Three of Wands as Feelings in Love & Relationships

The Three of Wands represents optimism, forward motion, development, feelings and potential. On the card, a guy stands on the brink of a cliff overlooking the sea and the mountains. He is well aware of the vast opportunities that await him. Future events excite him. He has made a firm decision and is certain that the rewards will be worthwhile.

Upright Three of Wands Meaning

Three of Wands card as feelings Coming upright denotes a more confident and sincere approach to future planning, whether it has already been done or is still being considered. This card represents contentment with how things are going or your goals’ success. It indicates that you are prepared to act on your ideas and move through them. You are making efforts to establish a solid foundation for your future.

Upright Three of Wands as Feelings: for Relationships

The three wands as feelings standing straight in a love and relationship reading indicates that you are about to enter the next stage of your romantic connection. Now that you and your spouse are thinking about the future, you may see each other in those plans. If you have entered a new partnership, this card suggests that you must be more aggressive about your obligations to the relationship if you want it to continue. This card suggests that if you have been in a committed relationship for some time, now is the ideal time to create shared objectives for the future and collaborate to make these dreams a reality.

Upright Three of Wands: as Feelings: for Singles

The Three of Wands card as feelings is a very favorable card for singles since it indicates that the individual is committed to building a solid foundation for a long-term relationship. They care about more than simply having fun right now. They want to be sure that they are taking the proper steps to establish a solid rapport with you over time. This individual can be the right choice for you if you’re seeking for something more serious.

Upright Three of Wands as Feelings: for Ex

The Three of Wands card as feelings suggests that the person you are inquiring about is dedicated to their present course of action if you are inquiring about their sentiments for an ex or an old lover. They sometimes reflect on you and believe that you had a vital role in shaping who they are now. They are aware that they must first discover themselves even if their paths may meet again in the future. Travel and personal development could be in their immediate future. Both of you must be seriously considering seeing one other in the future if you are thinking of reconciling.

Three of Wands: Do They Like me?

Your lover does indeed like you. Are you worried about your lover’s feelings or prospective lover’s distant behavior? In this situation, the Three of Wands indicate that while they are occupied with a pastime right now, they do have affection for you.

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Reversed: Three of Wands Meaning

When the Three of Wands card as feelings appears in reverse, it indicates that despite your best efforts and a trip to broaden your life experience, things are turning out differently than you had hoped. You need help to accomplish the goals you set for yourself. Some many hurdles and barriers have been preventing you from achieving your goals, but this card aims to show you that even though sometimes your efforts seem to be in vain, they still contribute to your strength and endurance.

Reversed Three of Wands: as Feelings: for Relationships

When three of wands card as feelings appears in reverse, you are mostly to blame for the lack of communication in your relationship. Admitting uncomfortable topics or annoying behaviors your spouse engages in could be challenging. It might be difficult to express your actual emotions because you worry that your spouse will be offended or won’t value your honesty. However, this will do more damage than good to the relationship. If you don’t express what you like or dislike, there is a greater chance of misunderstanding or misinterpretation. Before issues are out of control, try to discuss and resolve any issues.

Reversed Three of Wands as Feelings: for Singles

It may be challenging to adapt from being single to being in a relationship, especially if you are starting. However, even if you are dating your soulmate, things will only sometimes go according to plan if you put in the effort in feelings. For your relationship to succeed, you must be present and patient. Do not impose your opinions on your spouse just because you believe that is what a relationship should be like. They’ll get annoyed by this and withdraw themselves from you.

Reversed Three of Wands as Feelings: for Ex

The Three of Wands card reversed as feelings indicates that your ex is angry with you if you are enquiring about how they feel about you. Particularly if you often get involved in a loop of breaking up and making up, they are having a difficult time seeing a method to break out of the pattern that you find yourself in. You will both need to cooperate if reconciliation is something you’re thinking about. Then and only then will things between the two of you become better. 


Three of Wands card as feelings signifies relationship progress, dedication, and the future. You deserve a loyal partner. The Three of Wands loves this.