The Star as Feelings in Love & Relationships

The Star represents spirituality, hope, optimism, faith, rejuvenation, and self-confidence. In The Star, a lady kneels nude over a body of water as the Sun rises beyond the horizon and the Stars twinkle above. She symbolizes faith and spiritual purity, thus her lack of clothing. With the Stars as her beacon, she is fearless. As a person, she exudes nothing but good vibes.

Upright The Star Meaning 

The Star as feelings gives optimism, newfound vigor, and the will to live. The diverse things around you prove how incredibly gifted you are by the universe. Since this card comes after the tragedy of the Tower card, it may not be immediately obvious now. Keep in mind that you already possess all you want for satisfaction; all you lack is courage. You have every cause to be happy about this. This card reminds you to trust the universe’s ability to provide for your needs.

Upright The Star as Feelings: for Relationships

The Star as feelings for a relationship in tarot love interpretation suggests a lot of hope for love and relationship. It’s conceivable that your feeling of optimism and hope might act as a strong magnet for you at this time, endowing you with charisma and charm. This card says that if you have been recovering from a breakup, you are well on your way and gradually regaining your confidence so that you may go on. This might be a period of healing if your relationship has been going through a hard patch. There is a lot of possibility for you two to develop closer as long as you remain open and honest.

Upright The Star as Feelings: for Singles

The Star as feelings for single indicates that this person is really optimistic about your relationship. They are enthusiastic about you and think you have a lot of promise. This is an indication that they are well on their way to moving on if they have been recovering from a breakup. They have worked hard, and it is evident. If you’re wanting to start a relationship, this is a fantastic indication.

Upright The Star as Feelings: for Ex

The Star as feelings for ex suggests that your ex is hopeful and upbeat about rekindling a relationship with you if you are pondering how they feel about you as an old flame or ex. If you share this desire, it indicates that there may be room for forgiveness. There is a lot of potentials here for you two to get closer and mend previous wounds, provided you communicate with each other honestly and openly.

The Star: Do They Like Me?

It’s true that they like you and they have feelings for you. They will like you in the future, even though they haven’t met you yet.

Upright The Star: as Feelings How Someone Thinks of You

The Star is not only attractive and alluring. The individual in issue believes that she is a remarkable and kind human being as well. They think you are talented, and you constantly want to share your special abilities. Give away, but watch out for flattery—don’t allow it make you feel conceited.

Reversed: The Star Meaning 

Reversed Star cards in feelings indicate that you are experiencing a sense of everything working against you. The difficulties you would typically find fascinating instead make you feel like you can’t overcome them. You no longer trust anything, whether it be something deep inside you or something you would otherwise hold dear.

Reversed The Star as Feelings: for Relationships

With the reversed Star as feelings in appearance, your judgment is clouded by self-doubt and a lack of faith. Are you experiencing confidence issues? Are you too critical of your flaws? What makes you believe that you are not deserving of love? You may feel even worse and reinforce your bad self-perception since other people can perceive this with you. To consider yourself a deserving spouse, you must recall all the amazing qualities you possess.

Your sentiments about love, in general, may also be affected by your lack of trust and scepticism in yourself. If you’ve been single for a time, cynicism may lead you to feel that love brings suffering or is an illusion that is not worth pursuing, while, in reality, it’s an attitude issue that repels others.

Reversed The Star as Feelings: for Singles

The reversed star as feelings for singles represents uncertainty in relationships for singles. They lack trust and confidence in the direction things is going for whatever reason. What is the source of this? It’s possible that they don’t think you two get along well. Additionally, it could not be related to you at all and originate with their own private problems. Talk to them honestly and openly if you want to make things work. If things still don’t work out, remember that knowing sooner rather than later will provide you comfort.

Reversed The Star as Feelings: for Ex

The reversed Star as feelings for ex indicates that your ex feels distant from you if you are inquiring about how they feel about you. They are overwhelmed by the fallout and have lost faith in your relationship. They are not currently in a position to consider a reconciliation. They must first navigate themselves. Before considering loving someone else, they must restore their self-confidence and self-worth.

Reversed The Star: as Feelings How Someone Thinks of You

Reversed, the Star is seen as a person who is needy or shameless and who clamors for and wants attention. You may be showing the muddiness of your thoughts and emotions as a result of a deep sadness in your heart. Or maybe it’s time to quit worrying about what other people think.


The Star displays our relationship ambitions and feelings. The Star shows us the way. Relationships are incredibly important. We discover beauty, happiness, hope, and regeneration in ourselves and each other. Leaning into this makes life stronger, brighter, and much more beautiful.