What Does it Mean When you Dream About a House Flooding?

And just like that, all your treasured possessions were washed away. You were left with nothing but worries about your life and future. 

What an unsettling dream. But what was it trying to tell you? 

The dream about your house being flooded contains some strong symbolism. We will analyze the symbols separately.

Dreaming about flooding

A flood is an excessive amount of water, overflowing its container.

If we know that water symbolizes our emotions, the flood represents the emotions that can no longer be contained or repressed.

You should consider how you felt when you saw the flood. Was your life at risk or were you watching it happen from a safe distance?

The scarier this event was for you, the better because it means that you have got in touch with your inner self and feelings. 

Being a stone-cold spectator of something so terrifying represents how much you have drifted away from your true feelings.

If the water surrounding you in your dream is clear then it means that you have reached peace and clarity of thought. You are feeling optimistic about the future even if it means starting from scratch.

If the water is muddy and dark, a gush of negative emotions is coming your way. However, the negativity is not coming to stay, it is simply being released which is a good thing.

Dreaming of your house

The house represents your higher Self. Whatever you saw happening in the house has already happened inside of you.

It is a reflection of your basic needs. Everything you internalized as valuable since your childhood is symbolized by your home. 

The home you have seen in your dream could be the place you ‘feel at home the most, your safe place.

Although you visualized the place like your house, this could be a distant or even an open space where you feel the happiest.


Dreaming about a flood in your house

To dream that your house was filled with water means that you are being overwhelmed by emotions.

You have been storing the feelings in your subconscious mind for too long. 

The safe place you created for your feelings so you can deal with them later is full. You have reached maximum capacity and now it is time to let it all go.

Consider how you felt when the flood occurred. Did you feel relieved? Were you scared?

Both of these feelings bring some new fresh energy. Fear is the first step towards achieving your dreams.

Also, think about the room that was filled with water. All the rooms represent a different aspect of you. 

For example, seeing bathroom or sewer water overflowing means a literal relief. You have started a process of cleansing your emotional state.

If your bedroom was being flooded, there is some sexual tension that needs to be released. Moreover, the bedroom could be your calm place, the room you retreat in. It is just another reflection of your higher Self.

If the water started filling your house bottom-up, from the basement, it shows your deepest, most repressed emotions. This could be some trauma or childhood memory that started triggering you in your adult life.

It is your task to unlock the real truth behind the flood. The thing to remember when it comes to the symbolism of rooms is that the deeper, darker the rooms you dream about, the deeper the memory and the feelings are.

Final thoughts

Think about the flood optimistically. What better way to have a fresh, clean start than to have the old burdens washed away?

You are probably a giving person always trying to look happy for the rest of the world. 

You cannot however be the best version of yourself if you pretend to be something you are not or feel something you do not.

As painful as real feelings sometimes are, you should accept them, feel them and let them go. Keeping them and repressing them can only do damage to your inner self. 

Just like a flood can cause havoc, your deepest feelings can wreck you internally. 

Let people see what you feel, tell people what you feel. Keep the feelings on the surface. This might make you more vulnerable, but also much happier.