What Does it Mean When you Lose a Crystal?

You have spent months, years, possibly a lifetime searching for the right crystal.

You seemed perfectly happy with it but now all of a sudden it is gone. Who is to blame?

Is it for the better? Or is it pure coincidence? Is there a higher meaning to losing your crystal?

Anyone aware of the power a crystal holds knows for sure that everything happens for a reason. The reason should not aggravate you, on the contrary.

Whatever it is, trust the process.

We can only lay down possible options of what could have happened. It is you who should follow your intuition regarding the true answer to this question.

Pure coincidence?

The first thing to take into consideration, of course, is that accidents do happen. You might have slipped your crystal somewhere without knowing. Most of them are transparent or translucent which makes them harder to spot. Moreover, since you carry your crystal everywhere all the time it is only logical that at one point it could get lost. Therefore, noting out of the ordinary has probably happened.

If this sounds plausible to you, you can stop reading here. However, if you feel that the loss of the crystal certainly has a deeper spiritual meaning, we offer you three possible scenarios.

A subconscious message

Secondly, you may have subconsciously rejected your crystal. You are the owner of the crystal. Your reason and consciousness might have chosen your crystal, your body might have been OK with it, however, there is more to us than our mind and body. The subconscious part of yourself might know something you do not. Therefore, you could have misplaced your crystal because it simply does not suit your purpose or it does not resonate with your higher self.


A new home

Thirdly, one man’s loss is another man’s gain. Meaning that someone else might have found their way to your crystal, but not in a malicious way. No one can take something from you that does not belong to you in the first place. The crystal is always where it is supposed to be. It could have sensed an urge to go elsewhere. Think of the crystal as a vibration and as such it can easily move through time and space and even higher dimensions. In any case, be joyful for whoever got to the receiving end of the crystal energy.

The crystal nature

Finally, always bear in mind the type of crystal you have lost. What part of you was it supposed to heal or protect? The message the crystal is trying to share with you could be that either the job is done or it is not in your best interest to do it anymore. The best-case scenario is that you have healed completely and the crystal served its purpose to the fullest. 

If you are the owner of some of the most popular crystals, you might want to check the explanation behind losing a specific type of crystal.

Clear quartz

This crystal is the ultimate healing stone. It is the charger of all other stones as well. It belongs to a powerful and confident person. If you lost your clear quartz, you might have overcharged it with energy. You should however know that its power remains to linger with you long after the stone has vanished. 

Rose quartz

Rose quartz tends to be paired with clear quartz to amplify energy. This is the stone for compassionate, caring people. If you wear one, you give off an air of a great lover and partner. Fear not that losing your rose quartz will make you lose love. On the contrary, you might have just found ‘the one’ and the stone is no longer needed. 


If you are the owner of amethyst you are a wise and calm person. It helps you sleep better and thus improves the quality of your life and your choices. If you lost your purple crystal, you might struggle to keep your calm at first, but it is only gone to show you that you can keep yourself composed regardless of the situations you find yourself in. 


The owners of moonstones are usually the quiet ones. They are usually very introverted, but if they do allow you into their lives, they stick with you forever. It can be hard for such people to lose a stone as precious as the moonstone. However, this can be useful to test their ability to persevere loss in life. Be grateful for the time spent with your stone and stay excited because better things are coming your way. 

Black tourmaline

This mysterious-looking stone absorbs all negative energy surrounding you. Therefore, it is not unusual to lose it. It can easily become overwhelmed with the amount of negativity. This is good news because it means that it has successfully located the negative vampire in your life and annihilated it.  

You should not grieve the loss of your crystal. If you lost it, it could mean that you have completed a part of your journey. If you feel like you have more work to do and you are not finished with the healing or protecting yet, then the crystal will find its way back to you. Anyway, stay in alignment with your true purpose. That is the only way to always get what you deserve, including your crystal. You should trust that it is continuing to guide you on the right path, with or without its physical presence.