What Does it Mean to See an Eagle?

Our guardian angels communicate with us in a variety of different ways. These include things like showing you angel numbers, your birthday numbers, vivid dreams that include some form of insight, or even outright visions that nudge you in the correct direction in life. But did you know that your guardian angels also communicate to you by making animals and birds visit you, which holds some profound symbolic meaning?

That’s right! The next time you see a bird or animal cross your path or visit you in your home in an odd encounter, don’t rule out the possibility that some strong cosmic message is being sent your way.

Eagles happen to be one of the most commonly used birds for such spiritual messaging, so you should always look for deeper meanings behind your encounters with them. We will dedicate our discussion to exploring the meanings behind spiritual encounters with eagles to assist you with this.

Now, it is important to mention here that not all encounters with animals or birds will hold some profound signal. In fact, most of the encounters you have with animals and birds will have nothing more to them. The encounters you do need to read into will be the ones that directly follow some significant event occurring in your life or when you’re faced with an important decision. This is usually when your guardian angels will want to send some guidance your way.


The Spiritual Significance of Eagles

Throughout history, eagles have appeared in multiple cultures and traditions as symbols that hold great significance in matters related to power (governments), religion, as well as esoteric mysteries. Given how majestic these creatures are and how effortlessly they seem to rule over the sky, it is no surprise for us to learn that eagles were used as symbols of expansion and victory for many nations. Some traditions even attribute different meanings to each unique type of eagle for its distinct features. The bald eagle, for example, has long been a symbol for ideal governing bodies; the white head of bald eagles represents how the government (i.e., the head) should possess virtuous qualities of clarity, justice, leadership, and truth. On the other hand, the brownish-black torso of the bird is representative of other defining qualities that are a bit darker yet are nonetheless seemingly inseparable parts of governments. Examples of such qualities and traits include secrets, mysteries, illusions, and sacrifices.

Beyond being powerful symbols for governments, cultures, and religions, though, eagles also represent the living embodiment of some of the most treasurable qualities that we humans hold the capacity to possess. These include qualities and traits like elegance, success orientation, self-alignment, ambition, strength, fearlessness, and the determination to soar through the skies of success.

This should give you a decent enough clue about what sort of insights and indications we are given through eagles. Unfortunately, even with all of this information about the profound meaning and symbolism that eagles represent, there are multiple different strains of interpretation about what spotting eagles (or being visited by them) has to say about your life. These variations come in because there is no singular way you can come into spiritual contact with an eagle; you could see one in your sleep, you could see one sitting on your window ledge, one that flies over your head, or sits in your backyard – the possibilities are basically endless. So, we’ve decided to limit our discussion to the 4 most likely ways you might come into contact with an eagle.

What Does it Mean to see an Eagle?

This section will talk about the 4 most common ways people come into spiritual contact with eagles and what meaning each form of contract carries.

An Eagle Flying over your head

We will begin by discussing the most likely way you or anyone can come into contact with eagles – when they are flying above you. For many people, it might even be routine to see several eagles fly in circles above their heads. As we mentioned earlier, not every encounter with birds and animals will contain encoded spiritual messages; only the ones which are peculiar. So, if you see an eagle flying over and above your head, know that it is a call for you to look at the bigger picture, look towards the larger goals of your life and rid yourself of all petty squabbles that shackle you and hold you back from tapping into your full potential. Just as you raise your head to look at the eagle above you, raise your vision and your inner eye to see the greatness waiting for you to behold.

Seeing an Eagle up close

Another common way you might come across an eagle is if it came into really close proximity with you- this could happen when the eagle is sitting on a tree branch that is really close to your kitchen window- the way you come into proximity with an eagle is irrelevant, but what does matter is the message that it carries. Being visited by an eagle up close is a good omen. It is a sign that your spiritual energy agrees with that of the bird, so it feels comfortable coming close to you. You may use this as a litmus test that tells you whether or not you have a good, virtuous aura around you. But don’t get us wrong here; an eagle not visiting you up close isn’t proof that you have a bad aura around you, but an eagle coming close to you is definitely proof that you have an especially good aura around you.

Seeing an Eagle Perched

Seeing an eagle perched anywhere around you is a sign of transition and change. Now it is not always clear if this change will be positive or negative, but you should know that most times, it is a good chance. Specifically, seeing a perched eagle means that great things are coming your way, and you should use this information to prepare yourself to embrace it mentally.

An Eagle visits you in your yard.

Much like how an eagle comes close to you is a sign that you have good energy flowing through you; an eagle visiting your garden is a sign that your home is surrounded by good, virtuous energy that agrees with the eagle. So, the bird has come to visit you in your garden to give you a spiritual thumbs-up on the good work that you’ve been doing.

Final words

Now while most of your encounters with eagles or other animals will not hold any spiritual indications or messages, do keep these lessons in your mind the next time you sense something special about an encounter with this bird. It might just change your life for the better.