What Does it Mean When you Dream About a Tsunami?

The tsunami is far from the good old waves rolling gently towards the beach. It is a gigantic, powerful force that can destroy an entire city in seconds.

Dreaming about this had to be a terrifying experience. You must have felt so small and helpless in comparison.

What is the meaning behind this dream? Why out of all the places you could imagine, you saw yourself in the middle of a natural disaster of biblical proportions?

Let us first consider water imagery and its significance before diving into the tsunami meaning.

Dreaming about water

Water in your dreams symbolizes your emotions.

Calm water represents your serenity. If you were surrounded by muddy water, you are burdened with negative emotions.

The more transparent the water is the healthier your emotional state is.

Dreaming about flood

Flood represents all your repressed emotions. You have been avoiding addressing your issues for so long. 

The dream is telling you that you cannot contain your feelings anymore. 

The feelings are shapeless and can flow and take up any aspect of your life, just like water. 

If your sadness does not come out as tears it will come out in a different form ready to destroy your life. Therefore, it is better to cry than to drown internally.

Dreaming about drowning

If you have been drowning in your sleep, you have been overwhelmed by feelings.

You are probably overworked and exhausted. You have tried putting on a brave face and appeasing everyone while at the same time forgetting about your needs and wants.

Lift your head from all the problems and responsibilities and you will see that you can swim perfectly well. Enjoy the process more.

Dreaming about tsunami

Unlike the other water dreams, dreaming about a tsunami holds much greater significance due to the sheer size of the waves.

The tsunami is the strongest the water can get. Something big just happened in your life. 

The changes keep coming and you cannot keep up with them. Your emotions are just building up and you feel like you do not have enough time to process them.

You feel anxiety and a great level of uncertainty about what the future may bring. Your desire to control every aspect of your life has proved inefficient because life is simply unpredictable. 

The root of your tsunami dream is the tension created by watching the formation of the wave and the probability of the wave hitting you. 

It is not the action that worries you, it could even bring you relief. It is the suspense that bothers you.

If the wave did not hit you but simply stood there as a wall, you are closing yourself to other people. You have built a wall to protect yourself.

However, just like the wall of waves in your dream, the protection is temporary. Sooner or later, it will hit you. Open up, slowly and enjoy the peaceful sea ahead.


Constantly dreaming about tsunami

If the tsunami dream is recurring, it represents a deeply rooted frustration.

You feel as if your true potential lies unlocked. You could do more in life, but life always finds a way to pull you away from your true goal.

Stop fearing the wave and panicking. 

You need to recognize that this is your dream and your life. No one else should have a say in it.

Stand up tall and brave. Ask yourself, so what if you get hit? 

So what if you swim for your life? That is what life is all about, swimming until the next safe shore.

Stop being the spectator of your own life. Jump into the water and come out of it wet, exhausted, but happy that you have finally done something proactive. 

Final thoughts

People always like to be in control of things. We tremble before the unknown and despise uncertainty.

True wisdom comes with the acceptance that some things happen unplanned and unwanted.

Natural disasters are meant to humble you. You are not as strong as you think you are.

On the surface, you may be confident and in control of your life. But the tsunami did not come out of anywhere.

Recognize your weakness. All of us have some emotional wounds. 

If you do not go after them to heal them, they will continue hunting you down in your waking life or your dreams.