Two of Swords: Yes Or No Tarot Card Meaning

Being a card of difficult choices, the Two of Swords present themselves in a tarot reading when something obstructs your life’s path.

The Two of Swords suggest that the challenge you are currently facing is difficult and will not be easy to overcome. 

The Two of Swords emphasize the need to put in a lot of hard work to bring your life back on track and fix the issues holding you back. It suggests that you will find yourself at a crossroads when presented with a choice. 

However, the Two of Swords also suggest calm after the storm passes. As you rectify the problem, you will soon achieve emotional freedom and peace.

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Is the Two of Swords a ‘Yes or No’ Card?

In a “Yes/No” tarot reading, the Two of Swords generally does not signify a clear answer. The Two of Swords suggests that there is currently inadequate information to make a decision. A very important piece of the puzzle is missing from the picture, and making a decision right now could have consequences. 

The Two of Swords suggest that you are currently stuck between two choices. Pulling this card is a sign for you to wait for favorable conditions. As events unfold, the puzzle pieces will pop up by themselves. You need to remain patient and divulge yourself in other activities. 

To ensure making a wise decision, it is best to gain some inner peace and think about the matter with a clear mind. Taking some time off will do you good right now and allow you to attain a favorable outcome to the pending decision. 

Two of Swords in ‘Yes/No’ Love Questions

The Two of Swords present a skeptical answer during a “Yes/No” tarot reading and suggest a “maybe” answer. 

Your relationship is currently facing a difficult condition, confusing you and your partner. The Two of Swords suggest you call off making any important decisions in your relationship right now. 

Before you decide, spend some time and effort getting better knowledge of the situation. Gaining more information will allow you to interpret which choice is right and which you should let go of. 

Is He Going to Propose to Me? Two of Swords ‘Yes or No’

The Two of Swords temporarily suggest a “no” answer and suggest that uncertainties are holding the proposal off. 

Your relationship is currently surrounded by various situations where you need to take a difficult decision. It is a call to indulge in a moment of reflection to contemplate the rightful decision about an important decision. 

While a proposal may be on your partner’s mind, they are held back by the uncertainty caused by the pending matters in your relationship. It is high time to channel your inner self and communicate with your problems so that you can move forwards with your relationship. 

Is He Loyal to Me? Should I Trust him?

Being a card of indecisiveness, the Two of Swords do not indicate a clear answer about your partner’s trustworthiness. 

The reading suggests that conflicted sentiments and knowledge cloud your judgment. These conflicted sentiments make you unsure whether you should trust your partner. The card suggests that there is an imminent need to achieve clarity. 

Confronting difficult truths of your relationship will help you achieve clarity and allow you to decide. 

Should We Get Back Together? Two of Swords About Reconciliation

Regarding reconciliation, the Two of Swords do not signify a clear answer and lean more toward a “maybe” answer. 

Given how your relationship ended, your ex-partner feels conflicted and indecisive about what to do next. While moving on is on their mind, their feelings toward you are holding them back and stopping them from moving forward. 

Although the path to reconciliation is easy, your ex-partner is unsure about it being the right thing to do. The Two of Swords signify that your ex-partner is frustrated about the situation. They still love you and miss being with you. However, they are scared of your relationship ending like it did last time. 

Communicating with them and ending the issues that caused you both to split up can help you start a new one. 

Two of Swords: Will My Life Get Easier Soon?

The Two of Swords present a “maybe” answer about your life getting easier soon. 

The Two of Swords indicate your inability to trust your intuition and being hard on yourself. As challenges surround you, you are the only person who can help you. 

This card suggests you practice self-care and reconnect with your higher self. Your inner self has every potent information needed to make a wise decision and turn things in your favor. 

Two of Swords encourages you to partake in activities that help you get in touch with your higher self. Partaking in these activities will help you attain a clear mindset and allow you to practically implement your wisdom and thoughts to deal with a situation.

Two of Swords in ‘Yes or No’: Should I Change my Career Path?

As Two of Swords represent being presented with different choices, it hints towards feeling stuck about changing your career path. 

While you may feel inclined to change your career path, you are held back by the memories and the connections you have made at your workplace. Although you may have faced a difficult situation at your workplace lately, your job aligns with your passions and proves helpful in pursuing your dreams. 

Before inducing a career change, it is necessary to ask yourself if you are ready to start from scratch. See if the pros outweigh the cons of choosing a new career path. Thinking about these significant factors will allow you to reach an informed conclusion. 

Reversed Two of Swords in ‘Yes or No?’

A reversed Two of Swords during a “Yes/No” tarot reading suggests a “Yes” answer. While your life is currently entangled in some situations, you have gained enough experience to make a favorable decision. 

Pulling this card reversed encourages you to remain perseverant. While you may need to make a hard decision, making this hard decision comes off as somewhat necessary. 

Initially, it would feel like you have made a wrong decision. However, it is important to stand and affirm your decision; the results will soon follow. 

Two of Swords Reversed: Yes, or No Love Questions

The reversed Two of Swords do not indicate a clear answer during a “Yes/No” love tarot reading and suggests indecisiveness. 

You are emotionally struggling because of a pending decision you need to make about the fate of your relationship. Emotional distress can cause you to become overwhelmed, causing you to push away your partner instead of communicating with them. 

The card also suggests that you may be ignoring your relationship troubles instead of dealing with them. Eventually, these problems will rise and breed animosity in your relationship. 

It is time for you to communicate with your partner and put yourself in a position that gives you a better understanding of the situation so that you make an informed decision. 

Final Words

The Two of Swords signify a “maybe” answer in a “yes/no” tarot reading and ask you to trust your higher self.  

This card encourages you to exercise self-care and to look after yourself. Taking good care of yourself will help you, gain trust in your abilities and will help you gain self-confidence. 

When you trust yourself more, you will likely trust your intuition and choose the best path for yourself.