Six Of Wands: Yes Or No Tarot Card Meaning

Six of Wands is about encouraging the person to make an effort and letting them know that they are a go-getter and won’t settle unless they win.

Drawing Six of Wands doesn’t only confirm your success in recent ventures and affirms that you will receive recognition for the efforts made to turn your investments or efforts into a success story. 

A Six of Wands essentially confirms that you have a resilient nature and can pull off what it takes to succeed. It says that you will keep pushing while others may sit down a long time ago, and you will keep pushing unless you get to wherever you want to be. 

It also indicates the person shows self-love and feels proud of their milestones and achievements. 

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Is the Six of Wands a ‘Yes or No’ Card?  

Simply put, getting a Six of Wands during your tarot card means a “Yes.” 

In its domain, this card is linked with giving the person drawing the card pride and a strong sense of confidence in any recent investments or indicating victory in future ventures. Getting this card indicates that your efforts will pan out and that you are well on the road to success. 

A Six of Wands can give you the confidence boost needed whenever you doubt yourself or your efforts to achieve something. The card is your sign to remove all the draining thoughts in your mind, especially if you are an overthinker. 

A Six of Wands confirms that you inspire the people around you, and they see you as a living example of determination and hard work. 

Six of Wands in ‘Yes/No’ Love Questions

Getting Six of Wands during a tarot reading made for guidance about love and relationships is a big yes, especially for singles. 

If you have remained single and been wise enough to wait for the right person to chime in, Six of Wands indicate that your wait time is over and the right person is about to enter your life soon. 

Getting a Six of Wands may mean that someone around you finds you more attractive now and is looking for chances to transition their relationship with you. In some cases, a Six of Wands may also indicate that the person you are interested in has mutual feelings and is waiting to reciprocate the efforts. All you need to do is find the nerve and approach them about how you feel about them. 

Six of Wands also speaks for those in a long-distance relationship. It indicates the confirmation of a positive end of something you both have been working to achieve, for example, moving to the same city and moving in together. 

Is He Going to Propose to Me? Six of Wands ‘Yes or No’

As you pull a Six of Wands during a “Yes/No” reading to anticipate a proposal, Six of Wands implicates a “yes” answer. 

Getting Six of Wands suggests a period of triumph and positive energy entering your life. It could be possible that this positive energy radiates through a possible proposal in your partner’s mind. 

However, it’s possible that a proposal may not be imminent. For now, you need to focus on your growth and success. During this time, it’s best for you to make the most of the provided opportunities and achieve success. 

On the other hand, make conscious efforts to keep your relationship wholesome and supportive. Rest assured, the right time will come along! 

Is He Loyal to Me? Should I Trust him?

Six of Wands is more of a “fortune” tarot card and doesn’t specifically discuss loyalty and trustworthiness in a relationship. 

However, many tarot experts associate the Six of Wands with accomplishments and positive outcomes. Based on the dynamics of your relationship, the relationship you have carved with your partner is an accomplishment, given the value it adds to your life. 

On the other hand, this card also hints toward positive outcomes. In the context of trust and reliability, it could be insinuated that your relationship will bear a positive outcome. Considering the possibility of a positive outcome and the feelings of accomplishment could suggest that you have a reliable partner and their loyalties lie with you. 

Should We Get Back Together? Six of Wands About Reconciliation

Six of Wands bring good news about reconciliation and suggest a “yes” answer. Pulling a Six of Wands suggests that your ex-partner still has feeling for you and admires you deeply. 

Your presence in their lives contributed to their growth, and they miss it. Your commitment to the relationship made them feel confident and uplifted, inspiring them to do better. Although you have been separated for a while, your ex-partner still harbors intimate feelings toward you. 

Your ex-partner feels tempted about a chance to reconcile with you. If you agree with them about reconciling, six of the wands could suggest that things are looking up. Although you may split in the past, your separation was only temporary to help you grow and realize each other’s worth. 

Six of Wands: Will My Life Get Easier Soon?

Prepare yourself to experience the good times and level up! Pulling a Six of Wands during a “Yes/No” tarot reading is a good omen and suggests growth in all aspects of life, especially in the professional and financial domains. 

You will likely receive accreditation and recognition in your professional life for your work and the value you offer. Irrespective of your career, promotions, financial growth, and achievements await you. 

However, to concrete your success, you need to make new connections. Develop contact with people working towards success and those who share your ideologies. 

The card also hints towards the lucrative hidden in plain sight. If you have been considering making a new investment or starting a business idea, starting now could help you obtain beneficial results. 

Six of Wands in ‘Yes or No’: Should I Change my Career Path?

The Six of Wands signify a “yes” answer and suggest an immaculate potential for success when changing your career paths. 

Changing your career path may help you get in touch with a job that resonates with your passion and ambitions. Changing a career path will also help you realize your true potential and utilize your creativity. 

The card suggests that you have been working on self-growth for a long time, and now is your time to reap the rewards. It’s time to take the plunge and go after the career that helps you fast-track your progress toward your goals. 

Reversed Six of Wands in ‘Yes or No?’

Radiating a sense of insecurity, pulling a reversed Six of Wands suggests a “no” answer during a “Yes/No” tarot reading. 

The insecurity you are currently experiencing hinders your growth and stops you from reaching your highest potential. It suggests that there may have been some negative outcomes to some recent ventures that have made you feel doubtful about your capability and skills. 

You must shun these feelings to get back on track and rise from the ashes. Avoid overthinking and partake in activities that interest you. Participating in these activities can help you connect with your higher self and reignite your passion. 

Most importantly, surround yourself with like-minded people and those who support your growth. As your motivation peaks, so will the drive to attain success and achievements you have set your eyes on. 

Six of Wands Reversed: Yes, or No Love Questions

A reversed Six of Wands during your tarot card reading indicates you lack self-confidence. The blowback of lacking self-confidence is going to reflect on your relationship. 

However, Six of Wands could also indicate that you have been investing efforts in a toxic relationship and the person isn’t right for you. It should be seen as a confirmation if you feel like the other person isn’t reciprocating the efforts or giving you the love you deserve. 

Not getting the deserved love and the efforts remaining underappreciated affect your confidence level significantly and make you feel unsure of yourself. 

Nevertheless, getting a reversed Six of Wands should not mean that you turn bitter or become a pessimist. Instead, you should know that you deserve better and that positivity and goodness never go to waste. 

Final Words

Working hard without seeing any fruition or confirmation about your efforts can feel exhausting and might drain you physically. In such times, the need to get some reinforcement is dire to have the motivation to push forward. 

Six of Wands does just that. If you have used tarot cards recently and have been fortunate enough to get Six of Wands, you should see it as a confirmation that your success is near and you are about to step into the good times.