Virgo Sun & Sagittarius Moon Compatibility


Do you have a knack for being unsuccessful in establishing long-term romantic and non-romantic relationships with other people? If so, you’ve come to the right place because we think we know where the problem might lie.

Understand that your failure to establish successful relationships with others isn’t necessarily your fault or because your personalities do not complement one another. Sometimes, relationships fail because there are other hidden forces at play that you are unaware of, forces that may very well determine who you end up spending the rest of your life with.

At least, this is the belief of astrologers and all those who follow them. Astrologers argue that the zodiac sign compatibility of two people is a very large contributing factor in the compatibility equation and, therefore, must never be ignored. To meet your perfect match, you must ensure that you and your partner are compatible in terms of zodiac signs and ensure the level of compatibility among your personalities. Today, we will look at which personalities are most compatible with individuals whose Star sign (or Sun sign) is Virgo and Moon’s sign is Sagittarius. To keep things simple, from here onwards, we will refer to such people as “VSSM people” (Virgo sun, Sagittarius moon).

Sun signs, Moon signs, and your personality

Before we dive into our analysis of people with VSSM signs, let’s briefly look at what sun and moon signs are. Sun signs (also known as star signs) are determined by the sun’s position on the zodiac at the time of your birth. Usually, zodiac signs will change every month, meaning that people born before and after certain dates will have different star signs. Your sun sign is an extremely important element of this discussion because it determines what sort of personality you form when you’re with other people. This is your outward personality, which exists anytime you interact with other humans (whatever your relationship with them may be).

On the other hand, moon signs are determined by the moon’s position on the zodiac during your time of birth. Since the moon’s rotations are much quicker around the zodiac, moon signs are much more volatile than sun signs – they change every 2.5 days. Since moon signs change so quickly and star signs usually last about a month, many combinations of sun and moon signs form for each zodiac month. Moon signs are important to this discussion because they determine your inner nature – the person you are in the absence of other people. Your traits in isolation greatly influence how you approach relationships with others, so they must not be ignored in this discussion.

The personality of Virgo sun & Sagittarius moon (VSSM) people

Now, let’s take a look at the different personality traits that are usually associated with people of Virgo Sun signs and Sagittarius moon signs.

The Goodness

People of this combination of zodiac signs tend to be very principal-oriented. This translates into them giving high importance to morals, justice, and kindness. Because this is their nature, VSSM people tend to gravitate towards people who share these same values and show qualities like honesty, integrity, and reasonableness. This allows VSSM people to surround themselves with good people wherever they go in life.

The Flaws

People with this combination of zodiac signs tend to lack spontaneity in their lives. Their excellent planning and organizational habits take this away from this, which is fruitful for the most part but eventually backfires in the form of severe burnout. Additionally, these people lack confidence in their lives due to latent feelings of unworthiness. This can result in them missing out on a lot of opportunities in their lives only because they feel compelled to pass them over.


Compatibility of VSSM people

Now, it is time to discuss what kind of people prove to be most compatible with VSSM people. We will examine this compatibility across 3 different kinds of social relationships, namely:

  • Relationships in general
  • Relationships with lovers
  • Relationships with friends

Compatibility in matters of relationships

VSSM people tend to be the serious or sober ones in their relationships (be it platonic or non-platonic). As such, the balance of the reckless/ adventurous attitudes of their partners. VSSM people prefer to be with people who don’t choke their freedom of speech and action, people with whom they can be their true and genuine selves without giving a second thought to it. Once this comfort level is achieved, you might get to see the rare sight of them showing their laid-back and fun selves.

Compatibility in matters of love

VSSM folks are known to love with an open heart. These people make sure that their lovers know that they are cared for through both verbal expressions as well as big and small gestures that are evidence of their affection. These people usually get along with partners who are talkative, expressive, and original – people who visibly stand out from the crowd while being their true and genuine selves.

Compatibility in friendships

in friendships, VSSM people usually end up taking the role of the “therapist- friend” due to their serious and sober nature. They will listen to the problems that their friends have and show genuine concern and will to help them through their dark times. They seem to have no preference over whether or not their friends are the partying kind or the nerdy kind, but the one thing that they do care about is whether or not their friends can be relied upon. If someone is trustworthy and reliable, VSSM folks will make active efforts to become closer to them and move away from those who don’t hold these qualities.

Final Words

In the end, the lesson you should take from this is that the success of your platonic and non-platonic relationships with people isn’t always in your hands. If you’ve had friendships or relationships where you’ve struck out with others, know that there may be forces other than you’re the compatibility of your personalities that are at play. So, for a safe bet, make sure that in addition to the compatibility of your partner’s personality with yours, you also check whether your zodiac signs complement one another. This isn’t to say that you will never be able to form a successful platonic or non-platonic relationship with someone whose sign doesn’t complement yours; it only means that it will require extra effort from both sides in order for it to work.