White Candle Meaning, Symbolism, and Spiritual Uses

In the candle magic world, white candles are often used in spells or rituals for healing, blessing, protection, and purification.

These candles also represent finding inner peace, restfulness, developing integrity, and finding clarity about important life decisions. 

However, there is much more to the white candles when you try to interpret their meaning. From its benefits to knowing the perfect day for performing the ritual, knowing about these aspects can make a huge difference in making your rituals effective. 

So, what does a white candle mean? Let’s find out.

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Benefits of Burning a White Candle

Burning a white candle can have various benefits, including: 


The veiled energy of pureness in a white candle is perfect for purifying spaces and objects. Its energies can also help drive away evil spirits, allowing you to keep your energy and motivation strong. 


White candles have a focal importance in the spiritual world, given the energies they inhabit. A white candle helps you attain peace of mind, allowing you to develop a stronger connection with your higher self. 

As you develop inner peace, your energies feel more aligned with the universe, allowing you to master self-control and your wishes. 

Blessing the Rituals 

Rituals help you mark a start to something that matters to you dearly. Since the white candles symbolize purity and spiritual protection, they allow you to get a prosperous start on your matters.

Whether birthdays or marriage, burning a white candle will allow you to ward off evil spirits and maintain a happy relationship full of longevity and success. 


It can be hard to let go of the hurt brought by the memories of the past. As the white candle is surrounded by blessed energy that promotes spiritual well-being, it can help you reflect stronger from your wounds. 

White candles can also promote physical healing, contributing to your overall well-being and becoming stronger than you were yesterday. 

When Can You Burn The White Candles? 

Since White is a neutral color, it carries the goodness of all colors within, making it fit for versatile uses: 

Thanking The Divination

If your plans have been flowing and you feel your life is on the right track, a white candle is the perfect tool to pay your homage to the universe. Burning a white candle is perfect for expressing gratitude for blessings and keeping positive energy flowing. 

Stress Relief

When nothing seems to work despite your hard work, it can be an infuriating sensation. However, in the spiritual world, it’s a sign for you to turn to help and find peace within yourself.

Burning a white candle radiates positive energy, allowing you to feel relieved in a stressful situation and remain hopeful about a positive outcome. 

A white candle can also help you connect with your higher self, allowing you to unlock your intuition. Burning these candles can be an enthralling way of discovering your inner passion and interpreting the messages being sent by the universe. 

Fresh Start

As you mark the start of a new chapter in your life, utilizing the white candle energies is ideal for removing any withstanding barriers and progressing significantly. In the magical world, burning a white candle on the starting day of the week, month, or year may work wonders in attracting positive energies and attaining success in your endeavors. 

What is the Perfect Day for Burning a White Candle 

Given the benefits and high functionality, the white candle rituals can bear a positive yield any day of the week. 

However, given its association with the moon, the best day to use a white candle for magic is on Monday. Mondays translate to “moon day” in the spiritual domain, making its effect more potent on Mondays than any other day of the week. 

White Candle – Origins

The white color represents divinity, protection, and purity. Its representations are why bridal gowns, ceremonial robes, and doctor’s coats are usually white. 

As doctors help you get through sickness and shield you from any ailments, it represents the protection aspect of the white color. Similarly, the white color of a bridal gown stands for happy beginnings, full of pure intention. 

However, the roots of white color run back as far as Ancient Egypt. In this civilization, white stood for cleanliness, simplicity, and purity. The Egyptians also associated this color with their Goddess, Isis. The Egyptians praised Isis for her healing and beauty. 

In other civilizations like Ancient Greece, the white color shared its linkage with Diana, the Goddess of hunty and chastity. They also related the color to the mother’s milk, as it bears properties like nourishment and purity. 

Since all these meanings align with the white candle, the use of the white candle prevails even today, after centuries of its advent. 

Some White Candle Associations

  • Numerology: 1, 2, 5, 7, 9
  • Chakra: Crown
  • Astrology: Cancer
  • Planet: Moon
  • Gods: Artemis, Isis, Luna, Diana, The Triple Goddess
  • Element: Air 
  • Direction: East
  • Day: Monday

Where to Buy White Candles

Since white candles are combatively common, getting your hands on them is as easy as taking a trip to your nearest supermarket. However, if you want to shop for them online, a website named “Tamed Wild” is a good place to start your search. 

However, if you want to buy these candles in higher quantities for future rituals, Amazon is the perfect place. There are various vendors on Amazon, making it easy for you to fetch high-quality white candles in your desired numbers. 

Final Words

That is it for our article on the meaning of the white candles. This piece takes you through every potent detail about performing magic with a white candle. 

However, when performing a candle ritual, never leave the candle unattended. Ensure to extinguish the fire before leaving the room or going to sleep. Also, don’t forget to meditate before starting your ritual. A little mediation goes a long way in setting clear intentions and stabilizing your rituals. 

Lastly, the white candle magic is the most effective on Mondays or after the most recent full moon. We hope you found the provided information useful and attained your intended wishes from the ritual.