Three of Pentacles as Feelings in Love & Relationships

The Three of Pentacles represent cooperation, teamwork, feelings, and working toward common objectives. This playing card features a youthful apprentice engaged in cathedral building. He is talking about his work with a clergyman and a nobleman. They are all cooperating to complete the cathedral construction, which is their shared objective.

The Three of Pentacles serves as a gentle reminder of the adage, “If you want to travel far, go together; if you want to go swiftly, go alone.” To create anything amazing, more than just ourselves are required. Since it takes two to dance, this also holds in partnerships.

Upright Three of Pentacles Meaning

The threes in the tarot signify the accomplishment of a goal; they combine the vigor of the ace and the twos with a supporting element and often include a group of some kind. The upright three of pentacles in this situation signify the successful completion of all conditions necessary to advance your company, transaction, enterprise, or another kind of activity. The Three of Pentacles indicates that all the necessary talents are coming together at this precise time. Successful initiatives often involve many types of knowledge. Simply put, you are enjoying your time as a team and the early success of this broader endeavor.

The three pentacles indicate that you have made progress toward your objectives; it is a symbol of encouragement that you should keep trying and not give up. The Three of Pentacles also reminds individuals not to overlook the skills of others around them, even if they may struggle to achieve their objectives on their own. To achieve more than you could have ever imagined, you need the assistance of those with various perspectives, experiences, and skills.

Upright Three of Pentacles as Feelings: for Relationships

The Three of Pentacles as feelings for relationships already established suggests that this individual believes your relationship is now in a very pleasant position. They believe that, as a pair, you two are more powerful than alone. They experience being heard and being listened to. They believe that you are there for them and that you two are capable of anything.

Upright Three of Pentacles as Feelings: for Singles

The Three of Pentacles as feelings is a positive relationship sign for singles and people starting new partnerships. They think you two would form a terrific team since you get along well. They can observe how well the two of you collaborate daily. They are eager to work with you to explore the potential of your connection. This is excellent news for new partnerships.

Upright Three of Pentacles as Feelings: for Ex

The Three of Pentacles as feelings suggests that if you are enquiring about how an ex or former love feels about you, they have realized how excellent a team you two made. They regret that you never failed to defend them. They miss the fact that you stood by them. This is a terrific first indication if you’re considering reconciliation or getting back together.

Upright Three of Pentacles: Do They Like Me?

They are learning additional details about you.

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Reversed Three of Pentacles Meaning

Reversing the meaning of the Three of Pentacles as feelings suggests a lack of teamwork, that individuals are working against one another, and that the project is being undermined. They seem to be in an unhealthy rivalry, each seeking to prove their dominance. Because so many individuals see their project partners as rivals, resources are scarce.

It is wise to ensure that you do all in your power to foster friendship when you are a member of such a team. The projects in the reversed Three of Pentacles have a hard time being finished because of this ongoing fighting. You could notice that nobody pays attention to anybody else, and everyone puts their interests first. Complications result from these disparate motivations and goals. This project could have a chance to go ahead if you can be the first to reach out and offer everyone an opportunity to be heard.

Reversed Three of Pentacles as Feelings: for Relationships

The Three of Pentacles reversed as feelings is a sign that you feel that you and your partner are not contributing equally to the partnership for individuals in committed relationships. Your lover may think you’re taking them for granted. Here, there can be some animosity. They feel as if they have been working hard and that they want to work hard. However, they believe their efforts are going unnoticed. Spend some time telling them you love them and that you notice and value what they are doing.

Reversed Three of Pentacles as Feelings: for Singles

The Three of Pentacles reversed as feelings is a sign of feeling that there have been a lot of discussions but little action in bringing this connection ahead for singles and those in new partnerships. They can be feeling irritated and doubting your ability to work as a team as a whole. Since it’s a crucial component of any long-term, healthy relationship, you’ll want to learn this as soon as possible.

Reversed Three of Pentacles as Feelings: for Ex

The Three of Pentacles reversed as feelings indicate that your ex feels it was challenging for the two of you to function as a team if you are pondering how they feel about you. Despite how painful the split has been for them, they are beginning to see how mismatched you two were. Right now, they’re not in the mood to make amends. They would need to be persuaded that you could collaborate and be successful if you wanted to alter their minds.


The Three of Pentacles signify hard effort and cooperation in terms of relationships and feelings. One individual cannot sustain a connection. You two need to function as a cohesive one. As long as you and your partner work toward the same objective and focus, you can accomplish anything.