Grey Candle Meaning, Symbolism, and Spiritual Uses

In magic and spirituality, each hue on the color wheel represents a distinct type of energy. Color energy is frequently used in casting spells to elicit a certain response and draw out certain energies using the adequate magic technique. 

Keep in mind that they may be one of the most powerful instruments for spells, meditation, rituals, and other ceremonies. 

Read on to find out the meaning of grey and/or silver candles in spirituality, as well as how to properly utilize candles of this specific color.

Basic Meaning of Grey Candle

Silver or grey color is commonly associated with the Moon, psychic receptivity, dreaming, love,, and healing. 

Because it’s a neutral color that exists between white and black, the grey spectre represents balance and neutrality. 

That being said, if you want to get rid of any bad energy directed at you, you should use a silver/grey candle in protective magic.

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Symbolism Behind Grey Candles

Grey candles have come to signify our wisdom, conscious mind, and patience.

They promote the natural order and balance in every aspect of our lives by protecting us from negative energy and clearing our minds. 

When our mind is clear, we can think straight, thereby enhancing our problem-solving and critical thinking skills. 

Grey Candle Use in Spirituality and Magic

Grey magic represents neutrality, clarity, and spirituality. 

This is due to the fact that the color grey often emits a very peaceful, but determined type of magic. 

Because of this sort of energy or power, grey spell candles may be used in conjunction with purple spell candles to improve or stimulate vivid dreaming.

Grey candles add a tremendous balancing force to the spells of witches and casters who want to walk carefully on the edge between this life and the next. 

These candles may also be utilized to improve our organizing and coordination abilities, personal knowledge, overcoming problems, and calm our own energy.

Grey spell candles can be used to aid focus, analyze dreams or nightmares, foretell the future, or make meaning of the past. 

They can aid in our adaptation, communication, perception of hidden messages, personal intuition, and spiritual awareness.

They may also be used in spells to assist eliminate indecision, dispel negativity, honor our ancestors, tap into the knowledge of those who came before us, or sharpen our own intuitions.

These candles are thought to be connected to the Spirit or Crown Chakra and are frequently used by witches and casters in spells that serve to magically boost our own connections to the spirit realm, bolster our mental fortitude, soothe or nourish our own spirits, and so on.

Grey and silver magic candles can be used for spiritual protection, removing stubbornness in ourselves or others, removing impediments from our lives, or even divining a new life path. 

Grey and silver spell candles can also be used to expel bad energy or emotions like fear, tension, worry, and uncertainty.

How to Use Grey Candle in Spell Casting

The most fundamental kind of candle magic employs a piece of colored paper that corresponds to the intent of your candle. 

Determine your objective and write it down on a piece of paper.

For example, if you feel like you’re lacking balance in any sphere of your life, such as your love life, you will try to cast some enhancing love spells in order to improve your relationship and keep it back in balance. 

By wishing the things to get back in their natural order, you are advised to use a silver or a grey candle when casting any spell that is supposed to help you think clearly. 

Visualize yourself attaining your objective while you write it down.

Consider the various ways in which your objective may be realized, such as receiving switching  your work, changing your diet and sleeping schedule in order to keep your life in balance. 

After you’ve written out your aim, fold the paper while keeping your intent in mind. 

Some folks prefer to do this while saying a little incantation. 

It does not have to be anything elaborate or complex, it might as well be a two-line chant.

Allow one corner of the folded paper to catch fire in the candle’s flame. 

Hold the paper for as long as you can, then set it in a fire-safe basin or cauldron to finish burning on its own.

Allow the candle to burn fully out. 

When the candle has melted, discard it rather than conserving it for another work. 

Usually, all that remains of a candle is a stub of wax, which you may either bury or dispose of in whatever way you see fit.

To sum up, remember that the candle color you choose when casting spells is very important!