What Does Angel In Disguise Mean?

We often hear of the term “angel in disguise” because it is widely used but what many of us don’t know is that this term is more than a century old. But what does it mean, and where does the term come from?

The history of the Angel on Disguise term

Angel in Disguise is a term culled from a book written and published by T.S Arthur in 1951. The book is set in a poor rural village where life moves in slow motion, and people go about the mundane activities of the day with little interest.

It tells the story of a drunken female better who lives on the fringes. She has no useful means of livelihood but begs for a living. Sadly enough, she has three children that she can’t take care of, and her drunken habit only worsens their lives. Unfortunately, she dies, leaving the children behind with no helper and in need of compassion from others. The beggar is buried, after which the villagers gather to discuss what should be done with the orphaned children. The two eldest are taken by a family in the neighborhood, but the youngest, Maggie, is ill and too little to be of any help on a farm or for any other kind of work.

No one wants Little Maggie, and Joe Thompson is the last to leave the meeting. As he is about to exit, Maggie pleads with him to take her along. Despite knowing that his wife will disapprove, he takes her with him, and as time goes on, the family warms up to her, and the family is filled with love because of Maggie’s presence.

So as you can see, in the story, Joe Thompson is the angel in Disguise, and Maggie is the benefactor of his and his family’s compassion.

Angel in Disguise in real life: Different meanings

Drawing inspiration from T.S Arthur’s work, Angel in Disguise because a widely used term in literature until it became a popular theme in spoken words.

An angel in Disguise is someone who offers help to a person when it is least expected. The beneficiary of the kind action, in most cases, doesn’t expect the favor but receives it nonetheless.

In another form, an angel in Disguise may be someone once viewed in an unflattering light. He or she may be misconstrued as a bad person or may even be a bad person. But as time passes, they turn out to be exactly the opposite of what many thought them to be.

We often call our helpers and supporters angels because they help us, especially at difficult moments. Angels are spiritual helpers who console, guide, support and inspire humans. So anybody who exhibits these qualities is seen as such.

Help in the nick of time

We also call another person an angel in Disguise if they show up to help when we are in desperate need of help. Imagine you are in the middle of the ocean, and your speedboat has suddenly stopped working, and night is upon you. Nothing you do will get the engine to start, and a storm is coming. But just at the point when you are about to give up hope, another boat comes your way and helps tow you and your vessel to land; such a person has actually helped you when you needed the help.

He may have been a pirate or a bad person, and terrible thoughts cross your mind when you saw his boat approach. But rather than hurt you, he helped you. That right there is an angel in Disguise.

Human traits of angelic behavior

Humans are not immortals like our heavenly guardian angels, so we are limited. However, because we are made in the divine image of God, an image the angels share as well, we can exhibit certain traits synonymous with angels. Some human traits of angelic behavior include

  • Kindness
  • Empathy
  • Meekness
  • Inspiration
  • Affection
  • Love
  • Support

These are certain qualities or traits that humans possess, and we see them every day in our daily lives. We have also acted like angels in the lives of others, and we have also had others act like angels towards us.

Guardian Angels use angels in Disguise

Our guardian angels are our helpers, but most times, they work through other people. If you need wisdom to navigate a difficult path, your guardian angels can lay it in the heart of someone you know or a complete stranger to help you. This is why, sometimes, you receive help from unlikely places. If you have had the fortune of getting help at odd moments when you needed support, then just know that the stars align in your favor, and your guardian angels will always send someone to help you.

Lastly, note that while our guardians may send someone to help us, we should also be sensitive to the plight of anyone who is suffering around us. If you are compassionate, you may actually be the angel in Disguise someone else is waiting for. Open yourself up to this possibility, and as you help others, your life will be greatly enriched.