Nine Of Swords: Yes Or No Tarot Card Meaning

The nine cards point toward a person’s fear, pessimism, and feelings of despair.

The card suggests that a troublesome situation has an overbearing effect on your life. 

The nine of cards suggest that while you do not have a bad life, your negative emotions are holding you back and affecting your mood. 

Pulling this card is a sign to step up and look the problem in the eye. Figure out what makes you feel fear or despair, and do something about it.

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Is Nine of Swords a “Yes” or a “No” Card?

The nine swords signify a negatory answer in a “Yes/No” tarot reading. A strong sense of fear and worry currently surrounds you. It suggests that a problem in your life is worrying you. 

The Nine of Swords emphasizes an important life lesson; Things are not always as they seem. What this means is that although you may be feeling scared, you remain oblivious to the culprit until you get blindsided. A situation blindsiding you ensues the depressive tone, and leaves you hesitant to proceed. 

This card is a reminder not to be hard on yourself. Take time to process and heal whatever is affecting you. 

Nine of Swords in ‘Yes/No’ Love Questions

The nine swords in a love reading suggest a “No” answer and that your relationship lacks trust. 

The conditions of your current relationship are causing you to feel utter despair and regret. The terrible outcomes of situations following in your relationship are causing you to feel upset, rendering you unable to proceed with anything in your life. 

It’s important for you to move ahead rather than dwell on the unfavorable outcomes. However, before you move ahead, the nine swords suggest trying to nullify the problem. Rectifying the problem could help make your relationship feel stable again and full of happiness. 

Is He Going to Propose to Me? Nine of Swords Yes or No

Representing anxiety and distress, the Nine of Swords indicates a “no” answer about expecting a proposal. 

You are struggling emotionally and are consumed by negative thinking patterns. The pessimism has rendered you unable to make a clear decision and is hindering the progress of your relationship. 

Pulling a nine of swords suggests that you or your partner feels insecure about the relationship’s future. It’s essential to work out and rule out the problems that may burden you or your partner and stop your relationship from evolving. 

Is He Loyal to Me? Should I Trust him?

Nine of Swords signifies a “no” answer about trusting your partner and hints towards the unresolved conflicts causing you to overthink. 

You are currently dwelling on pessimistic thoughts. These pessimistic thoughts could point toward your insecurities and mistrust inflicted by the undeserving behavior of your partner. 

Before your thoughts consume you and get the better of you, it’s necessary for you to step up and face your worries. Having clear communication about what’s bothering you can help you attain a clear idea of your relationship’s standing. 

Pay attention to how your partner deals with your insecurities and fears. If they treat you well and help you overcome it, it’s a sign for you trust them eventually. 

Should We Get Back Together? Nine of Swords About Reconciliation

The nine swords don’t carry a positive message about reconciling and propose a “no” answer. 

The reading suggests that your ex-partner is in a difficult position right now. Being consumed by their thoughts, they are surrounded by anxiety, insecurity, and guilt. While they are well aware of possessing an unhealthy mindset, they don’t know how to break free from this mindset and move forward. 

The thoughts of reconciling with you make them feel scared. If you want to reconcile with them, you will have to wait for them to get over their depressive thoughts. It’s best to leave them alone and let them deal with their thoughts, or they might project their fears on your relationship.

Nine of Swords in ‘Yes or No’: Should I Change my Career Path?

When consenting about changing your career path, the nine of swords presents a “maybe” answer.

Lately, the situation at your workplace has been causing you to feel overwhelmed. Your job responsibilities are causing you to feel burdened. The difficult workplace conditions make you feel that you are currently misaligned with your work progress. 

The difficult conditions are causing you to believe that you no longer have the passion to entertain this job. However, the nine swords suggest you take a breather before making any decisions. Taking a break can help you overcome those issues and gain the lost interest again. 

But if you have decided to change your career, it’s best to research before quitting your job. Explore different career paths that resonate with your passions and skills. Once you feel like you have found the right career, transition the switch immediately. 

Nine of Swords: Will My Life Get Easier Soon?

The nine swords suggest a “yes” answer about your life getting better soon. The card suggests that you are overthinking things inside your head, causing your anxiety to rise. 

The reading suggests that things may not be as bad as you think. Living inside your head makes you feel like everything is falling apart and that you have reached your breaking point. 

The reading suggests you stop exaggerating and see things for what they are. Beating yourself up is not doing you any good. It’s only hindering your progress and clouding your judgment. Seeing things for how they are can help you attain a clear perspective. 

As you attain a clear perspective, you will soon muster a course of action to help you carry yourself out of the troubled waters. 

Reversed Nine of Swords in “Yes or No?”

A reversed nine of swords suggests a “no” answer in a “yes/no” tarot reading. The reversed nine of swords more or less carry the same answer when pulled in an upright position. 

However, the reversal of swords brings hope and suggests you have the strength to deal with the issues and come out on top. 

Your life is currently going through a period of recovery. During this time, it’s important to learn lessons from the difficult conditions in your life and move on. 

This card suggests that you are doing the right thing by allowing yourself to heal. Taking space to process the difficult conditions in your life will allow you to face the challenges head-on and come out victorious. 

Nine of Swords Reversed: Yes, or No Love Questions

The reversed nine of swords indicate a “no” answer to a love question asked during a “yes/no” tarot reading. 

The reading foretells any sabotaging factors coming to light. If you and your partner have been disloyal or cheated, it will unravel soon. The reversed nine of swords indicate regret and shame, suggesting that your partner feels shameful and will come clean about being dishonest with you. 

The reversed nine of swords is not a good card for love. The card suggests that any fears you may have about your relationship are likely to come true. 

Final Words

The nine swords usually signify a “no” answer and suggest fear and distress surrounding you. Your life is currently surrounded by some problems that are draining your energy and the will to move forward. 

Pulling nine of swords advises you to toughen up, regroup, and face these issues head-on. Dealing with the underlying issues will allow you to shun the feelings of despair and feel energetic. Gaining confidence will also help you gain confidence and follow your dreams and passion with full force.