Taurus Sun Aries Venus Personality Traits & Compatibility with Zodiac Signs

Many astrologers view Venus in Aries as a challenging position since Venus’ serene, gentle sweetness doesn’t mesh well with Aries’ boisterous, inward-looking nature. 

This makes it quite tricky to find a good match for them!

Read on to find out who’s the best, as well as who’s the worst match for Taurus Sun Aries Venus.

Taurus Sun Aries Venus Personality Traits

Taurus people are often peace-loving people who would much prefer to envision themselves grazing in fields of luscious, ever-green bliss than confront the uncertainty of strife or too much change.

On the other hand, Venus usually thrives on collaboration and reciprocal relationships, but her location in Aries heralds a period to cultivate self-love. 

It’s about prioritizing their own needs, trying something new, and figuring out what will make them happy. 

Venus in Aries focuses on attracting the greatest things into their life, and they can only do so when they know, love, and cherish who they are.

Aries is a sign that is quite autonomous and primarily concerned with its own needs and interests. 

Because of this, love and relationships might occasionally feel unbalanced or greedy while Venus is in Aries, making it hard for them to find a match!

Their desires are strong, making it difficult for them to exercise patience or wait for opportunities to come to them.

Taurus Sun Aries Venus Compatibility with Gemini Venus (Best Match)

Venus in Gemini will be your best companion! 

Both of you shine in the presence of the other. 

Quick friendships form and whirlwind romantic relationships start out strong. 

Gemini and Aries both excite each other to an extreme degree. 

This connection has a strong stream, with lots of lighthearted banter, laughter, and impromptu ideas.

This mercurial Venus has several social circles and is well-connected. 

Additionally, there is a sensation of pursuit because this lover has unavoidably diverted attention. 

If the connection is handled carelessly, the short attention span might become an issue. 

Although you two are lively, you don’t enjoy mental games, therefore your buddy or partner can make you apprehensive in this situation. 

If you feel manipulated, you might feel the need to stop things abruptly.

Does Taurus Sun Aries Venus Match with Cancer?

Here, you’re searching for different things in love. 

Cancer is fueled by passionate debates, conflicts, rivalry, and exhibiting self-control. 

Cancer yearns for emotional closeness, security, and a sense of belonging. 

You often need a lot of freedom to thrive and don’t deal with emotions well, either your own or those of others.

Aries, who is autonomous, is in the unfortunate position of celebrating love. 

That being said, your sensitive Cancer partner or friend may be easily harmed by this. 

This distinction may cause pain to others by accident or unintentionally, making the Aries-Cancer compatibility very shaky. 

Taurus Sun Compatibility with Leo Venus 

As a Taurus Sun, you tend not to hold grudges and are a very moment-to-moment lover. 

When you express your anger, the situation is resolved. 

Being recognized and adored for the distinctive individual that he or she is makes your pal far more sensitive. 

Every time someone is treated carelessly, the yearning for attention increases, and those times are saved. 

Your Sun is selfish, somewhat solitary-minded Sun, even in a long-term relationship. 

A demanding Leo partner who seeks fidelity and dedication may discover that this places them in an untenable situation.

Having said that, there is chemistry here that is remarkable, with a zest for life and energy. Playfulness, self-expression, satisfaction in creative endeavors, and close relationships keep the flame alive.

The need to create and uphold a sense of stability is crucial while the Sun is in Taurus. 

Taurus Sun folks are discovering what it means to be secure and to be able to retain a steady sense of self.