10 of Swords as a Person: Upright & Reversed

Ten of Swords as a person is a person who has experienced many hardships. They have seen the depths of despair but never let it overwhelm them. Ten of Swords is a survivor, ever pushing forward despite the obstacles.

Ten of Swords as a Person 

While seen as a person, the Ten of Swords may have two very different personalities: one when upright and the other when it is inverted.

When the Ten of Swords shows upright in a reading, the subject in question is often seen as someone who has had significant hardship and is still striving to come to terms with the sorrow they have endured. They may have been the victim of a profound hurt or betrayal, which has left them feeling discouraged and hopeless. Despite the challenges they face, they are an unyielding person who refuses to give up. 

They are resolute in their goal to pick themselves up and go on with their lives, although they are not quite certain how they will accomplish this. This individual has a steely resolve and a well of untapped inner fortitude that they can tap from when things become tough.

They are quick to provide support and encouragement and have a profound feeling of empathy for others around them who are through hardship.

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Ten of Swords as a Person: Reversed

When the Ten of Swords is in its reversed position, the individual represented by this card may be seen as someone who is in denial about the sorrow and suffering, they are experiencing. It’s possible that they don’t want to accept the truth about their circumstances, so they opt to ignore their issues or act in ways that are harmful to themselves. 

This individual may have a propensity to remain in bad relationships or settings because they feel that doing so is simpler than confronting the reality of the issue. They may also have difficulty maintaining emotional composure, making them prone to rage and frustration outbursts.

The Ten of Swords represents a person who is often very reflective and thoughtful, and this trait is present in both the upright and reversed situations of the card. To make sense of the world around them, they continually investigate the ideas and feelings that occur inside themselves.

This may sometimes lead them to a greater knowledge of themselves and others, but it can also cause tremendous misery. This can lead them to a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

They are often looking for solutions to issues about the purpose of life, and they may have difficulty finding calm and stillness in their lives.

Despite their difficulties, the individual represented by the Ten of Swords has a significant potential for personal development and evolution. They can grow by gaining insight from their experiences and becoming more robust and self-confident.

This is particularly true when the card seems to be in the reversed position since this position denotes a point of transition or a turning point in the story.


The Ten of Swords personifies someone who has endured immensely yet has the courage and tenacity to conquer hardships.

This individual is highly reflective and thoughtful, continually seeking knowledge and purpose. They may develop and become stronger through their trials.