Three of Swords: Yes or No Tarot Card Meaning

The Three of Swords identify as a card of heartbreak and grief. This card suggests that your life is currently undergoing an emotional upheaval.

The emotional upheaval is likely a result of an event that occurred recently, so you will know the situation the card is pointing to. However, if you have no recollection of something affecting you, the Three of Swords warn you of something bad coming your way. 

Three of Swords emphasizes caring about things that you hold dear. Let your loved ones know how you feel about them, and acknowledge their presence in your life. The card suggests you hold on to hope tight. There is always a beautiful rainbow after a storm.

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Is the Three of Swords a ‘Yes or No’ Card?

In a context of a “Yes/No’ answer in a tarot reading, the Three of Swords mean a “no” answer. This card suggests that you are currently going through a difficult time. This difficult time has ensued because of losing something and feeling sorrow. 

While you may feel inclined to leave things as is and move on, the Three of Swords disapprove. Instead of escaping these feelings, it is better to let these emotions flow. 

Consider partaking in activities that help you feel relieved and blow some steam off. Sublimely processing these emotions will allow you to regain control and come out swinging! 

Three of Swords in ‘Yes/No’ Love Questions

The Three of Swords signify a “temporarily no” answer during a “Yes/No” love tarot reading. 

Currently, your relationship may be engulfed in arguments and conflicts. These hardships are holding your relationship back, hindering its growth further. You need to communicate clearly with your partner and exhibit mutual respect so that you can move on as a happy couple. 

If you are single, the Three of Swords suggest that the sorrows of the past still haunt you. Given that you still harbor the wounds of your past, it is unwise to step into a new relationship at this time. Focus on recovery and healing to become a better version of yourself. 

Practicing self-growth will allow you to maintain a happy relationship and treat your future partner right! 

Is He Going to Propose to Me? Three of Swords ‘Yes or No’

Representing heartbreak and pain, the Three of Swords suggest a “no” answer about expecting a proposal from your partner. 

Your relationship is currently in turmoil. The difficult conditions of your relationship are posing as a barrier and are hindering your relationship’s growth. 

Three of Swords emphasizes the need to deal with these issues at the earliest to prevent your relationship’s further descent. Working out these issues will allow your relationship to transcend into something healthy, creating the possibility of a relationship happening in the future. 

Is He Loyal to Me? Should I Trust him?

In a “yes/no” tarot reading taken to determine the trustworthiness of your partner, the Three of Swords signify a “no” answer. 

The reading hints towards the difficult conditions of your relationship that caused you immense pain and emotional distress. The card also hints at the feelings of mistrust and betrayals in your past. 

It is high time for you to deal with the issues and practice self-care. You may be projecting the previous hurt on your relationship, resulting in an undesirable situation. Healing from the wounds inflicted in the past will give you the strength to deal with the underlying issues. 

Rectifying these troubled situations will help you both establish trust and cause your relationship to progress steadily. 

Should We Get Back Together? Three of Swords About Reconciliation

Three of Swords present a “yes” answer in a reading made about reconciliation and suggests an immense potential to get back together. 

Your ex-partner feels terrible about the way your relationship concluded. They realize that their actions caused them pain. In the process of hurting you, they have projected the same hurt on themselves. Being distant from you is tormenting them and they are hopeful of getting a chance at reconciliation with you. 

However, they also feel wary about reconciliation because they feel like they may hurt you and themselves in the process. If reconciliation is your mind, it is time to have constructive communication with them. 

Ensure to resolve the factors that caused you both to separate and leave the past behind to start a new one.

Three of Swords: Will My Life Get Easier Soon?

The Three of Swords signify a “yes” answer and foretell the arrival of good times in your life. However, happiness will require you to make some changes and make some hard decisions. 

Receiving this card is a sign for you to let go of any situation that no longer serves you. Whether it is an unhealthy relationship with your partner or a friend, it’s time for you to let go of them. Let things flow and do not try to salvage the relationship. 

It is time for you to face the hardships head-on and endure the pain. Although painful, this separation brings along an important life lesson. It is essential for you to take notes and to accept this lesson. 

As you process the difficult feelings, you will soon create space for happy moments. Be self-sufficient and never trust someone again blindly. 

Three of Swords in ‘Yes or No’: Should I Change My Career Path?

The Three of Swords disapprove when consented about changing your career path and suggest you remain patient. 

The reading suggests that you have made up your mind about changing your career path. Nevertheless, switching careers could bring you immense dissatisfaction and feelings of regret. As you enter a new work environment, you will soon realize everything behind you. 

You will miss the comfortable environment and your workplace connections. In such times, it is essential to take a break and use the time to reconnect with yourself. Taking a break will allow you to deal with hard emotions. 

As the painful emotions suppress, you will soon be able to integrate an optimistic approach and pursue the new career with full force. 

Reversed Three of Swords in ‘Yes or No?’

The reversed Three of Swords bring happy tidings and suggest a “yes” answer. 

You have finally processed all the emotions and dealt with the situations that were creating a conflict between you and your partner. As you enter the phase of forgiveness, you are ready to repair your bond and continue your relationship. 

As you let go of the harsh moments of the past, your relationship will soon take a positive turn, and communication with your partner will become significantly easy. This is the perfect time to make happy memories with your partner and put your relationship in a harmonious state. 

Three of Swords Reversed: Yes, or No Love Questions

In a reversed position, Three of Swords indicate a positive answer in a “yes/no” tarot reading. Unlike its counterpart, the reversed three of cards embody optimism and indicate easiness entering your life. 

Although you may have been going through a difficult time, those times have almost passed and you will soon enter a peaceful phase. In the meanwhile, it is important to trust your capabilities and rely on your enough strength. 

Believing in yourself will allow you to move towards a positive era of your life with full confidence and perseverance. Although what you are feeling now may be bitter, it is essential to let them flow to make room for good memories! 

Final Words

Difficult times are often hard, and can often make you gasp for air. No matter how much we villainize hardships, it would not be wrong to call them a blessing in disguise. 

These tough times bring along a great sense of strength and give you a reason to toughen up. As the storm passes, you will emerge as a stronger person than you were before. Experiencing these sorrowful moments is also important so that we understand the importance of love and acknowledgment and do not shun them.