The Tower as Feelings in Love & Relationships

The Tower card is the sixteenth card of the tarot and represents a time of profound personal growth, feelings, insight, and awareness. The Tower dominates the landscape from its perch atop a craggy peak. The Tower is destroyed by lightning and subsequent fire. Two individuals do a headfirst dive from the window. Devastation and anarchy are seen here.

The Tower is a sobering reminder that dramatic, unexpected shifts are inevitable. Our lives are about to be turned reversed by change, and the ensuing turbulence will test us to our very core. Even still, we must accept it if we are to continue developing as a society. When we reflect on our lives, we realize that these experiences shaped us precisely.

Upright Tower Meaning

The Tower stands for transformation in its most extreme and significant form. This explains why the card’s physical appearance is so unsettling. However, it doesn’t always have to be horrifying or foreboding. Because fundamental, ground-breaking transformation is at the core of this card’s message.

The Tower card in feelings does not always indicate a catastrophic occurrence, such as a catastrophe or a significant loss. Change itself is a necessary component of existence that must accept. However, it may sometimes be frightening since it requires us to give up the realities we previously knew. It would help if you discovered new beliefs, values, and procedures to replace the old ones since they are no longer effective.

Be upbeat; it’s time to replace the outdated foundations of the past with something sincerer that will benefit you in the future.

There will inevitably be a disagreement over labor. You must maintain composure and restrain your rage. Avoid stating anything that might be offensive to others. You can be on the verge of ending your romantic connection in terms of your love life. Consider this a warning: if you love your connection, it’s time to start mending fences or having a conversation to iron out misconceptions. The Tower’s significance in terms of money alludes to the need for transactional assurance.

Upright Tower as Feelings: for Relationships

The love interpretation of the Tower Tarot suggests that major changes are coming. The Tower as feelings may indicate difficulties or trauma for you or your companion if you are already committed to someone. If your relationship is based on shaky ground, you two may decide to split, divorce, or end it. The occurrence of the card suggests that unhealthful and weak connections won’t survive. They will crumble and cause suffering and commotion.

According to the Tower Tarot book, you should try to make your relationship work to keep it from falling apart. The relationship issues should be discussed and resolved by both of you. The relationship will alter, but not wholly negatively, according to The Tower Tarot relationship reading. Your incorrect assumptions will be disproved, and you’ll see that your connection is becoming stronger, more defined, and happier.

Upright Tower as Feelings: for Single

If you are single, The Tower as feelings will signal that your illusion of love will be destroyed by the enormous upheaval in your love life. You may come to grasp what love is and learn why you could not build wholesome relationships. While this realization won’t be enjoyable, it will help you realize what you should do and how to approach relationships healthily.

Upright Tower as Feelings: for Ex

The Tower as feelings for ex suggests that your ex has experienced a profound transformation due to your connection if you ask how an ex or an old love feels about you. Your ex is now unsure of who they are and what they want out of life due to how it ended. Is there a chance of reconciliation? Undoubtedly, it is feasible. The Tower means they are now trying to figure things out for themselves, not necessarily wanting to get back together with you.

Tower: Do They Like You

The way you want this individual to feel is not how they are really feeling. They won’t still be attracted to you romantically if they are now.

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Reversed: Tower Meaning

Reversed Tower cards in feelings indicate that a catastrophe is approaching, and you are doing all your power to prevent it from materializing. You don’t know that these breakdowns may help you eliminate your dependency on untruthful things. The skyscraper must collapse since it was constructed with poor foundations. Even though the devastation will hurt, the humility that comes from it might make us at peace.

You won’t be able to rely on what you formerly did. It’s time for you to become more independent, so don’t see this as a dramatic or dismal shift.

Reversed Tower as Feelings: for Relationships

In a love tarot card reading, the reversed Tower as feelings in relationships represents abandoning a weak or meaningless relationship. It demonstrates that maintaining a toxic relationship is more upsetting than terminating it. So, do not be frightened to experience emotional catastrophe. Permit yourself to move on to bigger and more significant things. On the other hand, only attempt if your relationship has just emerged from a terrible situation and you have seen some unanticipated changes that are difficult to accept. The Tower tarot love guide advises against aiming for or expecting your relationship to return to its previous state.

Reversed Tower as Feelings: for Singles

If you’re single, The Tower tarot card as feelings says that you’ve been putting off a difficult breakup since you’re not ready for it. You could believe that doing this would save you from additional suffering, but it will keep you from finding the love you have always wanted. So, to have a pleasant and fresh start, address the issues and let the past go. Regarding romantic relationships, the Reversed Tower Tarot Card may also mean that you could be avoiding someone who is potentially harmful, aggressive, or abusive.

Reversed Tower as Feelings: for Ex

The Tower reversed as feelings indicate that the person you are enquiring about feels like they are going through a time of major change and turmoil. They need to receive these abrupt changes. They have suffered as a result of their relationship ending. Between a rock and a hard place, they feel as if they are suspended in midair. Even if they wish to, they cannot change the past. Reconciliation is a challenging proposition now that Pandora’s box has been unlocked.


The Tower shows the potential for fast transformation in relationships and feelings. Every end brings a fresh start. Change is inevitable. Therefore it’s best to accept it. Know that difficult circumstances will pass and bring something better.