What does it mean when you hear bells?

If you were an angel, what sound would you use to signal to a human that you are near? 

If your answer is ‘bell’ then you are already on to something.

Even without reading about it, you associate bells with angels. 

The sound of the bell is so serene and yet so powerful. It is no coincidence that those adjectives are commonly associated with spiritual beings and God himself.

The religious meaning of bells

Some of the major world religions give the bell some significance. 

Bells could be regarded as spiritual cleansers, chasing out demons and summoning angels. 

In Christianity when the church bell rings, it unites people. It is a signal for all faithful people to gather in one place at the same time. 

In Buddhism, the bell is believed to produce the perfectly harmonious sound which is used to acquire wisdom. 

In Hinduism, the Goddess Saraswati links bells and music. Similar to Buddhism, the bell in the Hindu religion brings wisdom and knowledge. 

The spiritual meaning of bells

It is impossible to turn the deaf ear to the sound of bells. 

We hear bells at school to start or finish a class. We hear bells when a bike is about to hit us. 

Whatever the reason might be, one thing is for sure: the bell’s sound must not be ignored.

When you hear a bell and you are nowhere near a church or a school or if you are certain that no one is around, there must be another spiritual reason for that sound.

When you hear bells at night

People say that you are not scared of being alone in the dark, you are scared of not being alone in the dark.

If you found yourself outside, on a pitch-black night and started hearing bells, you should be certain that you have been contacted by a higher being.

You are probably wondering whether it is benevolent or malevolent. 

It depends on the sound and the way it resonated within you. 

If the sound was piercing and sounded eerie, beware of the place you walked into. This is a warning sign not to go anywhere close to the place where you heard the sound. 

If the bells sounded like Christmas and joyfully chimed, that means that you have been visited by your Guardian Angel. Think of it as a greeting. Rest assured that you are being protected at all times.

Finally, if the bell sounded like an alarm and you felt like running, then that is exactly what you should have done. There was some imminent danger. Avoid walking alone at night at least in the next couple of days. 

When you hear bells while asleep

Hearing bells in your sleep usually means a triumph. You are about to succeed in a certain area of your life. 

If you are having a business venture, you can be certain that it will be lucrative. 

However, it could also be an alarming signal that someone or something that you have dreamed about is threatening to harm you. 

It is your responsibility to remember your dream and the point at which you have heard the sound. 

Think about how you felt at that moment. 

If you felt at peace as if you were attending a church mass, then the bell brings good news. 

If you were disturbed as if the bell is trying to alarm you about something, you better believe your intuition.

When you hear bells in your right ear

When your right ear rings it is usually good news. 

You have struggled to make a decision or you are expecting an outcome of a long-awaited decision.

The bells in your ears are there to calm you down and tell you that everything is going to be alright.

Stop worrying about the future and enjoy your present. The sound is there to remind you to start living in the moment.

When you hear bells in your left ear

Your left ear rings to signal that you should change direction. 

It could be literal direction, however, most often it means that you are not where you are supposed to be in life.

Change the thing that is bothering you or your ringing will persist.

Think about where you want to see yourself in a few years and work towards that plan. 

The angels are only there to remind you that the power lies in you.

 Stay confident and strong that the best version of yourself is out there, you just need to grasp it.

Why does your ear ring

If no one else hears the bells but you, then you know that it is a message sent directly to you. 

To decipher the message always consult your thoughts and feelings. 

Take into consideration where you are physically, emotionally and spiritually. Think about where you want to be. 

If you from the present and you from the desired future and not on the same course, change course. 

Listen to yourself and what better way to do it than literally listen to what the sound in your ears is telling you.