What does it mean when you see a blue cardinal?

We all have lived a phase in our lives where we have felt deeply lost and disconnected from ourselves and everything else. We all look for signs around us in such moments, hoping that some higher entity would guide us and fix the problems that shackle us from making progress. If you’re going through something like this, take some reassurance in knowing that your guardian angels are always looking after you. They are aware of your past, present, and even what lies ahead in your path.

You might not always feel their presence; they do not always make it apparent, but when they do, you can be sure that you will see their signs and symbols all around you, waiting for you to meditate on them and uncover the valuable insights that lie within them. Unfortunately, our guardian angels do not use one single avenue to communicate with us – they use angel numbers, dreams, day-time visions, animals, insects, and even birds to communicate with us. So, it is not uncommon for average people to dismiss these signs as just ordinary life experiences.

Fortunately for you, we are here to share our knowledge with you in hopes that it will equip you with the keen eye you need to spot the signs sent to you as well as a polished ability of comprehension that would ensure that you are always able to decipher correctly and precisely what your angels are trying to tell you. Today’s discussion will unpack what it might mean for you to see a blue cardinal bird.


What do Cardinal birds Represent?

Before we unravel what it means to see a blue cardinal bird, you need to know that the only 2 ways you can encounter this bird are if you’re dreaming of it or if, by some miracle, one appears before you. Why? Well, this is because blue cardinals don’t actually exist – although many people have claimed to see one, it is likely that they saw a bird that closely resembles cardinals called Grosbeak. Rest assured, you won’t be seeing a blue cardinal in your wake except by some miracle. Still, we will discuss what it might mean to see one – especially in one’s dreams, but before we are able to have that discussion, we need to take a look at what seeing cardinal means. For this, we turn to the meanings that these creatures have symbolized over the course of human history.

Cardinal birds are symbols of diversity and unity. This bird appears to people when they are about to enter a pivotal moment in their life when they are at a crossroads that would shape their future or break it. These are at least the most popular meanings that these birds represent. Other popular things that cardinals are symbols of include love and guidance. When these birds act as symbols of love, they predict that the individual in question is about to find romance in their lives. This romance could be in the form of a new person or in the form of an old romance re-igniting between them and their current partner. Below is a small list of all of the other interpretations of seeing Cardinal birds:

  • Your guardian angels are watching over you.
  • Change is approaching in your life; get ready to welcome it.
  • Do not hesitate to seize the opportunities that present themselves to you. They will be gone sooner than you think.
  • If you are currently struggling in some aspect of your life, stay strong, and in time, you will overcome your struggles.

Cardinal birds as totems

During winters, unlike most birds, cardinals do not migrate. Instead, they remain in their homes and choose to push through the winters overcoming all of their discomfort and difficulties. This fact makes these birds powerful metaphors for attributes like steadfastness, firmness, and fearlessness. Due to this same reason, these birds have also become totems that people call upon during their times of hardship so that, like cardinal birds, they are given the strength to stand tall through their difficulties until they emerge victoriously. People born with cardinals as their totems will fail to blend in with the crowd. Just like how this bird behaves in a manner that is dissimilar to others during winters, these people, too, hold the tendency to stand different from the masses.  

Cardinal Bird Symbolism across Cultures

Before discussing the meaning of blue cardinals, let us first also look at what traditions and different belief systems narrate about this bird.

Native American symbolism

In the native American belief system, cardinal birds are messengers of spirits as well as apt symbols of devotion, commitment, courtship, monogamy, and loving relationships. Additionally, these birds were thought to be harbingers of rain and signs of good fortune. Whenever a cardinal bird was seen by an individual, it was thought to be a sign that that individual would soon find love, and much like how cardinal birds commit to each other for life, that individual would commit to their would-be partner for a very long time (if not for life).

Symbolism in Christianity

According to some Christian traditions, the red colour of cardinal birds represents the blood of Christ. Others believe that they are signs sent from our loved ones who have passed away from this world. Their souls try to communicate with us through these birds one last time.

Spotting a blue Cardinal Bird in your dreams – What does it mean?

Now that we are well-acquainted with the different things that cardinal birds symbolize, we can move on to discuss what it would mean for you to see a blue cardinal bird. As we mentioned earlier, your dreams are perhaps the only place you will ever see a blue cardinal bird. When this happens, you will feel the shackles of your worldly life leaving you. This will elevate your soul and allow you to fly above with nothing to hold you back. This is when you tap your true power and align yourself with your spirit.

Since cardinals are symbols of change, higher ideals, and enlightenment as well, seeing one in your dreams is nothing but a positive message indicating that good is approaching your life, and once it does, all of the troubles of your life will be as though they never existed, but this will only happen if you make efforts towards it.  


To sum up, blue cardinals are birds which do not exist in real life. Cardinal birds (red) do exist, and they are powerful symbols of change, goodness, enlightenment, and romance. The only way you will ever spot a blue-coloured cardinal bird is if you’re dreaming, if you get a vision of it, or if one appears before you by some high miracle. Whichever the case is, just remember that this bird visiting you is a sign that good things are coming your way.