What Does it Mean When you See a White Dove? Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

Beautiful, white, and free, the dove stands for some of the best and purest things in life.

The white dove is a universal symbol of peace, but it is also thought to bring peace at the individual level. 

The dove is often considered to be a messenger from the spiritual world. Its color and the wings make it appear almost angelic. 

Try to recall when and how did you see the dove and we will provide the answers.

White dove after someone dies

It is not a coincidence that you saw a dove in the hardest moment, after losing a beloved one. They can sometimes be spotted during rough times to provide hope and comfort.

As was mentioned previously, doves bring messages from the spiritual world. They are sometimes the link we need to communicate to angels and the souls of the ones who passed away.

If you saw a dove when you needed the most you can be certain that angels are watching over you and you are not alone.

Take this encounter as a giant hug from the universe telling you that this too shall pass. The soul of whoever you have lost is at peace in a better place. 

The pain will always be there but at least the notion that your beloved one is in a better place can help alleviate it a bit. 

White dove in your yard

You thought it was a regular day when you walked out of your house, but then you saw a white dove. One cannot help but wonder whether seeing this spiritual bird has a deeper meaning.

If a white dove decided to land in your yard, it is a sign that you have become more open to opportunities. 

You are a creative soul. However, it took you a long time to realize your true potential. Luckily something has changed and now you see yourself as the artist you are.

Seeing the dove is the validation you were asking for. You are on the right path.

Follow your dreams and set new goals because what you need to get there is already in you. 

Share your talent and creativity with the world and the world will share gratitude and love in return.


Dead dove on your path

It is not a pleasant sight to see a dead animal, let alone a dead dove. This image might have startled you, but do not worry. This is not a premonition. 

Seeing a dead dove should remind you of the transience of life. Never forget that the ends are also new beginnings. 

Get ready to close some old chapters and open new exciting ones. You have been avoiding the change for so long. 

Take the dead dove as a clear message that some things need to end. This might be related to leaving a relationship, quitting the draining job, or leaving a bad habit.

Whatever it is that you need to get out of, do it now, the circumstances are in your favor.

White dove in your dream

Dreaming about a white dove in itself is a beautiful experience. It symbolizes happiness and peace.

You have reached balance in your life and you finally feel at ease with yourself. This also means that you finally feel free after a period of hardship.

A white dove flying

A flying dove symbolizes the rise of your success. The energy required for your success has been released. Your aspirations will finally soar and be fulfilled.

A white dove landing on you

If the dove has landed on you then it wants to tell you to calm down.

 You might feel anxious or worried about something, but always remember to turn to spirituality in such moments. 

Something as simple as an expression of gratitude or taking a deep breath can go a long way.

Catching a white dove

This is a special dream because in it you are taking control of the dove. 

The dove as such brings good luck and prosperity. The fact that you decided to hold it in your hands means that you are ready to be happy, and what’s even more, you have started creating your luck. 

Whether you saw a white dove in real life or your dreams it is good news.

 The difference is who will bring the good news and in which form will you see them realized. Enjoy what follows because it will be your lucky period!