What Does it Mean When you Dream About a Castle?

Who doesn’t dream about spending their days in a castle? It is the place where fairytales take place.

Even if you are not a fairy-tale type of person, you still probably find castles cool, especially medieval castles. 

Whichever castle comes to your mind first, all of them have something in common. They are a thing of the past.

Why is it that you dreamed about a castle? The symbolism is strong. 

We will go through several scenarios, but first, try to recall your dream. 

Can you remember the feeling you got from the castle and its appearance? Was it spooky or simply magnificent? Was there a threat or did you enjoy spending time there? 

Dreaming about living in a castle

If you dreamed about a beautiful gold-plated castle, this symbolizes power and wealth.

Your position in the castle shows your ambition. If you were a member of the royal family or a noble person, you dream big. You know your worth and you are not afraid to ask to be treated in accordance.

This dream could also mean that you are one step away from receiving the promotion you worked so hard for or simply getting recognition for your achievements. 

On the other hand, if the castle you lived in was run-down, creepy, and vacant it could mean that you are feeling isolated.

The dark walls you saw in your dream were built by your subconscious mind to create protection from the rest of the world. 

You are so afraid of being hurt that you would rather spend your days alone in this abandoned castle than go out in the modern world.

Dreaming about a haunted castle

If the abandoned creepy castle was not your home and you were a mere visitor, it could represent the demons from your past coming back to haunt you.

Try to remember the thing that scared you the most about the castle, was it a specific person or a thing or simply the spooky atmosphere? 

If you saw a familiar face, you might have some unresolved issues with them. It could also be childhood trauma. 

If the atmosphere was dark and scary without any visible threat, it could mean that you have a deeply rooted bad habit.

This dream is a clear sign that you are reluctant to let go of the past. 

Recognize the castle as the old dump it is. It will not get any prettier or more hospitable if you name it a castle. It is a dirty shack that no longer serves you. 

Drop your bad habits and forgive the person who hurt you in the past. 

You should stop feeling nostalgic for things that would not be in the past in the first place if they were any good for you.

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Dreaming about a castle in the air

Just like the expression goes, dreaming about castles in the air symbolizes your unrealistic desires.

Your biggest advantage is your unhinged imagination and immensely strong power of will. You can finish any task you set your mind to and you can also see your way out of any problematic situation.

However, if you got a bad feeling from this castle, you probably know that this time the goals you set are too high. You are on the way to crossing the line from being confident to being delusional.

You decide whether you will lower your expectations or continue with the same pace risking burnout and disappointment.

It all comes down to how strong you believe in yourself.

Final thoughts 

Castles are majestic monuments of the days long gone. 

They are deeply rooted in our culture. The ideal fairy tales from our childhood memories almost always took place in castles. The brave knights of medieval times also dwelled in castles.

In your dreams, you can find your emotions living in the castle you created. 

You could have built one in your dreams to represent your success and wealth. Your castle could be a fortress protecting your fragile feelings. It could also be built in the air showing your immense optimism and confidence.

Whatever your castle may be, whatever your emotional situation and aspiration, accept it as it is with all the merits and flaws so that your next castle would always be better than the last one.