What Does it Mean When a Cat Winks at You?

No, you are not seeing things. Your cat did wink at you. 

We all know the meaning behind the human wink. In most cases, we feel flattered. 

It could mean that a person is flirting with you. It can also be a sign of solidarity or just a general appreciation. 

However, do cats communicate the same way as we do? Is your cat up to something? Are cats able to flirt? 

Cats have always been highly regarded members of the household. It is estimated that people began domesticating wild cats as early as 8000 BC. 

The domestic cat has not changed much since ancient times. Just like their wild counterparts, cats are graceful, yet fearful predators. 

Cats are unparalleled when it comes to hunting and killing mice, snakes, and other nuisances.

Besides helping kill rodents, cats have played a spiritual and religious role throughout history. Bastet was a cat deity, worshipped in ancient Egypt and it was forbidden to treat it disrespectfully. 

Cats more often than not are considered to bring good luck. For example, in Japan cats are protectors of the homes. 

The famous Beckoning cat figurine can be found everywhere in Japan especially in the workplaces because it is thought to bring fortune to the business. 

However, cats are sometimes seen as ominous creatures. This is especially true for black cats. 

The belief that black cats should be avoided at all costs stems from the legend of Lilith, Lucifer’s wife, shapeshifting into a black cat. 

Good or bad luck, we can all agree that cats do symbolize gracefulness, independence, and curiosity. 

If you are a cat person it means that the cat has chosen you to be their companion. Yes, the cat has the power to do so. Cats are highly intuitive creatures. 

Besides their psychic powers, cats are also scientifically proven to be healers. 

Stroking your cat makes you feel happier and more relaxed. It helps release tension. 

Moreover, cats’ purr belongs to the higher healing vibrations. The purr heals bones and muscles and also works as a pain killer.

So, what can we expect when this gentle yet powerful animal winks at us?

The cat winks when it loves you

As strange as it may seem, a cat’s wink holds as much meaning as the human wink. 

The cat wink is also called a cat kiss. It is a sign of appreciation and love from your feline friend. 

The cat is relaxed around you and is trying to pay you a compliment. 

You have loved your cat so dearly that it had to find a way to make their love for you visible through this facial expression.

The cat winks when it trusts you

All cat owners know that when a cat is agitated it will not blink, its eyes will stay focused to protect itself or attack should a need for it arise. 

Therefore, it is only logical to assume that closing one eye to a person means it has fully surrendered to its human.

 As funny as it may seem, try winking back at your cat.

 Since they understand the meaning behind this facial expression, they are sure to acknowledge your love for them. 


The cat winks when it is sleepy 

When the cat is in a relaxed state it will wink. 

If it trusts that the environment is safe enough it will take a nap. 

Therefore, winking can be a tell-tale sign that the cat is simply sleepy. 

Help your cat find a cozy spot in your home if you want the winking to occur more frequently. Encourage sleepy behavior since it makes your cat happier.

The cat winks when it has an eye infection

As happy, relaxed, and affectionate the cat might be, the winking could also be a sign of ailment.

If the winking is frequent and not caused by any affectionate behavior, take your cat to the vet. This could mean that its eye got infected. 

It is probably nothing serious, but it will require some type of medical care.  

If you are a lucky owner of a cat, you have your fair share of exciting moments with your cat. It can be highly unpredictable, thus never boring. 

Your cat is a reflection of you. You are a very intuitive, independent, and spiritual person. You know your worth and are not afraid to be treated as a divine creature. 

You are also passionate and do not hesitate to express your feelings. 

The smartest thing to do if your cat winks at you is to first check your cat’s eye health. 

If everything seems fine, cuddle it and wink at it as much as you can because you will receive nothing less in return.