What Does it Mean When you Dream About War and Hiding?

‘Si vis pacem, para bellum’ is a Latin quote that can be translated as ‘If you want peace, prepare for war’.

Dreaming about war can be disturbing. However, as the quote said, sometimes we need to dream about war to make peace with ourselves.

In the following passages, we will consider the meaning behind all the different imagery relating to war. Let us dive into it.

Dreaming about war

War means conflict. You have subconsciously used this symbolism to address your inner conflict. You could be at war with yourself, struggling to appease all aspects of your life.

Alternatively, you might feel the need to be more belligerent in real life. This is not the best trait to desire, however, sometimes it is necessary. 

You might feel that you are a pushover. This is your sign to stand up for yourself.

Dreaming about shooting

If your dream included shooting a person it reveals your pent-up aggression. Consider the person you shot. Were they a stranger or someone you knew?

The stranger is most likely a reflection of you. You feel the need to shoot a part of you that no longer serves you. 

On the other hand, if you have shot a friend or acquaintance, it could mean that you hold a grudge against them. Talk to them to resolve the issue so you wouldn’t have to use your subconscious aggression to solve the problems.

If you were shot then you might feel hurt by someone in your waking life. You have suffered some kind of injustice. 

You should learn to forgive others because feeling angry only harms you and never the person you are angry at.

Dreaming about bombing

The bomb is not going to explode without a trigger. What triggers you? Did the bomb explode in your dream or was it just pending?

This explosion represents all your repressed feelings and desires. Think about your dream. Who threw the bomb at you? 

Something is ticking inside of you. Release it slowly before it goes with a bang. Address your emotions and accept them. You cannot fight the feelings. You can only fight the triggers.

You feel angry and you are about to explode. Choose peace instead of violence. The explosion will affect you too.

Dreaming about death

To understand the meaning of death in your dreams you have to recall the person who died and how you felt about it.

If you died in your dream this just means rebirth in real life. You have started a process of transformation and huge changes are happening in your life right now.

It may be unsettling. However, this is good news. You are letting go of a past burden. You need to bury some part of your old self to get a fresh new start.

If someone else died in your dream then it could represent that you cut ties with that person. You no longer want to have anything to do with them.

Dreaming about killing

Did you suddenly turn into a cold-blooded killer in your dream? What could this mean?

You are feeling angry at something or someone. If you rewind the actions in your dream and recall the person you killed the reasons for your anger will emerge.

The reason you were surprised by your dreamland behavior is that the anger has not come to the surface yet. You seem a perfectly calm person on the outside, but your subconscious mind is trying to tell you the opposite.

To dream that you are the person being killed or chased by a killer means that you are trying to get rid of a bad habit. You have recognized the harm it has been doing to you and the dream has interpreted it as something that needs to be gone.

Alternatively, you could feel abandoned or disappointed by people in your life. The killer could represent the false friends in life. 

Dreaming about hiding

All of the previous imagery was confrontational and aggressive. However, if you were defensive by hiding and refusing to fight in a war this means that you are keeping a secret from your closest people. 

There is something you know and you won’t share it with anyone because of your fear of rejection.

You feel that you might be attacked if you admit the truth and your true feelings.

It is never a good idea to live a double life. Stay true to yourself. Whoever decides to reject you for being you should not have been in your life in the first place.

Final thoughts 

Warfare symbolism is so strong that it can follow us all the way to our subconscious mind into our dreams. 

Remember that the war that took place in the dream world does not have to be as terrible as the one in real life. On the contrary, it can be your way to vent without suffering real-life consequences. 

Do not be scared of a little conflict. Enjoy the destruction and rebirth that is about to happen.