King of Pentacles as Feelings in Love & Relationships

The King of Pentacles is a guy with great desire, worldly happiness, and success. The robe that the King of Pentacles is wearing is stitched with several depictions of grapevines, and he is seated on a throne that is ornamented with vines and carvings of bulls.

He has a posh, royal appearance. Additionally, he is surrounded by various flora, vines, and flowers representing the king’s achievement of material prosperity. In his left hand, he holds the coin with the pentacles inscribed on it, and in his right, he has a wand.

Behind him stands the castle, representing his tenacity and hard work.

Upright King of Pentacles Meaning

When the King of Pentacles appears upright, we can immediately feel his majesty and generosity. He is a protector and a protector so because the kingdom he rules over is prosperous and prospering, and its citizens are inspired to thrive.

He does have a natural ability for dependability and responsibility. With the help of the knowledge his equipment has given him, he has made what he has out of nearly nothing. He stands for achievement attained through hard work. Therefore, to see him in the cards is to look forward to success.

The upright card often serves as a reminder to regulate our talents and efforts while achieving a more important goal. The King of Pentacles may be alluding to a more seasoned guy who will be very important to your career.

This person may be safe & reasonable, but he also prefers to act quickly. Although he may be your strongest supporter, be prepared for him to offer you harsh, unwelcome criticism. This love sign suggests that the person you’ve been longing for may finally appear and love you for who you are.

The King of Pentacles typically represents the successful conclusion of a creative effort, a commercial endeavor, or an investment. Due to your work, responsibility, & attention to detail, you have done a lot and can now say that you have completed your job or achieved your target.

You may now be proud of what you’ve accomplished and your accomplishments. You have created a wealthy life that will provide you with the resources and spirituality to face the future.

Upright King of Pentacles as Feelings: for Relationships

The King of Pentacles in a relationship already in place denotes that this person is now quite content in your union. They desire to take care of you and give you all they have to offer.

They don’t simply say they love you; they also express it through actions. They like to treat you well. Despite sometimes acting slowly, this person’s promise and dedication are gold.

Upright King of Pentacles as Feelings: for Singles

If you are single or just beginning out in a relationship, the King of Pentacles suggests that you will have someone who is committed to giving you all they have.

They are expressing their love for you via outstanding conduct. They are overly protective of you and want to do nice things for you like take you on dates and give you gifts.

Hopefully, this is a sign that the two of you intend for this to develop into a serious, long-term relationship.

Upright King of Pentacles as Feelings: for Ex

If you are curious to know what an ex or former girlfriend thinks about you, the King of Pentacles says that they still miss you & protect you.

They may be planning ways to get you back despite your separation since they are still emotionally invested in you.

If you’re looking to make apologies to your ex or get again together with them, this is a promising sign.

Upright King of Pentacles: Do They Like Me?

The King of Pentacles specifies that they have affection for you and want to stay with you for a while.

Reversed King of Pentacles Meaning

This card’s reverse depicts the King of Pentacles vacating his throne. He formerly reigned as king of a mighty nation, but it has since been taken from him or gone.

He might have lost touch with the spirit of his organization via greed, extravagance, excessive investing, and overextending himself, or he could have tried to cut corners that finally cost him everything. He could develop extreme materialism and only see the worth of things in terms of cost.

The King of Pentacles reversed encourages you to consider your relationship with money and wealth. You could not manage your finances effectively. You could bring large amounts of cash via your business endeavors or a high-profile profession.

However, as soon as the money reaches your bank account, it disappears as you spend it on expensive items or take risks with your money. In order to save money for the future while still enjoying the fruits of your effort, you will need to cultivate self-control and ego if you are not already doing so.

The reversal of the King of Pentacles may also indicate that you define happiness and success in terms of aesthetics instead of the real advantages that security and safety may provide you.

It’s time to adopt a more comprehensive perspective of the physical realm if you want to be happy. This card may suggest that a beloved one of yours is now experiencing issues as a result of challenges at work.

Reversed, the King of Pentacles might sometimes represent a person who is stubborn and rigid in their beliefs. When this King is read in a reading, reflect on your life.

Being grounded in reality is good, but give yourself permission to venture out now and try something different periodically. It’s not essential to be somber all the time.

Reversed King of Pentacles as Feelings: for Relationships

Reversed King of Pentacles signifies feeling obstinate and in charge of individuals in serious relationships.

Your spouse could think that they are always correct and that everything must be done their way, and they don’t feel adaptable at the moment.

Under the pretext of wanting to protect you, your spouse can use money and other resources to control you and the others around them.

You should speak with them to determine its origin if this is a recent occurrence.

Reversed King of Pentacles as Feelings: for Singles

The King of Pentacles reversed symbolizes great caution and conservatism for singles. Even if they like you, they can be reluctant to take the next step because they are worried about being harmed.

They could also experience stubbornness and rigidity. They have preconceived notions about how love should work for them and lack the adaptability necessary to change course when necessary. So, express your frustration to them by talking about how you feel.

Reversed King of Pentacles as Feelings: for Ex

The King of Pentacles reversed when asked how an ex thinks about you, indicating that they still believe they were right.

They don’t see how they contributed to the breakdown of the relationship in any way. They have a preconceived notion of how events ought to have transpired, and since they did not, they are angry.

They are not in a position to think about genuine reconciliation. They still have a ton of work in the shadows to accomplish.


The King of Pentacles symbolizes stability, generosity, and loyalty in terms of relationships and emotions. Everyone should be able to find somebody who treats them with respect.

Everyone deserves to have someone utterly devoted to them and won’t hesitate to go to great lengths to ensure their safety and affection—insisting that deeds speak louder than words, this card.