Three of Swords as Feelings in Love & Relationships

The card representing heartache, grief, sorrow, loss, tragedy, and separation is the Three of Swords. In the backdrop, it is raining while three swords puncture a heart. The three swords stand for the harm our bodily and emotional selves are subjected to due to words, deeds, and intentions. Although it may seem hopeless and gloomy now, the storm will pass, and the sun will rise.

The Three of Swords serves as a reminder that love and grief often go hand in hand. Sometimes we must go through heartache to learn the challenging lessons we need to succeed in a future relationship. The Three of Swords also serves as a reminder that suffering does not last a lifetime. If we remove the swords, we will recover.

Upright Three of Swords Meaning

The Three of Swords represents denial, betrayal, pain, and despair. The intellect serves us well in times like this. The effect of this agony could be lessened if you can rationally consider it and mentally prepare for the experience.

However, remember that sorrow and loss are also a natural part of life since they help us learn and help us appreciate the love and happiness we have. We only learn how to prevent errors that might put us in danger or cause us sadness via hardship. As a result, it is essential for navigating life. Therefore, the Three of Swords is a picture of pain that is supposed to bolster us and make us more watchful, alert, and vigilant.

Sometimes we have no option but to be struck down by life. However, the decision of whether to get back up after being pushed down ultimately defines one’s destiny. Every small bit of misery you experience is a step toward understanding the larger purpose of this planet. This card appears just when you need to start getting ready for the next phase of your life. While grieving may be very painful, it gives you the ability to put the past behind you and concentrate on the future, knowing that you are in charge of your future decisions. Focus on what is coming rather than what is bothering you too much since you are the one who decides your destiny.

Upright Three of Swords as Feelings: for Relationships

The Three of Swords as feelings in a relationship suggests that this individual is now experiencing suffering. They can be feeling wounded since you two had a dispute. Depending on whether an unwelcome third person is present in your relationship, this might be unimportant or more significant. The two of you will need a direct and honest discussion about what each of you needs to get beyond this suffering.

Upright Three of Swords as Feelings: for Singles

The Three of Swords as feelings for singles represents heartbreak and anguish for single people and those starting new partnerships. Their inability to date is a result of the baggage they still carry from the past. Their old wounds haven’t fully healed yet. They are unable to commit to your new relationship because of it. They won’t be prepared to go on unless they decide to let go of the past.

Upright Three of Swords as Feelings: for Ex

The Three of Swords as feelings for ex denotes that the person you are enquiring about is devastated about you, whether they are an ex or an old romance. They are in agony and crushed by your split. They are still analyzing what took place. Whether you’re wondering if reconciliation is possible, it is, but you’ll need to start by reaching out.

Upright Three of Swords: Do They Like Me?

You are not popular with this person of interest. In contrast, they think you are overflowing with drama.

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Reversed Three of Swords Meaning

Reversed Three of Swords signifies that you have just had a loss, a breakup, or a period of sadness. It’s possible that you’re still healing from this and that your feelings haven’t subsided, making it difficult to continue. This card may warn that it’s time to let go and look forward to the life ahead of you since there is plenty for you to enjoy, even if you may still be reflecting on your past pain.

Many people miss this and spend too much time in their misery, slowing down their healing. Avoid dwelling too much on what occurred as you rekindle your feelings and muster up your bravery. The reversed. Three of Swords card is here to remind you that all trying times pass and that even when we fall, we can get back up again.

Reversed Three of Swords as Feelings: for Relationships

The Three of Swords as feelings for relationships reversed indicates that a person in a committed relationship feels forgiving of previous wrongs. There have been plenty of conflicts and disagreements between you and your spouse. They sometimes experienced anger and sadness about this. But lately, they’ve changed their minds. They have a positive outlook and anticipate the future. They are ready to move beyond the past and consider your options moving forward.

Reversed Three of Swords as Feelings: for Singles

The Three of Swords as feelings for singles in reverse symbolizes optimism and forward-looking love for singles and people in fresh partnerships. Previously, this individual was clinging to their sorrows and anguish from the past. They have understood that they must release their baggage, nevertheless. They are prepared to quit looking behind as their heart begins to mend. This is encouraging for a new relationship, but go cautiously and at their speed.

Reversed Three of Swords as Feelings: for Ex

The Three of Swords as feelings for ex in reversed indicates that your ex is letting go of the hurt of your split if you are enquiring about how they feel about you. Despite the pain they have been holding within over what transpired between you, they have decided to let it go so their heart can mend. They are putting your disagreements behind them and concentrating on the future. Whether you’re unsure if you two can get back together, speak to them and find out if they want to try again or if they think it would be better for both of you if you moved on.


The Three of Swords stands for heartache and anguish regarding relationships and feelings. Nobody likes to endure sorrow and sadness, yet they are often important for progress. To make us more receptive to receiving real, healthy love, pain is meant to teach us important lessons.