Spiritual Meaning And Symbolism Of Valentine’s Day

Known as the Day for showering your partner with love, Valentine’s Day is one of the most sought-after days in the world. But did you know that Valentine’s Day entails a deeper spiritual meaning and symbolism? 

So, Let’s explore the spiritual meaning and symbolism of Valentine’s Day and see what guidance the universe has to offer!

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Valentine’s Day Origins 

Valentine’s Day’s origins go back as early as ancient Roman times. *Ancient Romans used to celebrate a festival in mid-Feb called “Lupercalia.” Romans believed this time to be graced with fertility and purification. 

In hopes of satisfying the God of fertility, Lupercus, Romans created this event. During Lupercalia, Romans would sacrifice dogs and goats to honor their God of fertility. On the other hand, the young Roman men would run around the city, whipping the women with the hides of these sacrificed animals, believing that doing so would make them more fertile. 

As time progressed, Valentine’s Day evolved as the Catholics connected this day with Christian Saint Valentine. During the 5th century, the Catholic Churches dedicated 14th Feb in his honor. Over time, Saint Valentine’s Day kept evolving, finally transforming into a day of love and romance, as we know it today. 

Valentine’s Day Spiritual Meanings 

A Sign to Cherish Love 

As the calendar marks 14 Feb, Valentine’s Day arrives with a message for you to cherish your partner. Love is in the air. It is time to emerge within your inner self and explore the deep-end love for your partner. Valentine’s Day urges you to treat your partner with utmost love and care. 

On the other hand, Valentine’s Day for singles is a sign to practice self-love. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to explore and treat yourself better. Do entertaining activities, or enjoy your favorite meal. 

Since Valentine’s Day also marks the start of the season of love, it is a sign to go looking for your partner. After all, the whole Day is about love! 

You are Special! 

Being a day filled with love, Valentine’s Day reinforces the message of self-love. Lately, you have been too on yourself for some endeavor not working out. Even after giving it your best shot, it was not meant to be. While failure often ensues troublesome feelings, it often is a blessing in disguise. 

Failures are a challenge from the universe meant to help you grow. You are a very capable person with the skills to weather all your storms.

Like everyone you admire, there is also a hidden fire within you. This flame pushes you to do better, admiring the people close to you. Your hard work inspires others to do better and become a version of themselves. 

Considering the effect you have on people in your circle, it is a surefire sign that you are a special person destined for great things. 

Spread Positivity 

Love has the power to induce an optimistic vibe and make a person feel hopeful about the endeavors in their life. Since Valentine’s Day mainly addresses love, it also emphasizes the need to care for your partner and spread positivity within your relationship. 

To spread positivity within your relationship, you can spend time together, make memories, gift them something, or take them on a date. These gestures will tell your partner you appreciate them and make them feel valued. 

As they feel special and valued, they are likely to give their all to make this bond work. In the long run, it will allow you to develop a meaningful relationship that might last a lifetime. 

Valentine’s Day For Singles

Today, Valentine’s is commonly seen as a day for couples to cherish their love. But when you consider its spiritual meanings and symbolism, Valentine’s Day also entails good news for the singles! If you are single on Valentine’s Day, its symbolism has the following message for you: 

Focus on Self-Love 

If you are single on Valentine’s Day, the universe tells you to practice self-love. Before you can find a partner, you must treat yourself well. When you treat yourself better, you explore yourself. You discover your likes and your dislikes. 

Practicing self-love will also grant you the power to stand up and separate yourself from people who do not treat you well. You can only indulge in healthy relationships when you are aware of your self-worth. 

Stop Trying to Win Everyone Over 

Do you often find yourself entangled in the race to win everyone over? This Day delivers a much-needed lesson and tells you to limit your focus to yourself. People have a way of hoarding unrealistic expectations. Regardless of how well you do, you will always fall short in someone’s eyes. 

If you are single on Valentine’s Day, the universe urges you to limit your efforts to yourself! Explore yourself and strengthen the bond you share with your higher self. As your bond strengthens, you will start enjoying your company, shutting off anyone who is an unhealthy addition to your life. 

So, the next time you have an important decision to make, trust your instinct more than you trust the opinions of other people! 

Final Words

Valentine’s is a special day for many people worldwide. It gives you an opportunity to express love to your partner and make them feel cherished. Whether exchanging gifts, enjoying exquisite meals, or simply spending time with your partner, Valentine’s counts as one of the most sought-after events. 

But Valentine’s Day also entails a spiritual meaning for anyone. This Day is your chance to reflect on the spiritual aspects of love. Love has to be the strongest connection amongst humans, allowing us to connect with our higher selves. 

So, before the next Valentine’s Day arrives, ensure to go through this article thoroughly. The spiritual meanings discussed in this article will allow you to make the most of this Day and have a memorable experience!