What Does it Mean When Your Nose Itches? Superstition and Spiritual Meaning

Bodily sensations are often explained using scientific and medical terms. 

However, people are not mere bodies. The body is also a vessel for our mind and our spirit. The unity of the three is what makes us human. 

It is not unheard of to have the mind communicate with the body. That communication is what makes us live, breathe, move, feel.

It should not, therefore, come as a surprise to know that the spirit talks to the body as well.

That communication too can sometimes be interpreted as a physical sensation.

Can the nose itch as a result of spiritual energy?

The simplest answer to this question is yes. 

What’s more, it is the way that the spirits are reminding you to focus on the present moment.

It is as if someone or something wants you to stop with whatever you have been doing and become aware of yourself and your body.

But, why do we have an itchy nose and not let’s say, an itchy cheek?

The nose knows

As the phrase to have a nose for something tells you, the nose is an intuitive part of our body. 

It also assists the third eye chakra which opens your path toward wisdom and spiritual awakening. 

The nose is physically a very prominent part of one’s face which means that it is the first to sense or feel external stimuli.

It is no wonder why there are so many superstitions about an itchy nose throughout various cultures.

Superstitions when your nose itches

It is thought that if your nose itches you will get mad at someone. 

According to another old wives’ tale, an itchy nose means that someone will find the way to your heart.

These two superstitions are not far from one another. 

Both love and hate and strong, arguably the strongest emotions one can feel.

Why do people see the connection between the nose and these strong feelings?

Namely, the nose carries a lot of blood fragile vessels. 

Therefore, if you ‘blood boils’ or you ‘feel a rush’ the nose will sense it.

This becomes more obvious when your nose bleeds because you have been overly upset or excited about something.

Therefore, those old wives have been on to something when they were telling their tales.

Nose itches on the inside

As we all know from the Bible, God breathed life into man through his nose. 

Moreover, the people in the past believed that when we sneeze a part of our soul leaves the body. 

This is why till this day we use the phrase ‘bless you’ to wish someone well after sneezing.

We constantly breathe in and out of our noses, exchanging the old and useless air for fresh new air.

If your nose itches on the inside, it could be related to life-changing decisions. 

A wind of change is coming your way and your nose can feel it.

New circumstances will make it easier for you to start a new life. Do not be afraid to toss some old burden out.

Nose itches on the outside

If the nose itches on the outside, it relates to an unexpected and yet highly-awaited visit.

The outside of the nose senses some distant energy coming your way. You could be visited by a good friend or even an angel. 

Unlike the inner part of the nose, the outside does not reflect any aspect of you. 

It signifies that your life could be changed by another person.

If an angel is about to visit, it is sure to bring good news and take good care of you.

Nose itches on the left or the right side

Does the side of the nostril make difference when it comes to nose-itching? Actually, it does.

The left side is often considered to be feminine, whereas the right one is supposed to be masculine.

When it comes to energy the rule that opposites attract is applied.

If your left side itches, pay attention to the men in your life. If your right side itches notice the women.

 A new person is possibly going to be introduced to your life that would rock your world.

Just like an itch, things and people in life come and go. It is your task not to be afraid to always scratch the surface. 

Feel free to get mad or fall in love, open yourself to new people and enjoy life.