The World as Feelings in Love & Relationships

The World is the twenty-first and second to last card in the Major Arcana of tarot. It is a good card that represents fulfillment, achievement, feelings and pleasure. The World Tarot card is a favorable indication for all tarot readings, whether they are for love, careers, relationships, or businesses. This card often occurs after you have passed a big life milestone and is likely to honor your successes. Additionally, you could have the courage to welcome fresh starts and make plans to change your life. However, the World Tarot Card Reversed’s look is not as happy as the Upright version.

Upright The World Meaning

The World the 21st card of the tarot, symbolizes fulfillment and the successful end of a cycle. You are intelligent and successful and aware of your position in the World. When the World is ready for you and is interested in what you have to give, the World will appear. You may need to expand your horizons and relocate to where your ambitions may come true. When there is an element of travel, this card often appears. Make use of the wind that has just been applied to your sail. The Fool’s voyage is different from traveling with the World in that the World has the experience, wisdom, and knowledge while the Fool lacks these qualities and relies on beginner’s luck. The World tarot card seems to remind you that you are eternally important since you mean the World to someone.

Upright The World as Feelings: for Relationships

You now feel very grateful and deeply fulfilled by your partnership. The World as feelings for a relationship in love meaning denotes a sense of satisfaction and joy. This card may sometimes even propose taking your relationship to the next level by getting married or beginning a family. You are considering your next moves as one cycle in your life comes to an end. You two could be making plans or even important choices.

There is a feeling of contentment and satisfaction here, even when one is unmarried. One has to feel whole before entering a relationship. A relationship could be good, but you are ok being by yourself. Right now, you feel whole and self-aware, which gives you plenty of opportunity to meet interesting new people and endows you with charisma and attractiveness.

Upright The World: as Feelings: for Singles

The World as feelings for singles indicates that this individual has really favorable feelings about singles. They think you could really be the One. They like spending time with you very much. They are happy to have met you, they say. Because you are a whole person who won’t bring baggage or turmoil into the relationship, they are drawn to you. They are content and contemplating how to take your connection to the next level.

Upright The World as Feelings: for Ex

If you are inquiring about an old flame’s or an ex’s feelings toward you, the World says that your cycle has concluded. Your connection with them was among the most meaningful in their life. They believe that the necessary lessons have been learned. In other words, they are eager to leave the past behind. If they decide to return to you, they will want to begin the relationship from scratch and see it as brand-new.

The World: Do They Like Me?

Yes! This individual loves you and wants to shower you with gifts. The World, however, indicates that even if your partner likes you, this relationship is not for them if you think they are being reluctant to commit.

Reversed: The World Meaning

Reversed World as feelings in Tarot card refers to disillusionment and a lack of satisfaction. It shows that you have not met your goals and that this is causing you to feel sad and unsatisfied. You may not have given anything your entire attention or committed all of your energy if it wasn’t beneficial to you. There’s a potential that you chose the quickest route, but it didn’t assist you in getting the outcomes you wanted. The World reversed tarot interpretation also suggests that you are on the verge of completing your objectives but are losing motivation and attention because of many factors. Make the most of the little time you now have by reviving yourself. To achieve the success, you have always desired, don’t be afraid to push your boundaries and take on obstacles.

Reversed The World: as Feelings: for Relationships

While other elements of your life may be going well, something appears to be lacking in your romantic life. The reversal of the World tarot card signifies incomplete feelings; the conclusion of a cycle is close but not quite reached. You are close to experiencing fulfillment and happiness, yet something is holding you back. Do you not recognize your lover for all their beautiful qualities? Or does a previous relationship impact your perception of the current one? Do you not experience closure over a previous partner? So that you may be pleased in the present, you must immediately resolve a certain issue.

Reversed The World as Feelings: for Singles

The reversed World as feelings for singles represents an incomplete sensation for singles. This individual has the impression that something is missing. Although they most likely have not yet totally recovered, it may be your relationship. They continue to harbor old grudges and allow them to distort how they see the world. Keep in mind that you are not involved in any of this. That’s their fault. There are occasions when the timing is off. However, there is a chance that the two of you may have a fulfilling relationship if they are able to find closure.

Reversed The World as Feelings: for Ex

If you are inquiring about an ex’s feelings for you, the World inverted indicates that they are still smitten. They believe that your relationship lacks resolution. Whether they choose to acknowledge it or not, they have you in mind. They are clinging to you and do not want to let go. If you want reconciliation, you should know that it is achievable. Just ensure that you and your ex-partner resolve the issues that led to the separation in the first place.


For relationships and feelings, the World symbolizes fulfillment and success. Where everyone else wants to be, you are already. Here there is completeness, harmony, and a feeling of belonging. The World informs us that the present cycle will always reach its apex. Enjoy yourself; you’ve earned it. All of your efforts are now beginning to bear fruit. You’ve reached a huge milestone.