The Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism of Walnut

Shaped identically like a brain, walnut has been a dry fruit delicacy among various cultures.

These delicious dry fruits have been around for centuries for their distinct taste and health benefits. 

However, there is so much more to walnuts. For centuries, many cultures have valued walnuts for their spiritual strength and wisdom. 

So what is the symbolism behind these wise dry fruits? Read on as we discover walnut symbolism and spiritual meaning, and interpret the universe’s encoded message through them!

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Walnut Spiritual Meaning


The stiff outer walnut is an apt representation of strength in the spiritual world.

The walnuts tell you to protect your inner emotions and energy from people that bring you down and have nothing valuable to add to your life. 

Keep your energy protected until you find someone trustable. This trusted person would radiate the same energy, making you feel safe in their presence. 

Breaking the walnut hull, however, fortifies the concept through a different approach. Just like we break the walnut hull by ourselves, we must deal with our problems independently.

The walnut acknowledges that you have what it takes to tackle the problems in your everyday life. 

However, you must draw this strength and break through this shell yourself. 


A walnut is closely shaped like a brain, perceiving the mental benefit it carries. Their shape represents wisdom and intelligence. 

Walnuts are full of DHA and omega-3 fatty acids. Consuming these elements has been known to improve human cognition and provide a healthy environment for a child’s developing brain in a fetus. 

Given your recent run-ins with walnuts, the universe asks you to utilize your intelligence and skills to use them properly. It’s time to let go of self-doubt and trust your abilities more.

Moving with self-confidence and believing in your capabilities will allow you to achieve anything you wish of! 

Black Walnut Spiritual Meaning

Black Walnut is not much different from other walnuts. It’s renowned for its many benefits for the mind, spirit, and body. Seeing its benefits, people have used them for making exlixirs for a long time. 

However, there are some spiritual meanings behind the black walnuts too: 

Spiritual Cleansing

Like the walnut helps keep your body physically fit by cleansing it from diseases, it also does the same spiritually.

While walnut properties eliminate the harmful elements from your body physically, it also expels spiritual parasites affecting your mindset and growth. 

Walnuts are effective in dealing with sadness and depression. These dry fruits eliminate negative energies in your body, creating space for healthy memories.

Similarly, planting a black walnut tree in your house will further cleanse your house from any harmful energies and protect it against evil forces. 


Throughout history, people would beat the walnut tree in hopes of accelerating the tree’s growth. While over-harvesting gave them some extra fruit, the trees would soon die, requiring them to plant a new one. 

When we reflect on this message spiritually, it’s a sign for us to remain gratuitous and to take what nature provides. Everything that’s meant for you will find you at the right time.

So, have patience, and treat your body with utmost respect and care. 

Walnut in Different Cultures


In many European beliefs, walnuts get bad cred. Ancient Europeans believed if young men slept under a walnut tree, they would lure nymphs!

These nymphs would later loosen a curse on them, causing evil to happen to them and their families. 

Even today, some cultures believe in this ideology and avoid walnuts as a whole. 

Native America

The Native Americans say walnut as a means of seeing the future. They believed the superficial powers of this dry fruit could help you see the future.

So, if you are uncertain about something working out, hold a walnut in your hand and ask a question about it. 

If the walnut shell breaks and you get a healthy nut, it signifies a “yes” answer. However, if you get a rotten nut upon crack opening the shell, it signifies a “no” answer. 

Celtic Culture

Walnuts enjoy a good reputation in the Celtic belief system. Celts believed walnuts bring fertility and new chances if you plant a walnut tree in your garden.

Not only were these gifts extended to the one planting the tree, but every household member where the walnut tree is planted will reap the rewards. 

Walnut Dreams and Their Meanings

While seeing walnut dreams have various interpretations, they mainly suggest radical changes and regulations entering your life. However, some walnut dream interpretations include: 

Walnuts of Different Sizes

Depending on the size of the walnuts you see in your dreams, it suggests the amount you might spend integrating new changes within your life. 

Dreaming of Eating Walnuts

Eating walnuts in your dreams signifies forgetting about the troubles of your past. The new circumstances entering your life will bring you prosperity and tranquility.

Asking for help

If you see walnuts in your dream, it may be a sign to ask a close friend for support regarding a monetary or spiritual matter.

The changes you might be trying to induce in your life require support, and you can’t think of anyone better than your close friend to offer the needed support! 


In another interpretation, seeing a walnut in your dream could signify achieving success soon. A project you might have been working on might finally pay off, or you might soon receive good news.

The success you will soon find will make you a valued person in your circle and also make you feel better. 

Final Words

Walnuts are one of the healthiest and most renowned dry fruits on earth. They are a part of various dishes from various cuisines to foods worldwide. Their use has made them a valuable nut among people worldwide. 

However, it is time we realized that walnuts are not only good for their taste and physical benefits. These brain-like nuts come embedded with a lot of wisdom and unique symbolism.