Blue Candle Meaning, Symbolism, and Spiritual Uses

With some of the beautiful elements of nature adopting the color blue, this color is known for inducing a tranquil vibe, communication, and creativity.

The soothing touch of this color also makes it ideal for performing any spiritual activities to help you connect well with nature. 

The blue candles inherit all the goodness of the color, adding inspiration and respirate the flow of creativity through your body. 

But are you wondering about the blue candle meaning? Candle magic can be a complicated domain, making it important to interpret the true meaning of these candles. Read on below to find out every potent detail about the blue candles. 

So, let’s get going!

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Benefits of Burning a Blue Candle

Performing a blue candle ritual can have various benefits, including: 

  1. Open-Mindedness

Often, when we come across a difficult scenario, we feel trapped and perplexed about what to do. Burning a blue candle in such cases can help open your mind and be receptive to possible solutions. 

These candles can instill creativity to help you power through a difficult time, especially when you feel uninspired and unproductive. 

  1. Seeking Truth

Truth and honesty come embedded in the color blue as one of its shades. Lightning, a blue candle, can be an illuminating experience and help in seeking truth and putting doubts to rest. A blue candle can be particularly helpful when you suspect someone is hiding things or lying to you. 

  1. Brightening Your Intuition

Considering that the blue color symbolizes openness, knowledge, and communication, the candles of this color are ideal for sharpening your intuition. 

A bright intuition can be particularly helpful when you feel bothered about some scenario or cannot reach a conclusion. Burning a bright blue flame will clear your thoughts, allowing you to tap into your intuition and determine a sound course of action. 

When Can You Burn a Blue Candle? 

  1. When Mediating 

When working on your meditation practice, burning a blue candle can help you improve the practice. The energies infused within these candles allow you to obtain healthy results and develop strong self-control. 

  1. Reconciliation

Depending on the severity of the matter, reconciliation can become hard. If you recently fell out with a closed one, burning a blue candle can significantly help. These candles induce a tranquil sensation, allowing you to let go of regrets and disagreements. 

Once the bitterness settles, the path to reconciliation becomes much clearer! 

  1. Bridging Communication Gaps

Talking about a difficult topic with anyone can be difficult but necessary. When struggling to communicate with your partner or a closed one about a difficult topic, a blue candle can help. 

These candles radiate synthetic energy, making it easy for you and your partner to communicate and decide on a solution. 

What is the Perfect Day for Burning a Blue Candle?

The blue candle is linked with Jupiter and the God of Thunder, Thor. Jupiter and the Thunder God are known for their attributes, generosity, and expansive energies. 

While they can ensure your wishes and prayers don’t go unheard, exercise caution when making your wishes. When making a wish or a prayer, ensure that infatuation does not drive your intentions. Only perform a blue candle ritual once you are sure about your intentions. 

Consequently, Thursdays are ideal for performing a magic ritual using the blue candle. In ancient English, Thursday translates to “Thor’s Day.” Similarly, in Latin, Thursday means “Dies Jovis,” translating to the Day of Jupiter. 

Apart from The God of Thunder and Jupiter, blue candles are also linked with Sagittarius. Performing a Blue candle ritual as a Sagittarius can yield beneficial results. These rituals are also beneficial if you are performing the ritual for a fellow Sagittarius to attain the desired outcome. 

Blue Candle – Origins

With the color blue being an active part of our nature, it’s safe to say that the origins of blue candles go way back. The search for its origins takes us back to Ancient Egypt. 

The Ancient Egyptians highly regarded blue color and represented the heavens and the river Nile. The Egyptians felt blessed with the presence of the Nile and believed it brought them fertility, rebirth, protection, and creation. 

Believing that the color blue incorporated all the goodness of the Nile, they used this color for depictions of some Gods, including Thoth and Osiris. These depictions were made from natural elements, including a blend of iron oxide, copper, calcium, and silica. 

Even in today’s world, many people adopt the color blue for the tranquility it offers. According to ZillionDesigns, blue represents loyalty and professionalism, resulting in many brands adapting the color, including Pfizer and IBM. 

In short, whether it be the professional domain, the magical domain, or various belief systems, adding some blue color can bring you many benefits. 

Some Blue Candle Associations

  • Numerology: 4, 6
  • Angel: Archangel Michael 
  • Element: Water
  • Direction: West
  • Day: Thursday 
  • Chakra: Throat 
  • Gods: Thor 
  • Planet: Jupiter

Where to Buy Blue Candles

When you are looking to buy some blue candles, the best place to look for them is your local pagan store. Buying candles from your local pagan store is an ideal choice considering their knowledge and availability. 

Going with a local pagan store saves you the trouble of waiting for your products to arrive. However, if no pagan store or shop is offering ritualistic candles nearby, visit platforms like eBay, Amazon, or Etsy. 

Buying from either of these platforms is ideal if you want to shop for candles in a higher quantity. 

Final Words

As a form of closure, let’s reflect on the symbolizations of blue candles. The blue color brings along a soothing vibe, and its calming shade can remind you of open spaces and a happy environment. 

The Blue candles inherit every harmonious aspect of their color. Having one around is a sure way of inducing a serene, relaxing atmosphere in your surroundings. Additionally, the creativity embedded in this color can help you enhance your creativity, feeding your drive to think and act more critically. 

So, whether you want to heal from your past, attain more self-control, or seek truth to some mysteries, blue candles are the way to go.