The Chariot As Feelings: Tarot Card Meaning

The Chariot Tarot card depicts overcoming obstacles with determination, focus, and willpower. 

When you have this Major Arcana trump card in your tarot spread, you will feel motivated, ambitious, and in command. 

Now is the time to go after your dreams. 

The Chariot is not without its difficulties; there may be many obstacles in your path, but if you stay focused, maintain your composure, and are confident in your abilities, you will succeed! 

The Chariot can also indicate that you are acting defensively or aggressively to conceal your emotional vulnerability. 

You might feel like you’re in a battle right now.

The Chariot represents achieving harmony between the heart and the mind. 

The Chariot in Relationships & Love (Upright)

In a Love Tarot reading, The Chariot says that you must master your emotions in order to have a happy relationship. 

If you and your partner are going through a difficult time, you will need to stick together, communicate, and work hard. 

Your difficulties are not impossible to overcome. 

They simply require some effort and focus to resolve. 

If you or your partner suffer from anxiety, it is critical that you address them. 

Additionally, if your partner utilizes logic as emotional armor, you may need to get around their defenses in order for your relationship to work. 

For those of you who are single at the moment, the Chariot indicates that your previous relationships have worn you down. 

The Chariot represents your ability to move forward in your love life despite the pain of your past.

Money and Profession (Upright)

When using The Chariot at work, you should feel very ambitious and motivated. 

If you are having problems with coworkers who you believe are attempting to undermine you, put your anxieties aside and continue to work hard while maintaining your self-control. 

Alternatively, if you are looking for work or have been feeling stuck in your career, now is the time to think about switching career paths. 

The Chariot as Feelings from Your Love Interest 

It’s not that the Chariot is a bad card; it just has a very personal energy and doesn’t portray people who think about others. 

If you ask someone how they feel about you and they draw the Chariot, it means they are very clear about what they want. 

It’s possible that something is you. 

They want to conquer you and are willing to go to any length to achieve that goal.

However, this may imply that they regard you as less of a person with feelings and more of a goal to be attained—as a prize or a trophy. 

The Chariot is not an emotional card because the man in the Chariot is more concerned with doing than with thinking or feeling. 

As a result, their feelings may be more about the thrill of the pursuit and the rush of conquering than genuine feelings.

The Chariot as a feeling indicates that they are firm in their beliefs, whatever they may be. 

They are both disciplined and tenacious. They will not easily be persuaded to do another person’s will or to consider another person’s feelings. 

They are very self-assured and believe in themselves.

If You’re Single 

The Chariot is a sign of great self-love for singles who are contemplating their own feelings. 

You know what you want and are prepared to obtain it. 

That’s fantastic if you want to channel your energy into dating. 

Just be mindful of other people’s feelings and avoid bulldozing everyone in your path on your quest for love.

Feelings from Your Partner

The Chariot represents their confidence in achieving their goals.

The Chariot represents determination in existing relationships. 

To figure out what kind of goal this is, consider your own relationship history as well as the context of the cards around you. 

It implies that your partner is more concerned with doing than with thinking or feeling. 

Your partner’s emotions could be very selfish. 

They are focused on achieving their own goals at this time, and they may be unconcerned about your feelings.

Feelings from Your Ex 

If you inquire about an ex’s or an old flame’s feelings toward you, the Chariot indicates that they believe they are progressing. 

Chariot is all about forward motion, not looking back. 

Even though they enjoyed your time together, that moment has passed. 

This can be extremely harmful.

General Meaning of the Chariot (Reversed)

When the Chariot Tarot card is reversed, it can indicate that you lack power and direction. 

You must take charge of your own destiny and not allow outside forces to direct your path. 

You are still moving when The Chariot reverses, but you have let go of the reins. 

You must rediscover your motivation and determination. 

Don’t be a side character in your own life; instead, concentrate and reclaim control!