3 of Swords as a Person: Upright & Reversed

The Three of Swords is an archetypal figure of sorrow and heartache. This card is a powerful symbol of emotional pain and distress. Representing a time when the heart is broken.

It is a reminder that life is full of highs and lows and that sometimes there is no way to escape the anguish of heartache. The Three of Swords is a figure of courage and resilience with the potential to find a way to come out of the darkness and heal the heart.

Three of Swords as a Person

The Three of Swords represents a person who has been through a profound and excruciating betrayal. It’s possible that they were taken aback by the betrayal of a loved one or experienced a strong sting of rejection from a close friend.

The hurt inflicted by this betrayal is severe and it may be difficult for this individual to come to terms with what has happened.

When the Three of Swords appears in the upright position the individual represented by this card may be in the thick of their anguish. Emotions of rage and uncertainty may engulf them.

They may be having trouble comprehending how someone they put their faith in could inflict such a severe wound on them.

Everything they thought they understood about themselves and the relationships in their lives is being called into question.

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Three of Swords as a Person: Reversed

The Three of Swords as a person may have begun to recover from the wounds caused by their betrayal when it appears in the reversed position. They may have realized that the betrayal was not their fault and that they should be treated better due to this realization.

They may have begun to move beyond the anger and pain they felt toward the person who deceived them and has begun to forgive that person. 

The person represented by the Three of Swords may have difficulty trusting people again but they may also learn to trust themselves and their instincts more. They may have the ability to be more selective in their romantic partnerships learn how to establish positive boundaries and choose partners who are deserving of their trust.

This individual may also appreciate the need to have compassion for oneself coming to terms with the fact that healing is a process that takes time and that it is OK to continue to experience feelings of sorrow and grief.

They may come to have greater patience with themselves and permit themselves to experience grief over the end of the connection they believed they had.


The Three of Swords represents someone who has been severely betrayed and is struggling to accept what has transpired.

It’s possible that they’ll have trouble trusting others once again whether they’re standing upright or backward but they could also learn to trust themselves more. They may be able to choose their love relationships more carefully. figure out how to set healthy limits and choose trustworthy friends or lovers.