What Does it Mean When you Hear Knocking? The Spiritual Meaning Behind it

Knock, knock! 

Who’s there? 


Doughnut who?

Doughnut worry, we are here to give you the answers.

The knocking sound is intended to let you know that someone or something is at the door.

However, what if no guests are physically at your door? 

Could it be that the knocking came from the spiritual world? If so, who or what is at the door, and where is the door in the first place? 

First of all, trust your ears, the knocking sound was definitely there. 

We know because we know the reasons why you might have heard that sound.

The main reason why you heard this sound is because you have a message waiting for you from the spiritual realm. 

It could be sent by a loved one who passed away recently or simply by an angel trying to give you a heads up.

The meaning of the message can be deciphered only if we dig deeper into the event of knocking.

It Is now time to jog your memory. 

When did the knocking occur? What were you doing at that time? Could you locate the place where you heard that specific sound? 

Try giving some of the answers and continue reading for answers.

When you hear knocking at night

The knocking at night is no different than the knocking sound during the day. It is only more common to occur. 

Nighttime or more specifically the darkness enshrouding it allows for the physical world to settle down and the spirit world to become more active.

We all know that the veil between the worlds is the thinnest at midnight.

This is why we dream most vividly at night, some people see clear visions, have revelations, or in this case hear knocking even when they are certain that they are being alone.

Nighttime peace also allows you to ponder over the sound. Use it to your advantage and answer the call. 

Some positive energy is coming your way, knock on wood!

When you hear knocking in your sleep

This is a bit different from hearing the knocking sound while being awake because you are being contacted by your subconsciousness instead of the spiritual world.

This sound comes from none other than you. 

At the end of the day, who knows us better than ourselves.

It is as if your subconscious mind is trying to tell you to wake up. 

You should wake up a certain aspect of yourself to overcome some future obstacle in life.

Think about your dream and at what moment of your dream you heard the knock.

Whatever it may be, you thought that that particular situation or person deserved a little nudge.

Bear in mind, that this does not explain dreaming about knocking. 

Hearing knocking is an auditory experience, whereas the dream is more visual.

When you hear knocking in your walls

We get it, if you heard knocking someone could have accidentally bumped into your door. 

It could have been an animal tapping on your window. There could be a logical explanation.

However, a knock in your walls deserves an irrational explanation, and we are here to offer it.

We know that doors are there for people to come and go. They are intended for physical beings made out of flesh and blood.

However, we do not know where the spiritual door might be hiding. There could be a portal in your wall and queued-up angels waiting behind it.

So, what should you do? 

If you heard the knocking, acknowledge it and ‘open the door’. 

Take a deep breath and allow for all benevolent spirits to enter your home. 

Prepare yourself to receive and accept the good news, because they are coming your way. 

Some people see the spirits, some people feel them.

You on the other hand can hear them. 

Regardless of the sense, you should feel lucky that your ‘spiritual address’ has been found.

Make sure to keep that door open and available at any time, you never know what important message might be hiding behind the knock.

The most important thing to remember is that the spirits can only deliver the message, it is your task to interpret it and use it to your advantage.