self-care and achieve the desired outcomes. Getting Seven of Wands should signify self-belief in your capabilities and achieving your hopes and dreams. 

The card indicates that you are a virtuoso in manifesting your goals and have the energy to bring them to fruition. Seven of Wands also affirms that you have the power to bring and attract optimistic changes within your life. 

You have a pristine vision that will help you have successful ventures. Your planned strategies are effective and will play a pivotal role in ensuring the implementation of your vision. 

To sum up, getting Seven of Wands is a “yes” sign and suggests that your efforts and skills will take you to a successful position in your life. 

Seven of Wands in ‘Yes/No’ Love Questions

A Seven of Wands during a tarot reading made for relationship advice suggests a time to hold your ground and state your boundaries clearly, regardless of how uncomfortable it may be for your partner. 

It’s possible that your relationship is likely to go through a challenge instilled by other people, including close friends or family members who disapprove of you and your partner. You may also encounter other challenges, including suitors’ or society’s objections, creating disputes, and making it difficult for your relationship to surprise. 

However, consider the upcoming time critical and exhibit confidence in yourself and your partner. It’s time to believe and cherish the bond you share earned from investing your love, efforts, and many struggles. 

Is He Going to Propose to Me? Seven of Wands ‘Yes or No’

If you’re contemplating a marriage proposal, pulling a Seven of Wands during a “Yes/No” tarot reading suggests a “maybe” answer. 

Pulling this card exhibits the need to protect your interest and your status. It also suggests you utilize how much you know them. With Seven of Wands, there are two possibilities. Either your partner is ready to commit and tie the knot, or they crave the single life and no sense of obligations that come along. 

On the other hand, it suggests that someone outside the scope of your relationship is making matters worse for you. They hinder your partner’s ability to propose to you, making your partner hesitate. Discuss with your partner to seek the end of things making him hesitate, and he might propose! 

Is He Loyal to Me? Should I Trust him?

Getting Seven of Wands during a reading taken to contemplate trust and loyalty in your partner suggests a “No” answer. 

Your partner currently faces disputed feelings between love and alienation, rendering him unable to make a clear decision. In some moments, he makes you feel loved, but in some moments, he is overcome by the anxiety, enforcing him to grow negligent of his duties as a partner. 

Your partner is likely experiencing a split mindset because they are more focused on defending their position and status. 

The reading implicates a strong desire to defend your boundaries and views. You deserve better than a split mindset and your relationship lacks harmony, making your partner untrustworthy. 

Should We Get Back Together? Seven of Wands About Reconciliation

A Seven of Wands represents a “yes” answer for reconciliation during a “Yes/No” tarot reading and suggests an internal conflict in your partner’s mind. 

Your ex-partner recalls the memories they had with you and cherishes them. Being aware of the things and conditions that made your relationship grow weak, your partner is working to break free from them. Your ex-partner is working on protecting his circle and boundaries, avoiding anything that clouded their judgment in a relationship with you. 

The readings suggest that your ex-partner is on the right path, and your desire to return with you drives them. Your partner will fight for everything they hold dear, including your relationship. So, reconciling may help you achieve more progress and success in life. 

Seven of Wands: Will My Life Get Easier Soon?

Receiving a Seven of Wands during a “yes/no” tarot reading made for life guidance indicates a “no” answer. 

It’s a sign to prepare for the oncoming fights and rifts. These rifts will be hard to deal with and will become a significant problem for you. However, the person on the other side of the rift is unknown. It could be a close one or someone you don’t know. 

During this time, it’s essential to hold on to your values. Believe in your self-confidence and know that whatever you have today results from your hard work and values. The person creating the rift envies you because they don’t harness your qualities. 

The Seven of Wands tell you not to lose faith in yourself. Cling to your values, everything will work out eventually. 

Seven of Wands in ‘Yes or No’: Should I Change my Career Path?

The Seven of Wands signify a “no” answer if you’re considering a career change. 

Considering to switch your job right now will revolve many obstacles and competition. While situations may be getting tough at your workplace, you shouldn’t cut and run; instead, it’s time to stand up, defend your position, stray from the hardships, and fight for your beliefs. 

The Seven of Wands emphasize the need to believe in your abilities. However, if you have decided to change career paths, it’s essential to do the due diligence beforehand. The card suggests that once you put the career change in motion, remain steadfast and stick to your decision. 

Although things may feel difficult, staying persistent will eventually work out, and you will find happy tidings in your career path. 

Reversed Seven of Wands in ‘Yes or No?’

Pulling a reversed Seven of Wands indicates the lack of confidence and feelings of vulnerability and suggests a “no” answer. 

The reversed Seven of Wands suggest you have paid too much attention to what others think about you. Paying heed to these negative thoughts is hoarding negativity and radiates a strong feeling of defeat and overwhelm. 

It’s important to realize that people will have unfulfilled expectations. If you fulfill the expectation of ten different people, someone is still likely to be offended for not living up to their expectations. So, instead, you should focus on your goals instead of getting distracted by what others expect of you. 

Focus on things and connect with people supporting your ambitions and dreams. Aiming to attain your abilities will give you confidence and help you become self-sufficient. 

Seven of Wands Reversed: Yes, or No Love Questions

A reversed Seven of Wands is a “no” answer and signifies that your relationship is acting as a parasite and you are holding on to a toxic situation. 

A reversed Seven of Wands could be pointing towards the shaky basis of your relationship and indicating the time for it to stumble. Putting in the effort to save your relationship might make you cranky, which is visible to the people close to you and makes them feel worried. 

The inability to suppress the troubles could mean that you aren’t seeing some angle or are in denial about your relationship, convincing you to invest more effort and keep going. 

Another interpretation of drawing a Seven of Wands is that while you may be with a compatible person and your relationship might progress, other people are envious and trying to pull you both away. 

In such conditions, it’s necessary to trust each other and focus on nourishing your bond to escape this period unscathed. 

Final Words

Drawing a Seven of Wands generally means good news. However, hold the horses yet! The card has different meanings, making it necessary to interpret the correct meaning of the card and channel an effective reading.