What Does it Mean When you Hear Your Name?

What is your name? It is probably the first thing you learned to say about yourself.

Early on in our lives, we learn to respond to our names. This allows people to call us, invite us, and grab our attention. 

The last name carries familial meaning. It places our existence into perspective. We know where we come from and where we belong.

The first name is personal. It does not carry the burden of generations. But it does hold meaning about who we are as individuals.

Think about it, would your world remain the same if you changed your name? Would you lose a part of your personality and identity?

Almost all names have meaning. For example, if your name is John, it means you have been ‘honored by God’. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

There is more to the name than its letters. If we turn to numbers to look for the meaning of our name, we will end up studying numerology.

However, our task today is to find the spiritual reasons why you started hearing your name out of nowhere.

Your name called while falling asleep

The instinctual thing to do after hearing your name is to respond. But who or what wants you to respond and to keep you awake when you have clearly decided to have a rest? 

Is it a sign that you have some important things left unfinished? Most certainly yes.

This could be a result of your anxiety. You feel like you have so much work to do and that sleeping is a waste of time.

Do not stress too much over this sound. One way to deal with this is to get busy, but only after a good night’s sleep. 

Your name shouted in your dream

If your name was being shouted, you most definitely heard it to save you from impending danger.

It is important to remember the exact point in your dream when you heard your name. Do you know who was calling out for you?

The moment when you heard your name will tell you more about the danger you are in.

This could be your sign to put an end to the vicious circle you are in. 

Enough is enough. Cut the ties with your past or that toxic person. 

Your guardian angels have started shouting, you can’t turn a deaf ear to it anymore.

Your name whispered in your dream

If you heard your name whispered in your dream it was probably a pleasant experience. It could sound seductively or calmly like a lullaby. 

The meaning behind hearing whispers is that you are holding an important secret. You fear that people will find out the truth.

It could also mean that you were starting awake and you were gently called out of your dream. You have done a great job so far loving yourself. This is what you should continue doing.

Your name in your head

If you heard your name being called but there was no one there, you must have felt really scared.

The first thought was probably it was just the wind. It might not be the plain old wind, but some strange air has been blown your way that is for sure.

Unlike hearing sounds in your sleep, hearing your name in your waking life can easily be considered a hallucination. 

The first thing that comes to mind when we say the word hallucinations is seeing things. However, they can also be auditory therefore causing us to hear things.

People hallucinate due to an altered state of consciousness. It could be due to various reasons.

Spiritual reasons for hearing your name while awake

Firstly, it could mean that you are in tune with your spiritual self. Your inner voice is so strong that you have started hearing it in real time. 

Listen to yourself. If you think it sounded like a warning, take it. If you think it sounded like a gentle praise, use it to be more confident in your future decisions.

Secondly, this could mean that you were visited by an angel. Spiritual beings use the simplest forms of communication. 

They sometimes show light or if they decide to grab your attention using sounds, it is no wonder they have chosen to say your name.

You are probably in a period of your life where you feel lonely. The spirits have sensed your need for company and support. They are here looking out for you. 

Do not lose hope. Everything will fall into place.