Why Should You Stay Away From The Book of Enoch?

Says the Book of Enoch, one of many books containing religious texts about Jesus Christ that was ultimately excluded from the Bible.

Why should I stay away from the Book of Enoch? 

The Book of Enoch is a good source from the other side of the Christian religion, as it provides a different perspective. 

Enoch himself goes on to describe what he witnessed in Heaven, as well as the ‘supernatural’ creatures he saw there, which was another controversy on a long list of controversies in the Book of Enoch.

We can all agree that angel/human children, demons, supernatural creatures and powers, and giants are not something we are used to seeing or reading about in the Christian faith. 

In conclusion, the reason it was cast aside as well as why you should probably stay away from reading it is the demoralization and damnation of humankind, as well as the description of acts done by the fallen angels. 

Why are people scared of the Book of Enoch? 

The book itself strays far from the Bible, and many who have read it have admitted this book changed their views on Christianity forever.

This new perspective provided in the Book of Enoch has scared off many true believers of the Bible, because it’s very controversial, unethical and wicked. 

Reading the Book of Enoch can certainly shake someone’s religious views, which frightens many people. 

Why was the Book of Enoch removed from the Bible? 

This is mainly due to the grotesque, immoral actions done by angels in the book. 

The Book of Watchers in this book thoroughly describes the fall of two hundred angels, sent to Earth by God as his ‘Watchers’. 

However, the angels conducted a series of ‘crimes’ and even indulged in acts of passion with women on Earth.

That being said, these angels are forced to leave Heaven after fathering the Nephilim (giants) with human women.  

The book follows the fallen angels named the Watchers as they find Enoch, who ultimately visits Heaven in order to ask for the angels’ redemption. 

As the story itself (angels having supernatural babies with humans) does not match the divinity and purity angels are supposed to represent, this is yet another reason why the Book of Enoch is not an essential part of the Bible. 

‘The Book of Enoch’ even describes on many occasions the movement, features and functions of the divine creatures Enoch had seen in Heaven, which really paints a rather different, and very vivid, long-lasting picture we have about angels.

Is the Book of Enoch actually connected with the Bible? 

The Book of Enoch is an apocryphal and pseudepigraphal collection of religious texts that explain the way of Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah. 

The main part of the book explains the fall of angels (known as the Watchers), who went to Enoch in order to ask him to stand up for them in front of God himself. 

Later on, the transcribers of ‘The Book of Enoch’ stated in the introduction chapter that their goal was to research Christianity beyond the official Bible. 

This seems to be a common thing in all religions and it is nothing to be fearful of: in order to fully embrace and understand Jesus’ teaching, we must observe every aspect of this religion, as ugly and as scary it may be. 

In addition, you might be interested to read it since it’s not far from the true Bible, What does the Book of Enoch preach? 

This book tells of the background and fate of these ante-diluvial giants and their fathers, the Watchers (also called Grigori) who rebelled against heaven when, in forbidden violation of the strict boundaries of creation, they commingled and gave in to their lust with human females.

Their even more corrupt offspring, the giants, were variously called thereafter nephilim, gibborim, or rephaim, being the earthly half-breed races that fought against God and his righteous followers whose numbers diminished as the world was overwhelmed with corruption and evil; the Manichaean fragments give these wicked ones the general name ‘demons’.

It is even said that Jesus himself, after turning and rereading the pages of the Book of Enoch many times, accepted the faith of the Messiah written in the book. 

This was subsequently the exact moment Jesus recognized he had to start helping humanity urgently upon his realization. 

This moment was also described in the Book of Daniel as well as the Gospel of Luke, which are essential parts of the Bible.

However, the Book of Enoch preaches immoral behavior of Angels, humans and even God himself, making it unethical to keep it in the Bible. 

Despite its controversies, the Book of Enoch is still a part of the official Bible in many countries and cultures such as the Ethiopian Christian Bible.

Who was Enoch and what did he preach? 

Enoch, the seventh patriarch of Genesis, was the subject of many apocryphal documents, especially during the Hellenistic period of Judaism.

At first revered only for his piety, he was later seen as the recipient of secret knowledge from God. 

Enoch is mentioned in multiple biblical stories as Noah’s great-grandfather and patriarch before the flood of Noah, son of Jared and father of Methuselah. 

The Genesis Book says that Enoch lived 365 years before ultimately ascending to Heaven to be right by God’s side. 

He is considered the author of the Book of Enoch, which is one of the oldest religious texts that describe God’s judgment.

The Book of Enoch is split into six parts, each telling a unique story about Jesus, angels, and humans’ fate. 

These parts are titled ‘The Book of Watchers’, ‘The Book of Parables’, ‘The Book of the Heavenly Luminaries’, ‘The Dream Visions’, and ‘The Epistle of Enoch’. 

It’s important to mention that not all of the parts of the book of Enoch go against the Christian faith, but there are some situations and events in the book in which God, his son Jesus and even Angels do not act ‘godly’ or ‘divine’, which led to the book’s exclusion.