The Tower as a Person: Upright & Reversed

The Tower tarot card stands for transformation, chaos, and upheaval. It is the card of sudden and abrupt change, representing a time of chaos, release, and liberation.

This card symbolizes new beginnings, a personification of unexpected events that can alter our lives irrevocably and lead us to a new path.

The Tower as a Person

Regarding career readings, The Tower as a person often causes an uproar. This card may serve as a warning sign for the job you already have and any future jobs you may pursue. For instance, it may indicate that there were nefarious activities in the past that will become public knowledge, which will have significant repercussions for all parties concerned.

It may give the impression that a company or organization is precariously perched on precarious footing. Prepare yourself for a reorganization, if not an utter collapse. This may be a good sign that poor management or leaders are being removed from their positions.

But just so there is no confusion, even if your place of employment gets rid of all the jerks, there will still be a period when you have to cope with the mess. For instance, a nasty colleague of yours could be fired, but you might be asked to take up some of their tasks while they are out of the office. On the bright side, this issue will also be resolved.

It is possible for this card, shown as a person, to show up when new knowledge has become available that compels you to make a significant shift in your priorities. One example of this would be cutting down on your working hours to help a sick member of your family.

Alternately, a sudden shift in the composition of your family or group of close friends might provide a fresh viewpoint that compels you to reevaluate how you spend the bulk of your time throughout the day.

It may point to the fact that you are best suited for high-pressure work or positions in which you are the bearer of possibly upsetting news in terms of prospective vocations that you may pursue. These kinds of employment include auditing, serving legal documents, collecting debts, investigating, and practicing law.

It also has implications for investigative journalism. Because of its associations with toppling the existing order, it may portend a political career or participation in a demonstration. Additionally, it refers to a counselor, psychologist, or coach who practices “tough love.”

People who take their cues from the Tower card are notoriously controversial and iconoclast in their outlook on the world. Be careful not to argue too much to start a debate so that you can see how things turn out. Vocal outliers are essential to the process of social dialogue.

However, if these inclinations to disobey aren’t directed into something beneficial, you might become estranged from the people in your immediate environment. When taken to an extreme, it may be seen as a representation of dramatic, chaotic, and dysfunctional relationships.

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The Tower as a Person: Reversed

The Tower as a person reversed in a career reading. The Tower often relates to the events that follow a traumatic experience. It may imply that you abandoned the ship before things went out of control.

Or, you may be the only one to deal with the structure’s remnants after its destruction. In any case, something fresh is around the corner. You will make a full recovery from any problems that were caused by this occurrence.

It may stand for a place of employment where the established employees are still significantly influential. It is up to you to determine if you want to take the chance of being the one to upset the status quo.

Follow your instincts when determining if your proposals for innovative approaches to completing tasks will be warmly appreciated. When offering ideas for areas of development, you need to use a more understated approach.

People symbolized by the Tower are reliable and, in the broadest sense, fortunate. They need to be more careful in their approach. They are wonderful people to have as friends because when times are rough, you can count on them to be there to help you rebuild.


The Tower tarot card as a person embodies strength and courage that are often needed in times of chaos and upheaval. They are a pillar of stability, and their presence brings a sense of calm and security to those around them.

They accept the need for change and understand that sometimes it can be difficult and painful. They can also make quick decisions and navigate difficult situations with dignity and grace. The Tower is a beacon of hope and can help to bring clarity and direction in times of confusion and challenge.