What Does it Mean When you Dream About Being Robbed?

Your dream probably looked like an action thriller movie, packed with violence, fear, and shame. What could have caused such strong sensations in your dream?

The dream about being robbed has many layers. We can only interpret it properly if we consider the symbolism behind the weapons used, the stolen object, and where the robbery took place.

Reflect on all these aspects of your dream and jump into the interpretation.

Dreaming about robbery

Generally, dreams about robbery symbolize feelings of helplessness and violation. 

You might have lost trust in people. You feel as if everyone is taking advantage of your kind nature. All the good you do for others is rarely reciprocated.

Alternatively, it could symbolize your insecurity and fear of losing something or someone. The person you fear losing could also be yourself. 

You might not have the power or strength of will to make decisions and live life according to your rules.

Let us take a look at what an armed robbery might mean taking into account the symbolism of the weapon. 

Dreaming about being robbed at gunpoint

Someone holding a gun to your head in your dream means that you have little or no say in matters related directly to your life. 

The gun is often a symbol of power and dominance.

It seems that someone else is making the decisions for you, which bothers you. You feel helpless and disrespected.

Reconsider your reaction to inconsiderate people in real life. The attack is the best form of defense. Take ‘the gun’ in your hands and choose your future. 

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Being robbed and shot

Besides power, the gun is also a very literal symbol of aggression. 

Someone who has authority over you is harmful to your well-being.

You seem to lack the courage and means to stand up for yourself and protect your integrity.

However, you do not blame anyone for your struggles. You take full responsibility for your weakness. This is why the wound was inflicted on you in your dream and not someone else. 

If the person shooting you is someone you know, you should set firm boundaries with them.

Being robbed at knifepoint 

Just like the gun, the knife is a weapon symbolizing power, in this case, masculine power.

Someone holding a knife at you in your dream symbolizes your lack of power and courage. 

You might have problems with a male person. Whether it is your partner, father, or colleague, you feel subordinated to and disrespected by that person.

Being robbed and stabbed

The first phrase that comes to your mind reading the word ‘knife’ is probably ‘to be stabbed in the back with a knife’.

Your subconscious mind often uses symbols and phrases from real life. Therefore, this dream could be a reflection of someone betraying you.

You feel wounded. You decided to trust someone and they responded in the worst manner by taking advantage of your vulnerability. 

We all dread this scenario. However, things will get better once you start seeing betrayal as part of life. 

You were wounded in real life and again in your dream and yet here you are reading about the meaning of things, trying to reflect on the events. Self-reflection is the first step towards healing. 

Being robbed of money

Money above all symbolizes ambition. You feel demotivated to continue pursuing your career.

Alternatively, this could mean that your self-esteem is low. You take pride in being an over-achiever and you do not know who you are without your job and success.

The fact that you only lost your material possessions in your dream, without being harmed should be a signal to you that you are more than your body. 

Turn to your spiritual growth. no one can ever steal your soul.

Being robbed of jewelry

The jewels are different from money because they usually do not symbolize material possessions.

The jewelry represents everything you hold dearest in life. If you value family above all, you might feel that you are not as close to a family member as before.

Think about how you felt when you lost the jewelry?  

You could have felt like you lost a best friend or maybe your status.

Whatever your jewel in the crown is, try reconnecting with it in your waking life. 

Being robbed of a phone

Dreaming about a phone symbolizes communication or in this case the lack of.

You feel like you were robbed of your ability to communicate your feelings and thoughts. 

It is very important to you to be heard and understood. The dream reminds you to value the people who are willing to listen to your struggles.

Even if currently no one seems available enough, you can always write down your feelings. The important thing is to let the words out of your mind.

Being robbed in your house 

If the robbery took place in your house this is a serious sign that you feel unsafe. 

It could be that your trust has been shattered. Someone close to you, maybe even the person you live with betrayed you. 

This dream does not refer to physical safety. You feel as if you are not safe to be yourself around your closest people. 

Do not let anyone rob you of your freedom. You should prioritize making your home your sanctuary.

Being robbed while sleeping

Are you an over-thinker or a laid-back person?

If you are always worried, anxious about everyone and everything, this clearly shows that you cannot relax even in your sleep.

The person robbing you of your serenity is you. 

You have all the right to relax from time to time. Nothing bad will happen if you take a rest and put your mind at ease, on the contrary.

If you are a relaxed, chill person, this is a sign to pay more attention to people and things around you. 

You tend to turn the blind eye to things that you can actively change. Not everything should be left to chance.

This passiveness sometimes makes you repeat the same mistakes over and over again. 

Being robbed in your car

The car robbery took place in a relatively public place. This could be a reflection of your social anxiety. 

You were seemingly sheltered in your car, however, something bad still happened only because you decided to leave the house. At least, this is what you subconsciously believed when you had the dream.

Parking lots are places where real-life robbery often takes place. People get distracted by packing their stuff and setting off which makes them the perfect victims of robbers.

You should let go of the feeling that you always have to be fully focused and alert in case of an emergency. You should stop stressing over the stuff you cannot control.

The takeaway from the dream

The robbery is trying to make you aware of your weaknesses. 

You probably have lost or feel like you are about to lose something. You should know best what or who is missing from your waking life.

It could also refer to a part of you that is defenseless and weak. However, we are usually weak only around the wrong people.

You should stop considering weakness a personality trait. You are powerful. Whoever or whatever makes you feel otherwise does not deserve to be in your presence.